♫ ♫ Tee-Yai & Muay-Lek ♪ ♪ Explore PLAYPAUS Thonglor Luxurious Hotel at Amazing Price!! Drinking at Behind The Scene Bar written by ตี๋ใหญ่ & หมวยเล็ก

Hi README friends! Today I have another luxurious hotel at low price to recommend. At the beginning of this month, Tee-Yai has been invited to stay at the hotel called "PLAYHAUS" which located in the middle of Soi Thonglor. The hotel has been operated for only 2 months but it has lot

♫ ♫ Tee-Yai & Muay-Lek ♪ ♪ Explore PLAYPAUS Thonglor Luxurious Hotel at Amazing Price!! Drinking at Behind The

♫ ♫ Tee-Yai & Muay-Lek ♪ ♪ Explore PLAYPAUS Thonglor Luxurious Hotel at Amazing Price!! Drinking at Behind The Scene Bar

Hi README friends! Today I have another luxurious hotel at low price to recommend.

At the beginning of this month, Tee-Yai has been invited to stay at the hotel called "PLAYHAUS" which located in the middle of Soi Thonglor. The hotel has been operated for only 2 months but it has lots of special and interesting things. This includes "Behind The Scene Bar" on the ground floor where you can fully enjoy drinking, leisurely and partying.

Follow me to see further details.

Let's start with the location, very easy to find.

The hotel is in the same lane as Thonglor Pet Hospital. They are actually opposite each other.

It is a small lane between Thonglor lane 9th and 11st.

Make a turn at Thonglor road or Sukhumvit 55. Easy to see.

Or from BTS (sky train), get off at "Thonglor Station" and walk for another 800 m.

I have attached map from Google Map; http://goo.gl/rNBTbx

I arrive at the hotel in late afternoon. Thinking it's a good time to drink. Oops! .... Let's get to work first.

Prior to the review, can you guess for the decoration concept of the hotel from this entrance way.

First step inside, you will see this beautiful lobby.

If I'm not wrong, this place is decorated with inspiration from theater including curtain, elegant backdrop and other accessories. Very gorgeous.

Inside is the area of Behind The Scene Bar. Guests who stay overnight can receive free welcome drink here.

Or during the night, many walk-in customers come here as well.

Let me bring my stuffs to the room. Then I'll come back to the bar.

These seats are in another corner of lobby. Look beautiful and elegant at the cost you must be surprised. I will answer at the end of review.

Here's the lovely feature of this place. The hotel has 5 floors where each of them has different themes. And the rooms are designed in accordance with internationally famous novels (when I firstly knew ... I was like "OMG! There are themes."). The themes of each floor are as follow;

2nd Floor Romeo & Juliet

3rd Floor Marry Poppins

4th Floor Aladdin and Magical Lamp

5th Floor 4 Reigns

Guests can select which type of room they want to stay but depends on availability as well. For example, today lots of rooms are occupied. There are only 2 themes I can take photos which are Romeo & Juliet and Marry Poppins. Wanna cry ... If any of you would like to see other themes, you can check on hotel's website, in Gallery menu.

OK, I'm ready. Let's check it out!

Even the walk way is also dazzling.

The elevator's wall is garnished with leather. Looking luxurious.

I'm not staying in this room, only visit to take photos. This room is under the theme Marry Poppins. I can't remember exact story as I read it when I was very young. But it's like a story of kind-hearted angel who disguises herself as a nanny. And with her magic, she makes kids happy. Something like this.

Room size is 17 SQM, decorated to look wide and mellow.

There are 2 types of bed, Queen Size and King Size, but the rates are slightly different. Apart from this, it is furnished with LCD TV and sofa.

There are Front pillows and Back pillows on the bed guaranteeing the softness.

Because the hotel selects materials and produces both pillows and beds by itself.

Free drinking water, 2 bottles per day. Gorgeous telephone matching with the theme. Tissue box.

For bathroom, the mirror is according to the theme as well.

There are rain shower and toilet.

The wall made from transparent glass. If you are shy, you can pull the curtain. It covers pretty well.

This is the end of theme Marry Poppins. Now I am moving to Romeo & Juliet one.

Along the way, there is a leisure corner. Gracefully decorated based on hotel's concept.

The room Romeo & Juliet where I'm staying tonight.

Gorgeously and elegantly adorn same as other themes. Furniture are quite similar, adapting by theme.

Queen size bed for 2 persons, with Muay-Lek, is counted quite large. More importantly it's very comfy.

Bedhead is ornament with something like antique brass getting along well with theme.

The tall thing might be candlestick.

Pretty but no candle. LOL

There are also a aroma bottle and chic telephone beside. The scent is different by theme, 4 themes.

Hmmmm ... wanna take it home.

There is no candle on candlestick, so I put aroma bottle instead.

Oh! Forget to tell you that after check in, I receive 1 key box looking like a thick book. But it's actually a box.

Inside there are room key, postcard book and coupon for free welcome drink.

On the left hand side is welcome drink coupon. The drinks are cocktails based on room theme.

Taking welcome drink back to the room to absorb the atmosphere while drinking might be excellent.

On the right hand side is postcard book. Inside is the same as below photo.

Picture based on theme can be tear following the line. It can really use as a real postcard ... how chic it is.

Only the book can be taken home, not for the box and key.

Red chair is felt by velvet looking luxurious. Soft and comfy. Laying down and watching TV.

Wallpaper is a picture of ball. Quite gorgeous.

As I mentioned earlier that the hotel specially order beds and pillows. Hotel name is on the tag.

On the left hand side is bathroom with transparent glass, can be seen from the bed.

Upon opening the door, here's washbasin and rain shower made from brass, keeping the theme.


Shower gel and shampoo from ELLE, smell good.

Taking a shower to get refreshing. I will bring you guys to find something to eat at the bar on ground floor.

Now I am at Behind The Scene Bar. Meaning is directly same as the name.

The bar is decorated as actors' dressing room at the back of theater.

The bar here is different from other places. There is no loud music.

Seems to be more chilling, chatting and relaxing. There is live band on some days.

Or when there is football match, the bar prepares large TV for live watching.

Seats are lining in front of counter bar and quite private as there is curtain. The chairs look similar to ones at theater.

Have to say that the general manager of the hotel is not only managing overall of hotel but he's also in charge of the bar as well. With 10-year experiences of being a bartender in England.

Many drinks are therefore unique, especially ones that has been creates at this bar.

Moreover, some special liquors are exclusively imported and it is the only one you can find along Thonglor road. OMG!

Now I'm getting hungry. Have to say that normally I don't drink but for delicious cocktail is ok.

Start with drink menu.

Let's see signature cocktail. The range is around 220 - 240 THB. Not expensive.

Sometimes it has Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion.

Classic cocktails

There are also beer and whiskies.

Champagne. I don't know much about this kind of drink.

In case you don't drink alcohol, it also offers smoothies.

Oh! More importantly, now there is Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion for smoothies.

With promotion, it would be 30 - 40 THB per glass. Can't find anywhere else!!!!

Entree and snacks menu. Light menu while drinking.

Some heavy dish to make you feel full are as follow.

Cutlery is ready ...

Wait a minute!! I think I'm here to review on drinks!!! =____=

While waiting for drinks and food, I'm observing around the bar.

First glass for drinker like me ....

Coconut smoothies LOL

Good taste and good smell. Feeling like drinking coconut milk but sweeter. Such a delicious and refreshing menu.

Following by Kiwi smoothies. I think ladies might like its little sour taste.

Kiwi itself has sour taste. Adding sweetness at a perfect portion.

Before I get drunk with smoothies, let's break with "Cashew Nuts Roasted with Chili".

Nuts are the best snacks to go with alcohol. Especially they are roasted with chili giving smell of chili oil while eating. Also, adding more spicy even makes them taste better.

Suitable size, 60 THB (more than 2 small packs)

Another dish is famous snack "French Fried".

Served with tomato sauce and sour cream. Thick pieces of french fried are served hot and crispy. Very good one.

Moving to cocktails

"Obstructed Love" is a cocktail under theme Romeo & Juliet, little sweet sour and bitter.

Follow with theme Marry Poppins.

"Flying Umbrella" has luscious from Vanilla syrup going well with Vodka.

This "Four Reign" has Thai strong taste because it is a combination of Mae-Khong (Thai whisky), brandy and other liquor.

Up next is "Vanilla Paradise" which might be favorite drink for ladies.

The sweetness of Vanilla going well with sour Passion fruit adds with Vodka. Perfect combination.

"Smoked Salmon Roll" is delicious.

High quality smoked salmon served with sweet and sour fruits such as grape and green apple.

Eat everything together. Salmon at the bottom directly touch with tongue adding with lemon smell.

Reaaally awesome!

Next dish can make me full, Parma Ham Cheddar.

Roasted baguette top with Parma Ham Cheddar, fresh tomato and cheddar cheese.

Becomes Parma Ham Cheese. Look yummy.

I must say eating while it's still hot is superb.

These are bartenders. They are not only good at making drinks but they are also friendly, cheerful and entertaining as well.

Moving to this colorful "Traffic Light".

It is separated into 3 layers; Passion Fruit, syrup, Vodka and liquors.

Best way to drink is in one shot. Then keep in the mouth letting all layers well mixed and slowly swallow.

You will get rich taste of 3 alcohols. I have to say the taste is excellent same as its appearance.

Continue with "Blue Summer". The drink gets blue color from Blue Curacao and sweet & sour taste from Pineapple.

Slightly adding alcohol. Refreshing and delicious.

I almost get drunk now. Let's go back to smoothies. Sweet and sour Lemon smoothie makes me feel good.

I'm not full yet, so let's see the food.

This is "Fried Cheese with Raspberry Sauce"

Hot cheese looking like this.

I wanna prove if it's real. So, I'll keep stretching over and over and over .....

Until Muay-Lek can't watch it. She has to say ENOUGH!!

Dip with the sauce before eating.

Very good. The cheese is crispy outside and soft inside. Salty taste from cheese goes well with sweet and sour sauce. And even sticky texture. This is so great.

Looking at the bar, bartenders are still working to continuously serve drinks.

I'm getting drunk now.

Another favorite glass Blueberry Smoothie.

Bartenders may think if they keep serving alcohol, I may not be able to do any reviews. LOL

The signature taste of Blueberry, refreshing and delicious.

This is really last glass. I am observing the process.

Need to be very punctilious. Cannot pour too hard.

Here's another signature of the bar.

"Play Haus Martini" Looking good?

I guarantee ladies must like this one because there is not much alcohol.

Red color from Cranberry juice gives sour taste. Barely notice alcohol. Very good one. I also like it.

Finnish with main dish and drinks. Dessert is served.

Pancake sandwich with jam and whip cream in the middle, top with caramel and maple syrup.

Pancake is very soft. Eat together with fresh fruits and sauce. So delicious that couldn't believe this yummy dessert is from drink bar.

Before leaving, I ask bartender for anything else they wanna show.

They talk about some kinds of alcohol. I don't know, so take I a photo instead.

After full from food and drinks from Behind The Scene Bar, let's walk around.

This is the area in front of hotel for smoking.

At front of the lane (Thonglor road) is a well known barber "CHALACHOL".

Or easily look sign of Thonglor Pet Hospital.

You can walk along Thnoglor road. It is quite vigorous full with restaurants and bars.

There are also lots of tourists.

Parking lots in front of the hotel.

Now it's time to take some rest. I will going back to my room. Have to say 1 night here is very convenient.

I check out in the morning. The hotel has no breakfast provided but you can order the bar or easily grab something from convenient store nearby.

To sum up about PLAYHAUS Hotel and Behind The Scene Bar.

I am firstly answering the room rate. For directly booking with hotel, Queen Size Bed Room 1600 THB per night and 1750 THB for King Size Bed one. However, Agoda provides even cheaper rate at 12xx THB. Isn't it too cheap for such beautiful and luxurious hotel in city center like Thonglor.

May I talk about the rooms;

They are quite new and clean as the hotel has opened for 2 months only. The decorations, I think, look more expensive than the price. The size is suitable with full furniture, but no refrigerator and mini bar. Staffs and maids take good care of guests. You will not face any problems with service.

For the bar;

I'm not a big drinker but the price of food and beverage is not expensive at all, comparing to its location and decor. The overall is good. If you are looking for a place to drink cocktails, listen to music or even have party, I strongly recommend this bar.

PS 1: For promotion or further details, please check on hotel's website

PS 2: Love everyone, xoxo!!

If you have any comments or wanna have chat with Tee-Yai & Muay-Lek, follow the link