We woke up when the alarm went off at 5 AM and today we are going to Fussen, a fairytale-castle town. We will take the train from Munchen Hbf to Fussen at 7 AM. Well, we bought the Bayern Ticket online through OBB Bahn website. This 14-euro ticket allows us to travel unlimited with trains, subway metros, and buses for 24 hours.

More information please go here: https://www.bahn.com/i/view/USA/en/index.shtml

The platforms that you need to take the train to Fussen are between 27 and 36. Guess what! The train is very empty. We kind of think whether "we travel on a wrong day or something", why there are not so many people? Or this is too early? Anyway, we have bought the tickets already so we just need to go forward we guess. Let's go!!!!

We are very excited with the view along the way to Fussen. We choose to travel to Europe this time of the year because we would like to experience the snow in Europe (the main reason is actually that we just want to travel to somewhere). The thing is that it is not easy to find snow in Munich and Frankfurt.

We are getting close to Fussen now and both sides of the railway are full with snow. This is totally romantic and beautiful. And yes, this is what we are looking for.

I try to touch the window and "it is very cold". I don't feel sleepy at all which normally I should, especially at work when I need to wake up early. Well, it feels like there are only two of us on the train and if ones see us, they might think that we are crazy moving around, taking photos and recording videos. We are doing this because we want to capture the moment and hopefully can share this experience with our children in the future (too much imagination). Actually, we are just afraid that this scenery might be changed overtime so it won't be the same the next time we come. That's why we try to take a lot of photos. Even though we are not sure whether all photos taken are beautiful or not, we are sure that some of them are.

The train has finally arrived in Fussen. Once the door of the train opens, we can feel the cold right away. The wind hits our body and yes, we feel cold!!! It is -2 degree Celsius right now. You might say that we get what we are looking for, the snow in Europe. hahaha I think I dress quite well for this kind of weather but I am barely able to raise my hands. Oops!!! There are so many people getting off at this station, where are they from? There were not many people earlier.

People rush out of the station but we don't forget to check the timetable for the train back to Munich later. We have decided to take the one around 6 PM and we will arrive back in Munich around 8 PM. We can hang around Munich a bit more today this way. Out of the station, there is a red bus parked on the right-hand side. You can take bus number 73 or 73 to Neuschwanstein Castle. It will take about 10 minutes to get there.

"Can you spot something at the top of the mountain behind?" Yes, it is Neuschwanstein Castle. Let's go there! If you ask me whether it is cold, I would say yes! Whether I would give in, I would say, "Yes!!!" Even if the castle is still far, I spend about 10 minutes taking photos at this very spot. I am just way too excited. Anyway, I guess I better go now since everybody else has left and I can get a closer shot of the castle later. Therefore, we run to buy the tickets right away. We have heard that we need to spend quite a long time visiting the castle. We choose to visit 2 castles including Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. The ticket is 23 EUR and our visiting time to Hohenschwangau Castle is 10.45 AM. It is already 10 AM so we will look for some quick breakfast and go there straight ahead.

We don't know where to eat. Firstly, we plan to find a restaurant with a nice warm heater in order to get ready for the cold later. Unfortunately, that restaurant is full with people and they seem not to get their food yet. Therefore, we have ended up with burger and hotdog. It is more convenient and cost only 3.50 EUR for each. We don't mind to stand outside in the cold weather anymore. What is very expensive is the drink. A bottle of coca cola and water cost 3 EUR each. We have no choice since we are dehydrated because of this cold weather. I am telling you that we have spent so much money on drinks these days (a drink cost almost the same as burger, oh my Lord Buddha!!!).

We intend to walk to Alpsee (a lake) because there is no admission fee but it is very foggy right now plus it starts to snow. We don't think we can get a good photo either, hence; we will go up to Hohenschwangau Castle directly. We will go to Alpsee later. You know what! You will smell the smell of horse shit every once in a while along the way up there.

Scenery around the castle

We are not able to enter the castle until our specific visiting time. Once the time comes, you need to scan your ticket and the door to the castle will be opened. For your information, it is not allowed to take a photo inside the castle. On the other hand, there will be a tour guide guiding you through the castle while telling you its history.

Alpsee from far away

We were told that it would take roughly 40 minutes to walk from here to Neuschwanstein Castle. However, we can take the horse-drawn carriage there as well. It costs 3 EUR per person. Anyway, we choose to walk because we would like to spend time admiring the scenery along the way slowly. In addition, both sided of the way to Neuschwanstein Castle are covered with snow. We have so much fun stopping once in a while, taking photos, and we don't feel tired. Well, Marienbrucke Bridge has been closed due to the snow so we miss to go there. We are so sad. But believe it or not? There are people sneak in there. We are not brave enough to do that though. We are afraid of the danger.

It is even colder up here at Neuschwanstein Castle with strong cold wind and light rain. I can't feel my hands and face anymore!!!! This is too cold and I don't want to get my hands out of my pockets at all. Anyway, I need to do that because the scenery is way too fantastic so I need to take photos. My hands are freezing cold and getting pale, I wish I could take 10 degree Celsius from Thailand here so the weather would be perfect.

It is finally the time to enter Neuschwanstein Castle. It is the same as Hohenschwangau Castle that photographs are not allowed inside. ☹ Neuschwanstein Castle is totally magical so it is truly worth a visit. I am very happy to be here. I feel as if I had a chance to be back to my own castle (in my imagination) and I would say, "Mom, I am back."

Well, you should have told me that you would love to be in the frame.

The view of Marienbrucke Bridge from 500-meter away

We actually have planned to walk down and enjoy the scenery once again but it starts to rain and it is even colder now, therefore; we have decided to get a ride on the horse-drawn carriage. We won't go and see Marienbrucke Bridge and Alpsee anymore. At this point, we are willing to pay 3 ER for a ride. It is too cold to handle.

We are queuing up for the bus in the middle of the rain. Well, it turns out that there are some people who were not queuing up and hid under the shade cut the line when the bus arrives. This is not good at all!!!! (I wish I could do something hahaha).

Our trip in Fussen ends here. We are heading back to Munich now with a cold.

"No matter how tired I would be, I won't give up when it comes to travel"

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