Hello everyone! Today Admin Kaew will take you all the way to Fussen, Germany!

We are going to visit the amazing Neuschwanstein Castle and take a walk in Fussen city which is a small city in Germany! Without further ado, let's go!

[ The photos in this review are taken with Huawei P20 pro camera ]

The plane arrived in Munich, Germany after a ten hour long flight (direct flight from Thailand).

Before leaving the airport, I drank some coffee for my daily dose of caffeine to wake up. Then, I leave for my adventure!

After leaving the airport, I took a bus to Fussen city. The ride was around two hours on the highway.

The atmosphere on both sides of the highway when we were getting close to Fussen was filled with green trees and beautiful valleys.

The city view was amazing! I loved it so much!

This photo looks just like the wallpaper from Windows XP Desktop! hahaha

On the way, you can see the Neuschwanstein Castle that we are going to visit on this trip!

Now, I have arrived in Fussen city! Let's get some rest for our trip tomorrow morning!

In Fussen city, there is a small hotel called Hotel Luitpoldpark

After getting changed, I went out to find some dinner to eat.

Since I am in Fussen city, we must try some of the most popular and local dishes in Fussen!

The next morning, the weather was clear and sunny. Such perfect weather for a day out!

I went out into the city to find some breakfast in the early morning. Actually the hotel where I stayed offered breakfast but I wanted to try something more local.

A sandwich should be good enough because it was quite large!

Then some coffee to go with it.

I am now at the spot to get on the horse carriages to go to the castle! PS. Taking photos is not allowed in the castle.

There is a beautiful lake on the way up to the castle and it is a nice place to take photos with or even relax nearby.

There are ducks here too. So cute!

I am now on top of the mountain and I stopped to look at the view on the bridge where you can take a photo of the castle.

I don't know how to describe this picture. It is so beautiful especially when I saw it with my own eyes. So heartwarming!

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 Wednesday, June 27, 2018 3:27 PM