Have you ever felt restless on every Fridays?

The heart keeps flying elsewhere.....

The brain stops working....but thinking of where to go tomorrow.

Let me travel, let me take a break, I'm tired of Bangkok now (this feeling might happen to someone in every Fridays).

What I can recommend is......talk to your boy/girlfriend "honey, let's go to Pattaya".

And then, the short trip of 2 days 1 night near Bangkok got started without much planning.


We leave Bangkok around 7 a.m. but since we are not familiar with the route so we rely on the GPS.

Then, she takes us around Bangkok for half a day, one second on the left lane, the next on the right lane and sometimes go straight....Oh my...

Every plan vanishes, let it be coffee shop or Grand Canyon, we know not where they are.

We decide to go directly to our hotel...and we will be staying at Holiday Inn Pattaya.

If you guys do not get lost in Bangkok like us, you can easily reach the hotel following below map.

We arrive the hotel around 13.00 p.m. which is yet the check in time.

Here, they allow the guests to check in at 15.00 p.m. because the members get to check out late at 14.00 p.m.

The membership is free so let's also sign up.

The lobby is spacious and open with many seats to choose and relax.

There's a cafe named Flow Cafe near the lobby. I was walking around there a while, looking left and right to see there's also a lot of seats available.

Snacks, sandwiches, salad, ice cream and beverages are also there.

My feeling tells me that let's have proper meal first as I heard that the cakes are on discount at 19.00 p.m.

Before my hunger comes out, my boyfriend quickly takes me to the dining room called East Coast Kitchen (East Coast Kitchen).

It is located at the back building named Executive Tower.

Let me explain a bit here, the Holiday Inn Pattaya has two buildings. One is Bay Tower (the front building) and the other is Executive Tower (the one on the back).

Now, let's get back to East Coast Kitchen (East Coast Kitchen)

It is an all day dining restaurant, opens from 05.30 a.m. to 22.00 p.m. It is located on the 6th floor of Executive Tower, near the swimming pool.

The room is relatively open and bright. The wall is a glass window and we can clearly see the outside sea view.

Just by seeing this, I'm already happy and my hunger is relatively reduced.

At our first glance, this room looks elegant and gets more colorful with these colorful things.

But when we take a closer look, oh wow! it's so cute as the wall is decorated with cooking utensils like pots, plates, flippers.

Even the shelf is also decorated with the pots picture.

Ok, let's sit at this corner as we can see both the pool and the sea.

Soon, our food is served.

It is said that this restaurant is famous for Thai food as the recipe is created by Chef Ian of Iron Chef.

And of course, we order Thai food.

Our first menu is Tom Yum Tiger Prawn.

Followed by Chicken Satay

Lemongrass Grilled Pork

And Sweet and Sour Fish

We end our meal with cocktail and enjoy our time by watching the sea near the pool while waiting to check in.

The view of swimming pool at Executive Tower

Let's take a look from above, it's really a beautiful swimming pool.

I take this photo from Deluxe Room of Executive tower

Let me give you some atmosphere inside the room, here is the room size of 36 sq.m.

It has a balcony to enjoy Pattaya sea view and can look down to see swimming pool.

The room is based on white and beige which lighten the room up and when decorated with light and dark blue, it makes the room really colorful and looking real nice.

And special offer for the guests staying in this room is they get to enjoy executive club services.

After finishing up at Executive Tower, now we are back to check in at Bay Tower.

After checking in and leaving our luggage in the room, let me take photos for other room types for you and the room that we are staying is saved for the last.

Let's start with Family Suite

It is the room for a family that we must exclaim 'wow' and it really makes me want to have kids.

The room is very big in a size of 86 sq.m. and the children zone is separated from the adult zone.

The room is super cute. I'm like....on one hand, I want to have a baby, on the other hand, I just want to be the baby myself because the room has a lot of entertainment things and games.

Now, let's move to the parents' room... which is only separated by the wall.

It's like they are in different world as the room is very beautiful with the elegant view where you can see the entire Pattaya bay.

Just by thinking that we can lie on the bed and see the view through our feet........

The feeling at this moment, I call it "happiness".

There's also a balcony where we can fully breath in the sea as well as working even during holidays (like me).

The bathroom is also very beautiful and separates from the bedroom.

I can say that this is the best family room I've seen.

It is so cool. If I were to have kids and travel to Pattaya, I would definitely stay here.

The next room type is Superior Ocean View

This room is 33 sq.m. and fully equipped.

More importantly, it is a connected room. It's such an ideal place for people coming in groups.

I used to stay at this type of room while coming for the concert. We four people were just running this room and that room, to my room and your room, such a fun time.

This atmosphere of the room is just part of it.

For whoever still decides whether to stay at Holiday Inn Pattaya wouldn't have hard decision to make when seeing this atmosphere.

From now on, let me be happy in my own way.

It's time to actually relax and this is the highlight that I really want to tell on....... It is the Sparkling Foot Massage Package at Tea Tree Spa.

It is located at Bay Tower and opens from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

And the Sparkling Foot Massage Package that I called it a highlight is to enjoy foot spa with the sea view.

What's more?.....While we are enjoying the spa, the sparkling wine is also served.

We can fully relax....at this minute, we can forget all about the work.

An hour of happiness goes so quickly.

After this one hour of spa, we can hang around to relax more.

The package price for spa:

Monday-Friday is 1,990 THB/2 people.

Monday-Friday is 2,490 THB/2 people.

Regardless of how happy we are after the spa, we still choose to sit and enjoy the sunset at Roof Top Bar at Executive tower.

I must say that we cannot miss this evening atmosphere, especially when the sky is open, the sunset is just extremely breathtaking.

We are literally surrounded by the panorama view.

A good drink in this good atmosphere just makes this moment happier.

From chatting and enjoying the atmosphere...without realizing, it's already dark. Well, the Pattaya at night is also very beautiful.

We choose to have our dinner at Terrazzo restaurant. Its opening hours is as follow.

Monday-Thursday is 14.00 - 23.00 p.m.

Friday-Saturday and holidays is 12:00 - 24:00 p.m.

Sunday is 12:00 - 23.00 p.m.

Our first dish is WAYGU RUMP 300 GRAM.

Followed by TIGER PRAWNS Salad. It's such a chic and delicious salad, I really recommend this dish.

Pizza BBQ Pork and Bacon and HIP Special 3 Ugly Duckling is also such a delicious pizza.

Our last dish is BBQ PORK SPARE RIBS. This menu is so great. The rib is delicious and easy to eat.

The first day of our relaxing day has been spent wandering around Bangkok for half a day.

But the other half is just so great. Even though it's just a few hours, we are so happy from the atmosphere and location.

This enhances our short time with the loved ones to be more meaningful.

But we still need to tell you about our room, which is the Ocean View King Suite type.

It is a luxurious and beautiful room and is so spacious with 86 sq.m. area.

The room is divided into the bedroom and living room.

There's a big sofa in the living room for us to lay down or roll around as well as the working area facing the sea.

Both bedroom and living room comes with a balcony.

I give it a 10/10 for happiness.

I give it a 10/10 for enjoyment.

I give it a 100/10 for the view.

OMG! This room comes with a million THB view. We can walk, sit, sleep and no matter what we do in our room, we can clearly see the sea.

The room is white and cream with the decoration of pastel blue which adds the sweetness to the room but remains its luxury and harmony with the sea.

Like I said, no matter where you are in the room, you can see the sea view even in the bathroom.

The bathroom is very beautiful. It is decorated with stone tiles and makes this room looks even more luxurious.

Pattya in this morning is so fresh.

Then, it's time for breakfast. Breakfast line here is quite diverse and many.

After charging up our energy, we see the kid's club nearby, let's go check it out.

Let's pretend to be a kid....

From my observation, I think this place is not only perfect for the lovers who want to take rest, but it's also an ideal place for the family.

This is because it gives a good care of children that we can see from kid's bedroom, kid's club and kid's pool.

There's also slider for the kid. If I were lighter, I would have played along with the kids.

And the last thing before checking out, let's go swimming and relax.

The swimming pool at Bay Tower has such a beautiful pool view......

And this is "Taking Leaves and Bringing Loved Ones to Relax" trip....... A 2 days 1 night at Holiday Inn Pattaya.

Now the trip of taking leaves and bringing loved ones to relax....2 nights 1 day at Holiday Inn Pattaya is ended.

Sometimes, we don't have to find something far or travel far, neither taking the flight.

We can just drive for about an hour and make ordinary day becomes extraordinary one.

Do not give excuses to 'have no time' and ignore the feeling of people besides you.

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