Firstly, I would say that this trip is occurred unintentionally since I have to go to pick up my sister at Nakhorn Nayok Province...At first I plan to relax and sleep at home during holiday or go to have some beer at the beach side but then I have to cancel my plan ; p. So, this trip we will travel to the place where not many people visit.

Summer time..It is so hot that I would like to request my life back from the sun. Waterfall has no water but we still go there... feel like hiking. It shows another side of the nature... no people there, so I can take many pictures and it is impressing me : ). Finally, I have gone to 6 places > Sai Thong Reservoir, Huay Prue Reservoir, Wang Ta Kai ( able to play with water here), Nang Rong Waterfall, Khun Dan Prakan Chon Reservoir ( able to play with water here) and Sarika Waterfall ( I unintentionally passed by)

For those who want to go for one day trip, it is okay ( not more than 500 Baht). I would like to recommend you to visit 1. Wang Ta Kai park (there still a water to play with), very beautiful view and shady and 2.Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam (it is a highlight of the trip) which is the biggest dam in Thailand.


The red line is the route we passed on the first day, the blue line is the route we passed on the second day.

Actually, I plan not to go to waterfall because it is dried but we inevitably passing through the waterfall so we plan to spend a little time there ... the truth is it also gives us a difference joy of feeling : )

Reservoir and Wang Ta Kai national park can visit in every season.

We stay at Wang Lee Resort, around 120 kilometers far away from Bangkok, it takes around a hour to driving there.

The resort's entrance, very shady, the weather good in the morning and cushy in the evening but the sun still working as usual in the day time.

I arrive now, pick up my sister and put my things in the room then we go out for travelling.

First place, Sai Thong reservoir, only 1.6 kilometers away from the accommodation. ( turn right when you drive out from the accommodation and go straight to Soi Sai Thong 1)

This is another small travelling place that people are not visited ... look at this, here is Songkran festival, there still no car here : ) which means that we can take pictures anywhere around. This road is our ... see..there is no car at the distance away.

We drive along the way but still haven't seen any car. What we see is only a green tree at the road side. The road looks narrow and inconvenient to pass through if the car comes in the opposite direction but we can make it through. On the way back, we meet with 1 pickup but we can still go in the opposite direction, but feeling a little jam.

Then we see the place like this after having a long drive.

Another beautiful point of view ... no one there, I can feel the nature with no one can poach me : )

Look at the way ... I would say that it is perfect !!!

From this place, I drive back to the same way but 5 kilometers next to it, you will see "Huay Preu Reservoir"

It looks similar to the first place. The size is a little bit bigger than the first place, no people but beautiful view.

I recommend this place for people who like to have a peacefully trip, avoid facing too many people.

Next place is " Wang Ta Kai national park" *Highlight, I suggest you that you should not miss this place if you are passing to this way !!, it is near Nakorn Nayok province. There is a sign there.

It takes around 20 kilometers away from Huay Prue Reservoir, follow the route no. 3049 to the road sign Nang Rong waterfall. It is the same road but we can reach there first, a sign of the waterfall is there.

This national park is quite big, the area takes up around 1,400 Rai. There are trees and flowers allocating beautifully in the national park. We can also play with water in the creek ( can travel there in every season, water still left in summer)

A fee for car admission is 150 Baht but if you walk in there, it is only 10 Baht/person.

You will say that the admission fee is very cheap if you see the view inside : )

From the gate of entrance, there is a point for taking a photo here, a beautiful garden.

Driving the car along the way then you will see the point which you can go down and play with water

There quite many people here since there is no water in the waterfall during summer but Wang Ta Kai still be an interesting place to visit in every season so many travelers always come here.

Sometimes I also wondering ... does he feels heavy ? >_< )

We haven't play with water … just take a seat and soak our feet in it, sitting thinking what's generally and move on to the next point

We take a rest for a while and continue driving along the way, then you will see Payom Garden on the left hand side. The garden is very beautiful, the area is wide-spread and full of trees and grasses. It looks fresh :)

If you have already been to all the places you plan and you still have time left, you can go to visit Nang Rong waterfall and Khun Dan Prakan Chon Reservoir but I think we would not have enough time for this trip. So, we plan to go there on the second day. If you want to have a 1 day trip, I recommend you to departure in the morning so that you can visit many places : )

2nd days, I wake up around 6.00 a.m, I see someone offer an aim ti monks, so I join that ceremony.

These are monks that come from (Plum Village), people who are giving an aim is the people who join the ceremony that organized by that resort. Monks are from many country and people who join are Thai and foreigners.

We departure from the accommodation around 8.00 am. to Nang Rong Waterfall.

The waterfall is like a forest when it dry, here we are, don't miss it, let's go visit it : )

The route is the same way to Wang Ta Kai, the road no.3049 but driving around 3 kilometers more.

Nang Rong Waterfall

We don't have to pay for admission fee, maybe because it is drought period. ( But normally they will collect 50 Baht for car admission, 10 Baht/person for adult and children whose height is not more than 120 cm. is free visiting ).

Now it's time to see waterfall without water

แห้งมากค่ะ ... เหลือแค่โขดหิน แต่ร่มรื่นนะ คิดซะว่าไปเดินป่าละกัน จะได้ไม่ผิดหวัง ... ค่าเข้าก็ไม่เสีย เข้าไปสิคะ รอไร.. เดินเล่นถ่ายรูปได้สบายๆ ไม่มีคนเลย 555+

It is very dry here ... there are only a rock but shady. You better imagine that you are roaming around the forest so you would not feel disappointed ...because no admission fee, let's go inside ... you can freely walk and take pictures around, no one there hahaha.

I just thinking off another good point ... you can wear a full dress, don't afraid to be wet ( It seems like she knows that there is really no water here so she fully dressed up to visit waterfall !!!)

It seems like the forest is closed for us to take photo here !!! o_O, it is Songkran Festival but no one here.

Just walk a little more, you will see water ... the water remains very little, still looks shady but no one come here again ...

Then keep posting, embarrass to no one ... If I want to be "mermaid", I would turn to be it now hahaha, no one care.

Last picture to let you see a tourist ( none of them)

Next place " Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam" * Highlight, this milling and grinding concrete dam that is the longest dam in Thailand. It is a royal thought project of the king. Free admission and parking.

*** Very big here, I recommend that you should not miss visiting it !!!

Driving out around 3 kilometer from Nang Rong waterfall, you will see a sign leading to the dam.

3,087 Rai is a dam area which can stores 244 million cubic meter

You can see that the dam is very long, wide and distant ( it looks endlessly)

There is a boat service down there to sitting, viewing the dam and visiting the waterfall. It costs 1,000 Baht/ 5 people and 200 Baht for the excess people. ( I think it is better to wait for other season to come so that I can see the waterfall, if I take the boat now, I would going around the dam only which is worthless )

Car pick up service, driving around the dam is 30 Baht/person

On the car, there is another tour guide telling us a story about the dam.

The car will drive on around 20-30 km/hour, no parking for rest, who want to take nice picture will have to sit on the side or in front seat of the car is the best position : )

In front there is a people taking a photo but if you go further, no one would be there... too far >_< just sitting on the car until you reach the end of the way.

You can go down to take a picture but you have to walk back by yourself ...Our tour guide says who want ti walk back can inform him and he will make a refund 15 Baht ( I think it is fare enough) but no one interested in this promotion so we all go back by car and no one get off the car.

Looking down there, you will see the activity point.

There is water to play all the year. Tour guide says, water is come from the dam so there is enough water for people to play. A life ring or a boat is ready for rafting : )

Before going back, we walk around and taking some photo. The walk way near the top of parking area is built beautifully.

It is a tunnel that ornamental plants are planted around. It looks like a green tunnel.

Actually we plan to go back to Bangkok after travelling here but maybe I set something wrong with my navigator so it leading us to Sarika Waterfall that located 11 kilometers away from the dam. Luckily we are here, so let's go inside ...

The admission fee is 400 Baht/person and 40 Baht/car. It opens at 8.00 am and closes at 17.00 pm.

I recommend you to come during the end of rainy and the beginning of winter season, but if you don't mind, then enter it. The atmosphere looks like a forest again. Many trees, a real nature and the important thing is no people!!! again : )

We walk to not a far place because I have no idea where to go, what I see around is only tree and rock... I never travelling to waterfall in the summer season too. Luckily,....who want to have a private meal, you can bring the food to eat in the middle of the forest. There is a wooden table to take a sit.

There is a sign at the entrance states that ... 'apologize for the low level of water !!!' Here it is, very little ( Do you see the point at 6 o'clock ?? that is the water )

Water is so little that you have to zoom in to see it hahaha+

Just think that this is another kind of travelling, positive thinking can see the new corner here because if you come when there is a lot of water, you would not see a rock like this and people would be a lot more.

Who want to take a portrait picture, let's go ...the waterfall is your, no one there : )

Even there is no water but there still a green tree for you to sit in a shady <3


Who want to come in Summer, you can also visit other places that is not a waterfall. The reservoirs still collecting the water. For those who want to play with water. I recommend another place, Kang Sam Chan waterfall which is locating not far away from Khun Dan Prakan Chon Reservoir ( driving around 10 minutes) but that time there are many people there, so we haven't enter it.

Actually, you can go there as a one day trip. It takes around 1 hr more to drive from Bangkok to see a highlight place that people should not miss it such as Wang Ta Kai national park and Khun Dan Prakan Chon Reservoir. This 2 places are very big and beautiful.If you have more free time then just go to other places.

Briefly summarized expenses for one day trip. Driving from Bangkok.

Gasoline free around 700 Baht

Admission fee at Wang Ta Kai pa 150 Baht/car ( including people on the car)

Picture car to see Khun Dan Prakan Chon dam, 30 Baht/person ( it is free if you walk to the dam)

Sai Thong Dam and Huay Prue Reservoir, no admission fee.

Nang Rong waterfall ( there is no water, no admission fee) Salika water, 40 Baht/person

If you go there only 2 people then it is not over 500 Baht.

If you want to stay for a night, there are many places there which you can walk in. It costs around hundred- or thousand and it would cost not more 1,000 Baht for 1 night : )

You can search for a place on Google to find a place that cost a hundred digit number. You can ask for observing the room first or who wants to take a rest with a beautiful atmosphere and have more budget, you can choose comfortably...hope you guys have fun : )

( I have not stay for a night so I don't make a review of the accommodation cost)

Thank You for reading my review up to this page and see you again in the next review >_<

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