Have you ever feel that you don't want to drive a car to the distant places but you want to feel like traveling to outside the town? ... Like travelling for not more than a hour and then sit back and take a photo, breath in a good air, eat delicious food ( I can say that for this trip ... we spend around 200 Baht but I can see a beautiful view which worth around 2 millions Baht)

This trip is suitable for people who want to breath in a fresh air like this ...

Then take a rest ... surrounding view is like this ...

Then take a picture while standing in the middle of the bridge like this ...

And end a beautiful trip...like this ^_^

The place I have said... is all easy to go with the budget of 200 Baht only, including bicycle rental, food and boat fee.

This trip we will clear our lung by going to a short route. Starting point: Wat Bang Na Nok > Bang Num Phueng> Baan Thup Hom> Bangkok tree House> and go back to the sea port at Wat Bang Num Phueng Nok.


Taking BTS > get off at Bangna station and call a taxi to (not more than 60 Baht ) or getting on a motorcycle to Wat Bangna Nok port.

If you are driving the car, park the car at Wat Bangna Nok ( free parking )

- If you are coming from Sukhumvit > turn right at Bangna intersection > go straight to the end of the way, the temple is on the left side > enter it > drive to the parking area which is on the left hand side ( a big area, can park a lot of cars, convenient)

When finish parking, walk to the inside of the temple and go straight forward and you will see the port there.

Right now we are at the port ...waiting for the boat for a while ( not more than 10 minutes)

( That uncle may think that we are taking his picture? I am not sure ... but he definitely makes a nice pose hahaha) Taking 3 shots pictures and he also make a 3 posts move too hahaha.

Taking a photo while waiting for the boat ( 4 Baht/person for the fee, pay at the opposite side of the port)

This is the view at the port, the port is next to the temple.

... 5 minutes pass ...the time fly so fast ( then I reach another port )

Getting on the port, you will see a Bicycle for Rent shop... both on the left and right side

I choose the shop on the right... because there are too many people on the left side *** price is the same 70 Baht, you can ride for the whole day, it is costs 30 Baht/ hour ***

The shop on the right side says, they give promotion as a free boat back service but I don't know the promotion of the left side hahaha ( If I go next time, I will go and ask them for you guys)

I get the bicycle now then I ask for a map with me too in case that you want to go to another way.

Driving straight then you will see an intersection. On the left hand is Bang Nam Phueng market and on the right hand is Srinakornkuenkhun Park

*** Go to the left hand, follow the sign, not hard to get there ( If you really do know how to go, then just go to the way that many bicycle go or ask other people, people around here is friendly) there is a sign so you don't have to afraid that you might lose the way.

The side view...

Driving for around 15-20 minutes then you will reach Bang Nam Phueng market (15 Baht for motorcycle)

I reach Bang Nam Phueng now... let's go to find something to eat first : ). The market is fulled of cheap, fresh, delicious foods.

The stomach starts to make a sound...we then go to eat noodle first ( you can sit anywhere and order any food at the restaurant near by) So we order from 3 restaurants ^_____^

Start with the first plate (Tom Yum with crispy pork and eggs 40 Baht !!! ) The taste is delicious.

Second plate, Sukhothai noodle ( 40 Baht same )

Next plate is Boat noodle ( this plate is only 10 Baht ) the taste is strong, a piece of pork is really soft.

Meat dish finish then we continue eating dessert.

Icy ice-cream, you can choose 3 kinds of fruits ( 35 Baht only at the canal ) it's delicious again...at first I don't want to eat it but my mum invite me to taste it ... and I believe "Eating meat dish, deny dessert is betraying your life" I did like this for 3 months... then my weight gain 5 kilograms -*- it's good.

After finish eating then we walk back to the car... go out from Bang Nam Phueng market. We ride back on the same way...around 10 minutes, you will see the roof built in Thai style like this and then you turn yourself in there.

It is written as " OTOP village for tourism" and you ride in there ( If you don't want to go to the market, then ride in there...because this place is located before the market )

Continue riding, taking a pictures...I think I will feel tried but the more I ride, the more I can see beautiful thing : )

Turn left on the intersection ... follow the sign of Baan Thup for a minute then you will reach the destination.

Who want to study how to make a fabric pattern, there is a teaching class ( you can also watch only if you don't want to study ).

I watch for a while and go out (because it is not my style ; p )

Going out of this place we will go to Bangkok Tree House *** For those who never go there please don't miss it, it is the highlight of this trip !!!

View on the way....look beautiful isn't it?

( My mother already leading me now >_<)

Riding until the end of the way, you wil see the sign on the right hand, then you turn right and go straight and you will see a big store. Many riders stop there, the store is on the left hand side.

Bangkok Tree House is an accommodation but we are going to the zone that you see in the picture, there is a food and drinks like a coffee selling there.

Bangkok Tree House เป็นที่พักค่ะ แต่เราจะไปโซนที่เห็นในรูปเนี่ยแหละ เค้ามีขายอาหารและเครื่องดื่มพวกกาแฟค่ะ

Top view, you will see a long walking way on the left hand side which you can walk to the port ( the view is very beautiful).

This is the view from the table that we are sitting ... : ) the seat look like a wooden box outstretched to the outside.

Another side of the table...still look beautifully : )


Taking one picture with my mom ( most people don't believe and think that she is my older sister ) *** If mom reading this review, please give me a bonus at the end of the year hahaha+

Let's go outside...

This is the way to the port ...

Who want to feel a good atmosphere like this should go out and sit outside, there is only one table there... I thought that it is hot but the wind blow alot.

Eating at this place is so comfortable.

( We still have a half cup left...focusing on taking a photo only >_<)

Side picture

A picture from the table at the port... Looking back to the store ( We sit there for a while, my mom don't want to go back, so comfortable)

We are addicting to the atmosphere and don't want to go back now. We contact for a room when we go out there... then I think, I will have a chance to come here but finally she asks for her friend to travel here later hahaha !!!

I have some pictures for people who wants to take a rest in the middle of nature which you want have to go out to other province.

This is the building of the accommodation.

The room inside is looking like this

At the bed end is a balcony, I can see a very beautiful view...but going up stair is more cushy and there is a cradle for you to lay down and look at the star... every room has it.

The bed is so soft and comfortable

There is a bicycle service for customer too.

This is the map, telling the way to ride a bicycle that the store draws up. I like it very much, it looks very creative.

The route of the way back to Wat Bang Num Phueng Nok. port ( the starting where we rent a bicycle)

In the picture, at the end of the way is Bangkok Tree House... Turn to the right when you go out from the store, ride a little more you will see a small alley, on the right side is written as " Wat Bang Num Phueng Nok", then you turn right and follow the way.

The sign is too small... it is at the first alley, riding for not long, you will appear at the port.

We will see a beautiful bridge on the left hand ( if you riding for 300 kilometers more, you will see the rental bicycle shop )... get in there and take a thriller photo...oh no "commemorative picture because we are going to end this short trip here !!!

*** On the way back to return the bicycle, you just tell to people at the port that you just going back from riding the bicycle ( tell the name of the store and he will let you go back for free)

*** Who haven't felt tired yet or don't want to go back, just ride over the bicycle shop and turn to the right, it is a riding way to Srinakornkuenkhun Park, it would take around 2 hours of riding ( but I will go there next time :)

Total expense

2 bicycles * 70 = 140 Baht

Food+drink+dessert at Bang Num Phueng market =90+10+35 =135 Baht

2 cups of drink at BKK Tree House = 200 Baht

Total expenses = 475/2 = 237 Baht/person

Summary > Just go trying for one day and you will feel impressed. You do not have to spend a long hour driving, just spend time riding a bicycle and breath in fresh air on a green road and you will feel impressed with the place :)


 Wednesday, August 3, 2016 11:29 AM