Huntsman Pub

Sunday Roast

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Every meal on every Sunday, Huntsman Pub which is an English style pub. It's very ancient and famous of the hotel. At Bangkok landmark hotel has Sunday buffet, so they give you 4 hours and half that from 11.30 until 16.00. It costs 930 Baht/person BUT you will get a discount if you come with 4 people or more then the price is about 535 Baht or about 119 baht per hour. You should go there once! :)

The pub is located on the basement floor of the hotel. Inside the Pub is wide and good brightness. The good atmosphere by decoration in an English style. During the day, you can take your family and your children here and it's very good. :)

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'Marinated Salmon'
So satisfying and high quality! I would like to recommend you!

'Shrimp Cocktail'

The shrimp is in a good pieces, good taste and sweet. Cocktail sauce is luscious!

'Cold Cut'

Chosen high quality of meat and very good flavor.

'Grilled vegetables'


Vegetables are fresh and clean and Salad dressing is full-flavored. Good standard!

'Tuna Salad' Non of fishy smell so it's easy to eat and delicious! Well done!!

'Coleslaw' Full-flavored and non of foul-smelling.

'Potatoes Salad' There are in good pieces to eat, soft and good cook with softly seasoning and you can smell bacon too! High standard :)

'Chicken Salad' There are thick and good size of pieces and also softly seasoning then supplement by spices.

There are also Thai dressed salad. Very nice and delicious!

'Bread & Cheese'

I like chewy and apply a lot of butter. Yummy :)

'Mushroom soup'

Intense flavor with cream sauce and very delicious!

'Carving Station'

There are beef, lamb, ham and chicken. Overall, the meat is soft and also softly seasoning. The recipe is in Europe style and add by many kind of sauces.

'Seafood fried with spices'

Seafood are in good pieces and intense flavor. I would like to recommend this one to you too.

'Chicken Pie'

Divided in big pieces which tastes crispy. Inside are soft and mellow by flavoring but the taste is too soft.

'Baby Pork Spare Ribs'

Ribs pork is baked overall and sauce are good smell and intense flavor. Pretty good!

'Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower'
Boiled vegetables are good cook and high standard!

'Mashed Potatoes'

The mashed potatoes are smooth, not too intense flavor but it's good medium.

'Baked Teriyaki Chicken'

Chicken is good soft and sauce is good taste, not too strong. Well done!

'Fruits and Desserts'

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The atmosphere is in English style. It's beautiful seems like you are staying in foreign country. The customers are crowded and from both Thai and foreigners. They come such as couples, friends and family. The staff serves very nice service.Almost all of the list in menu are western food and the taste is well done. The ingredients are fresh and clean. I like that there are also eastern food to switching. The hot menus are delicious. The discount price from promotion is surely more worth.

Thank you

The Buffet details

Sunday Roast

Midday Buffet from 11:30 - 16:00 Every Sunday costs 790 Baht (net 930 Baht)

Discount 50% if you come with 4 people or more

The restaurant details

The western restaurant at Huntsman Pub Floor B opens from 11:30-02:00

The hotel details

The Landmark bangkok hotel

138 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel : 0-2254-0404, 0-2254-0424
website :

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