A.T. Buffet Seafood

Hi everyone!

A.T. Buffet Seafood Restaurant is the newly open restaurant. It just open its on May, 1 2015. It's located at Soi Nawamin 87. There are a huge parking on the back side. Inside the restaurant is clean, wide, and good-looking. I'm pleased to invite you!

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For the Buffet line sets up in the air-conditioning room. So cool and comfortable!

Grilled zone has lobsters, shrimps in plump sauce, flower crabs, squids, mussels, spotted babylon, cockles, mantis shrimps, sea crabs and shell ligament. There are always full.

Extra menu by BBQ with vegetables and mushroom.

Sauces and Salad-dressing.

'Seafood sauce'

This is good blended and spicy taste.

Grill fire with the big grid, So no problems about the food is fall down into the charcoal.

The equipment are completely. I love that they have special scissors. Well done!

Good size, fresh and delicious. Suggest!

'Mantis Shrimps'
There are fresh but not grill too long because the meat is will be too dry.

'Flower crab'
fresh, delicious meat and good size.

'Sea crabs'

There are not too big and not too small,especially fresh and still alive! I would like to suggest you all.

'Shrimps in plump sauce'

There are good size and the taste is very sweet!

'Spotted babylon'

Fresh, clean and delicious! I recommend you!


Fresh, clean and good taste but not too ripe. Yummy!

'Shell ligament'

There are sticky and delicious!


Fresh, good taste and not sticky. Recommended dish!


There are big sizes of meat. Well done!

'Vegetables and mushroom'

Fresh, clean, big size and good-looking!

There are variety of hot menu. I taste the fried chicken, very delicious!

The desserts are fresh fruits, ice-cream and grass jelly.

The price includes food and drink too. There are various of draft beer such as Leo, Heineken, wine, sparkling water bottles of green tea and Spy.

The atmosphere are bright and clean. There are good services. Seafood are fresh and hot menu are delicious. There are also various kind of drink. I feel so good! I feel like there are doing good homework before they open this restaurant. The date that I review is the second day that the restaurant open. Well done!

Thank you so much,

Buffet details

Buffet seafood + Drinking for 1hr30min. costs net 399 baht.

The children under 140 cm tall costs 149 baht.

Free for the children under 100 cm tall.

If you want to extend the time, 30 minutes costs 109 baht. (more that a minute eqaul 30 minutes)
The penalty of not finish eating costs 40 baht per 100g.

If stealthy take home, the penalty costs 10 times!!

Tissue papers cost 10baht per pack

Restaurant details

A.T. Buffet Seafood

Nawamin 87, Nawamin Rd., Kwaeng Klongkum, Khet Buengkum, Bangkok 10230
Open from 16:00 until 01:00
Tel. 08-6991-8100

Update Promotion & Review here >> https://www.facebook.com/reviewnowz

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