This trip starts in chilling comfy way ... Bangkok - Chiang Mai, 700km., taking a plane for only an hour.

But after this, we have to be strong since we gotta drive all day, from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, around 250km.

Is there anything inspired me to go? Don't think so. I just wanna go and trace the fog in rainy season. When everyone gathers, we start the journey.



We plan some part of the trip. While we are on the car ... the plan keeps changing the whole trip.



Whoever wishes to drive, allow him. Drive alone. Doesn't let anyone else touch the steering wheel.

Whoever wishes to gather information, allow him. Don't care if others want to go or not. Once get destination, tell driver to move on.

Whoever wishes to sleep, allow him. Don't know what others do but someone will wake me up when we arrive.



3 days 2 nights that we have to fight with gravity while passing bends.

Where we go? In case you want to live strong life. Read this trip and follow me.

Day 1 : Chiang Mai Airport - Don Kiew Lom - Baan Jabo Noodle - Su Tong Pe Bridge - Doi Kong Mu Buddha's Relic

10.00AM # Arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport and continue to Mae Hong Son right away. Follow GPS in mobile.

Though the route is curvy like dancing earthwarm, just follow it.

2.30PM # Hours pass. Enjoy left and right bends. First attraction is "Doi Kiew Lom View Point".

If you ask whether it's in the plan, it is not. We see nice view and big wheel. Gotta stop by.

3.30PM # Then we continue the journey. We've long way to go.

Where should we go next? Say this in trend place "Baan Jabo Noodle"

It is on main road to Mae Hong Son. Go further from intersection.

Arrive at 3.30PM. The fog's gone. However, cost of THB30-40 per serve trades with this amazing landscape.

I take it as a worthwhile deal. I strongly recommend to come : )

5.00PM # Next stop is "Su Tong Pe Bridge". Real long one.

There is little paddy but the atmosphere is still beautiful.

We want to spend more time here but it is about to rain. Let's get on the car.

6.30PM # After that, it rains heavily.

Now it's getting dark. At first, we plan to stay at Pang Oung or Baan Rak Thai.

We however haven't booked a room yet. So, we change the plan.

Tonight we sleep at Mae Hong Son.

Plus promotion hanging out in downtown.



It rains little when we arrive at Mae Hong Son. First location from our navigator is "Phra That Doi Kong Mu".

Worship holy object for good fortune.

Watching evening bird's eye view of Mae Hong Son from Phra That.

Pouring rain, faded fog, refreshing ambiance. Take a deep breath : )

Then we move to downtown for having dinner.

Find a hotel. End of first day. Good night. zz ZZZ

Day 2 : Wat Jong Kham / Wat Jong Klamg - Mae Hong Son City - Pang Oung - Baan Rak Thai - Teentok Royal Project Development Center

7.00AM # Life is so long. Wake up and check out from hotel.

Eat congee and Clear Soup with Congealed pork blood at market ... Delicious.

Then stop by "Wat Jong Kham / Wat Jong Klamg".

And traveling around the city.

10.30AM # Then heading to "Pang Oung"

Based on gathered information, water level at Pang Oung during early rainy season is slightly low.

Because water in reservoir must be turned to villagers in surrounding area.

In winter, after receiving rain for the whole season, water level becomes normal again.



What's the good point of coming to Pang Oung at this time ... There are very less tourists.

Though it's not as beautiful as winter, it is very peaceful, not crowded and private.

For the whole 2 hours at Pang Oung, there are only 2 other groups apart from us ... Such a good life.

1.30PM # From Pang Oung, we move to "Baan Rak Thai" and have lunch at "Lee Wine Resort"

It's 1.30PM now. We are so hungry that we order plenty of food.

Can we finish all of it? Everything's used up, haha.

Then we walk around at Rak Thai. Enjoy taking photos.

2.30PM # It's time to go to next location since we book accommodation at Chiang Mai.

So, we give driving duty to our beloved friend. Our number one driver of the trip.

From Baan Rak Thai, we go straight to Teentok Royal Project Development Center in Chiang Mai.

We arrive almost 8.00PM. Hurry check in.

Take a shower and arrange small party.

Then we separate to bed. Good night for our second night.

Day 3 : Teentok Royal Project Development Center - Baan Mae Kum Pong - Chiang Mai ... End of the trip

7.00AM # Wake up early again. During the trip, we gotta wake up early. (Do we behave like this on workdays???)

Sitting at balcony in "Teentok Royal Project Development Center" and listening to flowing watercourse is very much relaxing.

No doubt why we sleep tight last night dreaming about the card game we play before going to bed. The host wins all the way.

10.00AM # Go out for "Gin Khao Ngai" (Having breakfast) which the project has prepared ... Fresh vegetables are yummy.

After refilling energy, we check out and travel to our last site.

11.30AM # Here we are at "Mae Kam Pong". I guess there are few people because it is Monday.

There might be more tourists at famous shops but not too crowded.

Taking turns for in and out and sharing seats are acceptable.



We don't have many activities at Mae Kam Pong. We just take it as a lazy day.

Visit waterfall, worship Buddha image and drop by few coffee shops.

Around 3.00PM we say goodbye to Mae Kam Pong.

6.30PM # Drive back to Chiang Mai downtown.

Have dinner, grab some souvenirs and prepare to go back to Bangkok.

"Expense Summary" Here's cost per head for group of 5.

Round flight Bangkok - Chiang Mai THB1,500 / person

Car rent for 3 days plus gasoline THB1,200 / person

Pool for hotel and meals THB1,900 / person

Total THB4,600 / person on average

What's the good point of traveling at mountain during rainy season? ... Quite cheerful. Surround with delighted green.
Once it rains, the fog comes. Ummm, happy!!!
Less tourists. Don't have to snatch with others.

Go over the trip 3 days / 2 nights ... Road Trip again

Day 1 : Chiang Mai International Airport - Doi Kiew Lom - Baan Jabo Noodle - Su Tong Pe Bridge - Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Day 2 : Wat Jong Kham / Wat Jong Klamg - Mae Hong Son City - Pang Oung - Baan Rak Thai - Teentok Royal Project Development Center

Day 3 : Teentok Royal Project Development Center - Baan Mae Kum Pong - Chiang Mai : )

See you again next journey ... Goodbye !!!

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