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As we all know that Taiwan is the biggest island between Eastern China sea and Southern China sea. Hence, there is no doubt that there will be various seafood in Taiwan. Today, we would like to take you to Taipei Fish Market, we would like to search for some fresh seafood.

This market is named as the biggest fish market in Taipei.

Taipei Fish Market (ไถเป่ยหวี่ซื่อ : 台北魚市 tái běi yú shì)

We can get to this market by bus R50 (Red50), you can take bus at MRT Yuanshan (Exit 1) and get off at the 3rd bus stop or 第二果菜市場 (in Chinese). If you are not sure, you are able to show this name to bus driver. After getting off from the bus, you walk across to other side of the road, the fish market is over there.

You can take to bus at the bus stop in front of Family Mart ( the entrance of the market) on the way back.

The location of fish market: No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E Rd, Zhongshan District,Taipei City
GPS : 25.0668468,121.5368548
Operating Hour : 06.00-24.00 น.

We have briefly explained how to get to this market. So, it is time to discover this market now.

Taipei Fish Market แห่งนี้มีอะไรให้เราประหลาดใจกันบ้าง ?

Taipei Fish Market

We will take you to discover fish market called " Addiction Aquatic Development" or " Aquatic" for short.

This market is divided into various zones as per below;

  • Fish Pond zone - This zone is very interesting because we can see Alaska crab, lobster and other marine creatures. If you are interested to buy, you are able to order over here.
  • Fresh food zone served with Japanese style
  • Seafood Bar - Zone For those who like to eat fresh seafood, shrimp, crab and oyster. There will be the staffs to remove shell and cook for you.
  • Grilled BBQ zone - this zone will be at the outside area.
  • Hot Pot Zone For those who like to eat hot pot (it is necessary that you need to reserve in advance for this zone)
  • Ready meal zone It is the zone where you can buy food and take away home.
  • Beverage zone - Beverage and wine will be available at this zone

Before going to Fish Pond zone, the staffs will lead us to clean our hands with alcohol.

This zone has amazed us, we are so excited to see such big Alaska crabs, giant lobsters in the pond. We also see that other tourists also have the same feeling. It is time to take the photos.

The fresh big lobsters Big Alaska crab

As we said, it is very bigThe fresh fish with clear eyes Some shrimps You are able to choose from the pondIt amazes usThis market is very crowded with many customers Giant Crabs

The price is different in each pond They are perfectly categorized. Importantly, it is clean.

After wandering around Fish pond zone for a while, we will then discover other zones. We admit that this fish market zone is very nice and unique.

So, we will head to ready food zone, we have seen variety of food such as Sushi, Sashimi, grilled food, boiled food and steamed food. They are very appetizing and the price is also reasonable. We have bought the big set for our lunch.

The ready meal zone, you can buy for take away. The cooked lobster Giant CrabsSushi It looks delicious For those who like fish's roe, they should not miss to come to this market Grilled Fish To pay at the cashier This meal costs 650 NT only

We are able to choose where to eat as per our preference. Fish market also arranges the seats for those customers who buy ready meal to sit and eat in front of the building.

To drink some wine while having meal, it will make our food even more tastyThis is Seafood Bar zone.

It is time to taste our meal

This whole set costs 650 NT only. Does it look appetizing ? We are so hungry now.

We can sit and eat in front of the building.

After tasting, the food is very delicious with reasonable price. This meal costs 650 NT or around THB 708 only.

For those who plan to visit Taipei, please do not miss to visit Taipei Fish Market

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