Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 3 Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya written by NinjaAnn

12 April 2016 at 20.20 p.m. We arrive at KL Sentral with ETS. I remember when I was here 2 years ago, there was a delicious burger near KL Sentral. The owner loved Bird Thongchai, Thai singer, he could even sing his songs, haha. Then, I asked my friend to find this burger together though I'm n

Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 3 Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya

Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 3 Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya

12 April 2016 at 20.20 p.m.

We arrive at KL Sentral with ETS. I remember when I was here 2 years ago, there was a delicious burger near KL Sentral. The owner loved Bird Thongchai, Thai singer, he could even sing his songs, haha. Then, I asked my friend to find this burger together though I'm not sure if he still there or not. The location is right in front of My Hotel @Sentral. But the owner has changed, still the burger is there. I have a beef burger and my friend who didn't eat beef has chicken burger. I'm a bit disspointed as the taste is not as delicious. The burger is 3.5 MYR and when adding up cheese of egg, it won't be more than 6.5 MYR (my mobile phone can't take a very clear photo, haha).

After that, we walk back to KL Sentral. Before going up, we stop by to buy the airport bus ticket to KLIA2 tomorrow first. The fare is 11 MYR each. The ticket booth is right there where the bus is parked. They are two options to choose, one is Sky Bus and the other is Aerobus. After that, we take the LRT and get off at Masjid Jamek Station (1.6 MYR). We are staying at Back Home Kuala Lumpur Hostel where we have booked it via agoda for 1,675 THB/2 nights per two people. Most of the guests here are westerners. This hotel in overall is good, the staff is friendly. They look like they are part time students. Today I'm really tired. I sleep right away after taking shower and eating burger.

P.S. We book a room in a 4 female beds room but it's only us here tonight, so nice.

13 April 2016

We wake up early to have breakfast as today we will go to Putrajaya. We take the bus in front of Mydin mall. We find the bus no. 500 parked on the right side (when facing the mall) reads Putrajaya Sentral. The fare is 3.8 MYR and we pay it with the driver. We must prepare the fare in the exact amount as there's no change. I then pay 4 MYR. After 30 minutes ride, we now arrive at Putrajaya Sentral. Then, we look for the bus going downtown by looking for the bus that go pass Masjid Putra. We take bus no. 502 which parks beside the bus no. 500. This bus also goes to KL on our way back.

Yay!!!!!We now arrive at Masjid Putra. After getting off from the bus, this is what we see. This cute little car is for tourists to rent? I see it park in front of the rental car, it has a 10/10 level of cuteness.

The sun is quite strong but the sky is clear. Let's quickly take photos before the Chinese tour arrives.

After taking outside view, it's time to get in queue to get the cover cloth before going in the Masjid. Here has a good management where staff is there to ask how many people we are and watch over for us in line, trying to not let anybody cut in line, especially the Chinese tour. It's so good, hehe.

Every inches of this Masjid is so pink.

After taking few shots inside the Masjid, I can no longer fight with Chinese tour so we are out to find something cool to eat at the food court of the Masjid. I remember I haven't had Chendol yet since the Melaka, so I want to have one. It looks good but tastes terrible. Oh my, the coconut juice seems bad too. I only have 2-3 bites before leaving it. It's 5 MYR.

That I'm disappointed with Chendol, let's go out to take photos from different angles.

From this corner, we can see the man made lake. Wow, they are having such a great effort. I must say that everything in this city is huge like the Masjid and buildings. Everything is just huge. On the right had is the Sultan's Palace,its so beautiful and right nearby the lake.

Seri Wawasan Bridge

Now is our disaster part as we decided to walk to Iron Mosque instead of taking the bus or renting the bicycle. We were thinking that we could just chill and take photos while walking there. But we forgot that now it's 11 a.m. and the sun is as strong as we were in Sahara Desert. I really recommend not to do like us. It's better to take the bus or rent the bicycle in case you want to take photos. But if you think you could, you can also try. It'd be a memorable experience for sure, haha.

We keep walking along the bridge. The sky is beautiful and the water is clear but it's too warm.

The buildings are all huge. Most of them are some kind of ministry building.

I cant' walk any longer, let's take a break. This is such a beautiful white building.

Here is some sort of the Union, trying to represent Malaysia is harmoniously lived different ethnicity. But I see it as the duck sculpture, haha.

Finally, we now arrive at Palace of Justice. The building is so huge and grand that I can't capture it with my wide lens.

When turning back, we see it, finally, the Iron Mosque.

It turns out that we arrive here at noon and the Masjid just closes and it will open again at 14.00 p.m. So, now our chill walks bring trouble to us! (Usually the Masjid is open for visit at certain times like 9.00-12.00/14.00-16.00/17.30-18.00 and on Friday at 15.00-16.00/17.30-18.00, something like this). I'm so hungry and it's so warm, what a day! We can't see the food shops anywhere too, it's only offices buildings around. So we go ask the security guard and he points to the food court on the southern building on our left. We decide to have our lunch here but we didn't take any photos as we were too starving. If you are facing the Masjid like this, the building is on your left. Then you just need to walk on the left of the information desk.

We were puzzled when walking in as it seems like a buffet service, what to do? The seller is very kind, she asks what we want to have, here they offer both buffet and a la carte. But we still don't know what to order so she said we can take what we like and pay at the counter. My food including Milo is 6.3 MYR.

When sitting there in the cool air conditioner, I start to feel sleepy so I decided to walk out and take photos around the Masjid while waiting for it to reopen. I find this little kid with his dad, so cute.

Yay!!! it's now 14.00 p.m. I and my friend are one of the first group tourists to go in. There are not many people so I start taking photos from the entrance. I like here more than Masjid Putra. I think it's more uniquely beautiful, looking dark but grand and huge. The staff is also very kind and friendly, trying to make conversation with us of where we are from and how long we are staying. Maybe he's also a bit lonely, haha. People here looks fierce but everyone is so kind.

I like this gate so much, it's so beautiful.

This is the nearby building.

Let's go inside now.

After taking photos a while, it's raining. We have to wait for a bit and go out to take the bus. Now I start to have a headache and sore at legs, probably the cold comes with the rain. We run in the rain to wait for the bus. After half an hour wait, now the bus comes. In fact, almost every bus now goes pass P.Sentral of Putrajaya Sentral. But to make sure, you can ask the driver again. The fare is only 0.5 MYR.

After arriving at Putrajaya Sentral, we take bus no. 500 back to downtown. We now get off at Central Market station as we see many people get off here. It's a good call. We stop by to buy souvenir like chocolate, key chains and some small stuff and then take it back to our hostel. Luckily, our hostel is nearby. After that, we agree to take the free bus, Go KL, to downtown. We can get on at Maybank station at Central Market.

This is the route of Go KL Bus.

We take the purple line and get off at Pavilion stop as we want to shop at Bukit Bintang and Pavilion Lot10. We walk into the mall once we arrive. Actually, getting off at Star Hill is closer. We decided to eat at the Food Republic first which is located at the ground floor of Pavilion near supermarket. I choose to eat something like sukiyaki. We get to choose vegetables, meatballs, noodles and soup. I think it looks fun so I try it out. It is 17 MYR like below photo. It comes in such a big quantity.

After that, we go to take photos at the fountain in front of the Pavilion Mall.

I meant to look for VNC here as I saw they were a big branch here but it was temporarily closed due to renovation. Finally, we walk back to the StarHill to wait for het Go KL green line to KLCC in order to see the twin towers, the landmark of Malaysia, otherwise, we might not yet truly are here. Oh, getting on the bus here is like the one in Thailand where you have to rush to get on, haha. And we wait for about 10 minutes for the bus to come.

Here it is……

It's so huge. Even this is my second time visit, I'm still impressed by how grand these buildings are. My neck is sore when looking up at the top of these buildings. It's a pity that I didn't bring my tripod standing so the photos are a bit shaky.

After taking the front shots for a while, now we go to the back to enjoy the fountain show. It's so spectacular. This is probably also because we didn't expect anything. The music is melodious and the atmosphere is great with a cool breeze from time to time. I can sit for hour just for this. I enjoy it so much that I also want to take my parents here. Next time, let's find the promotional tickets and come here as a family trip, hehe. I'm just loving it.

Twin Towers from the Back Side

Let's end tonight with this photo, I'm so happy.

On the way back, we plan to take the bus as usual. But after long waits, no bus comes even it is said that the last bus is at 23.00 p.m. We finally take the LRT back to our hostel.

14 April 2016

Today we only have time until 10 a.m. so we go to Merdeka Square, near our hostel. It's a pity that many building are undergoing renovation, including the Masjid Jamek. So I get to take only few photos.

These kids are here for the field trip, they are all walking in lines like little ducks, so adorable.

This is the Masjid Jamek and it's really all I can take.

After finishing taking photos, we go back to get our luggage, check out and take the LRT to KL Sentral in order to take bus we booked yesterday. We booked the 10.30 bus but since we arrive here a bit before 10.00 a.m. so the staff let us on this bus. After arriving at KLIA2, we go check in and now the problem happens. I bought the premium flex type ticket but I decided to choose the seat later as back then I didn't know where to sit. But now when I check in, that rights is gone and I got a random seat even though I checked online before I came and it's still there. The window seat is also gone. So I ask the staff. She said I didn't reserve the seat so now it is a random seat and asked whether I paid when I booked the ticket???? At first, I wasn't thinking to complain or anything but when I faced the question that shouldn't be asked, I got so upset. I told her I booked a premium flex ticket and now I'm also checking in at the premium flex line, can't she see? Actually, I was fine with the seat thing. She could have said due to the system or something, so this mistake happens but now she asked whether I paid or not. This upset me so much. I finally got the aisle seat. I was upset all the flight and that I got the cold as well. Next time if you book the premium flex of Air Asia like me, please select the seat and check in online in advance so you won't have to face the same experience like me. I think I might choose other airline next time because like this really upset me.

The estimate expenses

This trip, I travel from Don Mueang to Malaysia to Chiang Mai so the flight is a bit expensive but my friend has a round trip ticket of about 2,7xx THB. We have about 400 MYR for pocket money and some is still left. When souvenir is included, I think it's not over 10,000 THB and if you are not shopping, I think 8,000 THB is enough, especially if you get a promotional ticket, you could have saved more money than me.

Thank you so much everyone for reading until this line. It may be a bit too much (you can skip my complaints part, haha). Traveling always introduces us to the new world. We get to talk to strangers. My friend used to think that Malaysians are scary but in fact, they are all very kind and friendly. Most of them can speak English and more than willing to help us with anything they could. If chances allow, I must go back again. Now I'm very addicted to travel, haha. I think my next trip would be in Thailand, for now let me save more money first. See you guys again soon, bye!