Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 2 Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar (Small Town, Endless Charm) written by NinjaAnn

After two hours bus ride from Melaka, now we arrive at TBS which is similar to Mochit Bus Station. It is the center of bus but more modern. Then, we follow the sign reads KTM, KLIA in order to take train to KL Sentral. Since we want to chill and travel like local, we decided to go with KTM (2.4 MY

Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 2 Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar (Small Town, Endless Charm)

Plan is No Plan in Malaysia : Chapter 2 Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar (Small Town, Endless Charm)

After two hours bus ride from Melaka, now we arrive at TBS which is similar to Mochit Bus Station. It is the center of bus but more modern. Then, we follow the sign reads KTM, KLIA in order to take train to KL Sentral. Since we want to chill and travel like local, we decided to go with KTM (2.4 MYR) instead of KLIA (6 MYR) which is faster. After getting the ticket, now it's time to wait. It comes after half an hour, a real slow life experience! So many trains of KLIA Transit have come and go before finally the KTM is here. The train here is clean and quite new. More importantly, there's a lady bogie which I really like. It takes about half an hour ride to reach KL Sentral. We hurried to buy the ETS ticket to Ipoh but we don't know where to buy. So we asked the staff at KTM gate and he told us to go on the third floor then turn right. We take the escalator near the McDonald's if I remember correctly. We have to take the queue first before we can buy the ticket. So many people are waiting here. To save your time, I highly recommend you to buy it online. And we finally get a ticket to go at 17.45 p.m. (35 MYR). It will be 20.00 ish p.m. when we reach Ipoh so we have to cancel the plan of taking the sunset shots at Ipoh. After feeling down about the ticket, we now find something to eat. We finally decide to eat at Meals Station. We just order by pointing at the photos in the menu and have no clue which one is delicious, haha. We order Asam Laksa which is like Udon noodle mixed with fish canned. The meal can't be done without desserts, so we order Butter & Kaya Toast and Lychee Soda. This meal costs 17.50 MYR.

After we are full there's still 2 hours left. We were thinking of where to go and then I recall that I've seen the review of buildings of Kuala Lumpur Train Station and headquarter of KTM which is only a station away. So we decide to go for photography there. We take the KTM again which is very long, about 20 minutes wait and it's 1 MYR. When we go out and see the building, oh well, it's not exactly like what I've seen in the review. The buildings are rather old. So finally here are all the photos we take and then we are back to the station, haha.

After that, we go wait for the ETS train which is located on the third floor, the same floor as the ticket booth but on the opposite side (on the left side after taking the escalator up). The train is very on time. It is recommend to get here 10 minutes before departure time. The high speed train looks new and clean but I didn't take any photo as we were sleeping as soon as we were on the train. It takes about 2 hours to reach Ipoh. We also buy the return ticket and ask about the ticket to Kuala Kangsar for tomorrow. We get the ticket back to KL at 18.00 p.m. (35 MYR). The way to Kuala Kangsar at 11.28 a.m. (16 MYR) and the return ticket at 16.11 p.m. (16 MYR). After the ticket mission is cleared, it's time to go check in at the hotel. Along the way, we take a quick shot with the Town Hall as it's quite beautiful when the lights are up.

We stay at Container Hotel Ipoh. It is a capsuled bed but quite big and the room is quite new. I'm very impressed by here, give it a 10. The staff is lovely. Towel and a bottle of water are provided. There's a key card to the room. Most importantly, the bathroom is so good where the wet zone and dry zone are in the same area. There's also water spraying at the toilet like the one in Thailand. The photo is from agoda and the actual place is exactly like this. We stay at female dorm for two people. Each room is only 765 THB/night and when divided by two, it's only 383 THB, I'm so happy.

Here is the second day at the front of our hotel.

After unpacking our stuff, we go out to eat the famous Chicken and Rice dish here. Oh, we also meet Thai friends who stay on the opposite bed, I feel so good like we've made new friends, haha. We open the GPS to take us to the Lou wong which is about 15 minutes walk. People are quite a lot but there's a table for us. We order chicken, noodle, and fried bean sprouts for 2 people. For the drink, I don't know that it is as they speak Chinese and I just nod. It's some kind of tea, quite yummy.

I must say fried bean sprouts and noodle taste so good, the chicken is also soft and delicious but a bit salty. If you guys are coming to Ipoh, you must try it out. This meal costs both of us 26 MYR. After that, we go home, take a shower and sleep to get ready for tomorrow.

12 April 2016

We wake up all fresh. We check out and leave our luggage there. Then, I take my camera and start taking photos around but why the photo is blurred?? Oh no, the lens is translucent. Probably it is because the air condition was too cold last night. I already put the camera inside the bag and put it under the bed. So I quickly wipe it out. We plan to look for old town street art and just wandering around without any specific destination. Ipoh has so many places for us to take photos. A lot of cute and art corners are there, starting from the front of the hotel.

When continue walking, we will see the Ipoh Padang where a lot of doves are there.

Next, we see St. Michael's School where students are having physical class.

When we walk back, we find the Old Town White Coffee, the original white coffee recipe. So we must also have one. We also see the street art with the old town uncle photo.

I older kind of Luksa with white coffee and to see whether it's different than the one we had in Melaka. My friend has fried noodle. We order by pointing at the photo again, haha. I don't remember the exact cost for this meal, but it's something like 12 MYR.

I think the coffee at Melaka is a bit more delicious but I think it also depends on personal preferences. After that, we go out for street art again. Here is the kids with the paper plane.

It's really a lot of places to take photos just in old town. Hello, Marilyn Moonroe.

Charlie is also here.

Walking here and there, now we are at Concubine Lane.

Let's have a shot since we are already here.

But where is street art?????

Yeah, we finally found it. People are repairing the road just like in the art work.

We found Thai friends who are also looking for street art. We then take turn to take photos for each other before moving on our missions.

We find the bird now but I can't find other things. I'm also not good at reading maps. We keep detour to the left and the right before finding it just opposite to the bird. We just didn't see this coffee bags, haha.

When we walk out form the small alley between these two art works, we will see this little girl (we also almost walk pass it, good thing that our eye catches it a bit).

Then, we just wander around and feel relax. Like I mentioned earlier, this town is really chic and chill with so many corners to take photos. I can't keep my hands off my shutter.

The Classical Scooter

We finally found him.

Now our mission is completed!!! It's also almost the time to go to Kuala Kangsar. Still, we take photos along the way.

We are here at the train station.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Kuala Kangsar by ETS. But there's not much review about this city. We then ask help from the Google and Trip Advisor which are very useful. Sometime, we also need to use Google Map, it's quite far too. If the weather is not this hot, it'd be more fun. After getting out of the station, we turn left where it's quite shady with all the trees (this photo is taken by the mobile phone).

Then, we found deserted house on the left, quite an atmosphere, isn't it? Haha.

After that, we see the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

When walking further, we see something like a pavilion which is very beautiful.

Next is the first rubber tree in Malaysia.

When we turn right from here, we will see the roundabout.

We are quite hungry when reaching the roundabout. Looking at Google Map and Trip Advisor, we found famous restaurant called Yut Loy Coffee Shop. But my friend is not yet hungry so I eat alone. I don't know what to order so I ask for the popular menu and they recommend Chicken Chop. My friend has Iced Milo. Salapao is only available in the afternoon so we didn't get to try.

The food is ok but not that delicious. Anyhow, I finish it all as I'm very hungry, haha. The price is quite expensive, it is 19 MYR. We plan to travel by the taxi. But when we come out to wait, there's no taxi from the long wait. So we asked people nearby and learned that the taxi here is not as many as in Melaka and Ipoh. We must walk to the station to find one and this photo is taken from Google.

Here is the location before we reach Kuala Kangsar New Bus Station.

To hire the taxi, it is 30 MYR per hour. The old auntie and uncle are very kind. Our driver is a kind old uncle who can barely speak English but he tries to communicate with us anyway. We take the photo from the Google and ask him to go accordingly.

Here is our first stop, Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. The entrance fee is 4 MYR/person.

It's a pity that we cannot take photos inside. I must say it's really great here. Inside is so grand and luxurious. It displays personal things of previous Sultans with graduation gown and many gowns. Our king's gown is also displayed here. Oh, there's also a doctoral graduation gown from Chulalongkorn University given to the Sultan. The air condition is cool and it's very new. Not many people is here, it seems like only we two are in this palace, haha.

After that, we go to Masjid Ubudiah. But they are praying while we get there so we can't visit. The uncle then takes us to Istana Kenangan (Muzium Diraja Perak) instead. We also go pass the current Sultan's palace on the way here. It's so huge but I didn't take photo. But once we arrive, it's oddly quiet. We learned later that it's closed!!! I don't know why it's closed today so I can only take photo from outside.

Finally, we go back again to Masjid Ubudiah. Since they are still praying, we can only have outside shots.

It is said that this is the most beautiful Masjid in Perak State. It's a bit old. I think if they paint the color again, it'd be much more beautiful. Well, it seems like this town has not yet promoted itself as a tourist city but I think they are planning to as I see the lane for bicycle is under construction.

Since we didn't get to go inside to both Istana Kenangan and Masjid Ubudiah, we try to find other landmark from Google. Then my friend found Victoria Bridge which looks quite beautiful. We show it to the uncle and ask if it's far from here. He said it is but he can take us. So, let's go!

Soon, we arrive.

Let me have a shot, this one my friend takes it for me.

After that, we don't know where to go even time is still left. The uncle then takes us to a bridge which I can't remember the name. He said it's on the way to the train station so we agree.

This is the most I can zoom in. Actually, it's quite beautiful.

When looking to the opposite side, it's another town.

Finally, it's time to say farewell to Kuala Kangsar. It's a pity that we don't have much time for this town. It's a cute quiet town with fewer tourists. Local people are really nice, especially the aunties and uncles. Even their English is not fluent, they try to speak to us. We are really impressed with this town. But sorry that I forgot his name as it's quite difficult to remember.

We reach Ipoh at around 17.00 p.m. and it's not dark yet. So we plan to take more photos before going back to KL. Let's start from the train station.

But, the battery is about to die. Probably, I take too much today. So we find a cute coffee shop while waiting to go back to KL. Then, we found a shop called Patisserie BoutiQue near to our hotel.

I must say that the staff here looks quite cute and white. No, my job is to review food not people, hehe. We order Souffle Pancake and Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea. We just point at the cake we wanted. They all look yummy and it's really hard for us to choose. It is so yummy, we are so happy even the price is a bit expensive. The total cost is 26.50 MYR.

It's time to say farewell to Ipoh. There're still many places that I didn't go. I must come back again. Now, let's go back to take our lugage from the hotel and go take the train to KL, the capital city of Malaysia. Please stay in tunned for our last episode. ^___^