Many of you may have at least once watched a Studio Ghibli animated film. Now they've brought it here, Thai people can enjoy it without flying to Japan! From now to September 30, 2023, at Central World's 8th floor will be home to The World of Studio Ghibli Animation Exhibition in Bangkok.   

The scenes from the well-known 10 Studio Ghibli movie animations have been faithfully recreated to give the visitors the impression that they are actually there. Whether you've watched any of the movies or not, there is a ton of great graphic art. Don't forget to take the pamphlet inside, which has pictures of stamps that can be found at various locations throughout the event.

The solo visitors do not need to worry about not having beautiful photographs at key movie scenes like Totoro standing with an umbrella at the bus stop or the train scene with the faceless ghost. The organizer provided the staff in each spot. They can help you take photos or VDO clips. It's much more fun to explore. You can spend the time, sightseeing in the exhibition as long as the round is run out. 

The scenes of the animated movies are included the culture of Japan. With an endearing touch, Tom Yum Soup is served to a faceless ghost in a scene from the movie, 'Spirited Away', as shown in the image above. Additionally, there is more than just Tom Yum; we won't tell you what they are; go explore!

Additionally, you can buy official souvenirs like wallets, figurines, plush toys,  stationery, and postcards with different popular characters. The cost of a walk-in ticket now is 650 Baht/person or 1,290 Baht/person for the VIP Package.

[Whispers] A quick tip for the readers of our blog: The scenes can't move as they do in animated movies. However, we can posture ourselves, like I did in my Reel or TikTok video. A group of visitors laughed when saw how I animated myself with the scene. XD

Introvert walker

 Monday, July 31, 2023 3:15 PM