After waiting and waiting, only 2 guys and 1 girl are available to join the trip. This journey is 4 days and 2 nights travel by bus (Mueang Loei Tour) from Bangkok to Loei (around 500 km), 530 baht per each. Departure around 9.30pm and arrive at Bird Cliff around 5.00 am.

Now is time to prepare ourselves. this stop is where you can catch the next bus to the national park and there is a well known shop call "Jae Kim". There are needed stuffs for travellers and also there are many many toilets for everyone to shower and clear themselves. Then we have our first meal at the food court there. In the afternoon, everyone who finished the trip will come here to prepare themselves for going home because they also sell bus tickets. However, we suggest that make plans and book the tickets ahead because buses are not always available if it is full you will have to wait for another day.

Here we are!!! Arriving but still dark so we can have more time to prepare ourselves

Starting point "Jae Kim Shop"

Behind the scene is "the Bird Cliff" ^^

Stand by Buses will depart at 6.00 am

After do this and that, we wait for the bus to depart at 6.00 am we buy bus ticket at ticket box near the waiting area, it is only 20 baht per person to go to the national park.

Fees line for national park

When we arrive at the national park office, we have to pay for all the fees such as entry fee and stay fees. If you want to rent a tent or sleeping bags, there are also available. It like you can go with nothing just your heart and money ;-)

Then we have to go to carrying service point. if there are many travellers, we have to share the work; one on the line and another one at weigh measurement. We pay for carrying service at the arriving point when we get our stuffs back. If this is your first time, we suggest that you come as early as you can because if you get there late all carry men will have to walk down through the dark and it is quite dangerous.

Stuffs Weigh Measurement point

After measurement, carry man will pack our stuffs

During February, it is a low season, not many people, trees are changing leafs and make it look dry but still full of nature.

One photo to start our journey^^

Real starting point : Register here in case of emergency, who are you? How many people? where are you from?

Let's start!!! total of 9.05KM and first 5.5KM are vertical :-)

first kilometre is the most tired one where you can decide whether you wanna fight or surrender, be prepare ^^

No more people jam!!! normally during long holiday will be a lot of people just like traffic jam

There are handrails to hold on because of very sheer path. Just be careful!!!

Make me feel lonely a little but not so much ^^

Greeting from chameleon (Kapom) even less people but we get to say Hi to the local... hahahaha

First break point after 1 km.. Sam Haek; action of tired after a long way walk. here you can get some food, drinks and souvenirs.

Trees changing leafs are so colourful and very fresh

Look!!! new young leafs is on... Fastastic

Summer charming ... See^^

Not just us now!!! some one is going down

Oops!! that a dog not a fox do not misunderstand, he is so cute and gentle.!!! BEE... this bee is living nearby at dessert shop around here. there are so many of them but do not worry they do not bite if we do not hurt them first. ^_^

Just before arriving to Sak Kok Done we found these red flower shining to the sun. It looks gorgeous

Next stop>>> Sak Kok Done (a kind of tree); this stop also have many restrooms and again selling food, drinks and souvenir.

Oh.. Forgot to tell: Phu Kradueng National Park has 6 types of forests separate by the high of sea level which created an incredible various kinds of plants. For example at 400 metres is Dry Dipterocarp Forest and differences of every 200 metres after dry dipterocarp forest then Mix Deciduous Forest, Dry Evergreen Forest, Hill Evergreen Forest and at the top is Pine Forest or Coniferous Forest

Wow!!! New Creation made by human

And here again lol

Take a break by taking a photo of these little things around us is also not a bad idea>>> try it yourself you will see<<<

Another gorgeous flower between the path way

It's just started To be continued ^^

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 Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:21 PM