According to the mean sea level, trail to mountain in the first and the last part is the most hardest one because it is high sheer areas. However, we have to reach to the top. At this break point we only have 30% of distance to get to the top

You see this girl, she is still very young not even 20 yet. she made me surprise and accept her endure.

When I turned to see this, I pressed the shutter right a way. I can see the best photographer in the future. Every time I see this picture I still remember the scene and smile to myself :)

All carry men, does not matter they are male or female, old or young. Everyone is working so hard, sometime they carry bags twice a day if there are a lot of traveller.... so impressive.

Here is where everyone gonna stop and eat. Everything is so delicious both papaya salad, noodles and dessert however do not ask is it really delicious or because of hungry, only thing we can say it taste so good ;-)

While waiting for the restroom (very clean one), there are a souvenir shop where you can buy clothes, bags and so on and prices are the same as below no plus. Every time I come, always have to buy something as a souvenir especially clothes because I do not want to carry a lot of stuffs, when I arrive just buy a new one :)

OMG!!! when did she got her coffee??? with amazing paper bag she drank it all the way to the camp :)

She is walking but I am taking a picture... kind of break for me hahahaha

450 metres from Sak Kok Done we arrive at Sam Krae... what is Sam Krae???

Oh... there you go here is the answer, because there you can sit on Krae (long seat made from bamboo) hahahah .... just kidding.... during the trail, there are cellphone signal from all carrier you can enjoy your 3g or check in ^^

if you are curious how do they get all supplies to sell no mountain. here you go...these picture can tell you everything both food, drinks and gas.

As well as the next one...

because there is no gas refill up there, they have to bring it up from down stair. so just be aware that food in the restaurant up there will be more expensive because there are cost of carriage

Wow!!! not just only thai people are coming there are also some foreigners ;)

Last time, I met 3 koreans girl who came here to reach to the top and just went down. she said that she came because her friend told her so that up here is good and beautiful. That why she regretted that she could not be camping because of her travel plan and have less time so they could not stay that long. I felt sorry for them however they said that they will be back again... that is nice:-)

Cheer!!! Cheer!!! Almost there...^^

This is in Summer... Do not wanna think if it Rainy Season Aowwww!!!!

Just so you know... I did not leave my friend but they already walk ahead... and here is another the best photographer :)

This stair can make your legs shake. You see the heigh and you have no energy after walking the whole day I would say Oh My God...T_T

Finally... we can see the light at the end of the turn... hahahah we almost there.

Great Great Great ;-) (coffee bag still here^^)

She said this stick helping her a lot ... as you can see :)

Yeah!!!Yeah!!Yeah!!! Finally, here we are, already forget how much tired we were. this is the price that we paid for.. hahahah

However, this is just the first point to reach to top. there are3.5 km to get the camping point and that gonna be hard because you have to walk on sand which you need more energy. but I do have some trick that you walk on the side walk is better. :)

I do my best to get here and I can do it, to be Phu Kradueng Conqueror. Why do I still have my backpack??? what is in there??? I tell you now I carry lens for my camera and a set for shower. because last time that I came I arrived at the camping before the carrying man and had to wait for my bags until 9.00pm. You know what it feel after along day walking, sweating and tired you wanna take a shower and the weather up there is getting colder at night. That's why I carry some stuffs on my own :)

We are the Phu Kradueng Conqueror yahoo!!!! We took a lot of photo I cannot remember how many but we are happy and because there was no one else just us so we spent a lot of time taking pictures here. hahahahaha ^^

The last picture from the top of climb, even it is a little cloudy but it is still beautiful the way it is :)

Come with us... Go with us

To be continued: Next time will be the trip to Wang Khwang where is a tourist information and we are going to stay there too. :-)

Wattanabhol McJames Uangsakul

 Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:51 PM