At first, before this place was finished, we planned to go many times, but we kept putting it off until they changed the name from Siam Ocean World to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. It has been changed for a while now, and they have made many improvements. We finally had the chance to go... People tend to overlook things that are close to them... Is that true or not?

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is considered the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters. It cost 1.2 billion baht to build. Doesn't that sound interesting? And the entrance fee is only 300 baht!!! Let's go take a look...

When you enter Paragon, walk down to the B1 floor. There will be an escalator down to the food courts.

In front of the ticket booth, there will be a schedule of the various activities. You don't have to pay extra. Just go and watch at the times they have set (if you don't want to watch, you can just walk around and look. You can walk around as much as you want. There is no time limit).

We used the Rabbit Card promotion to get a 150 baht discount per person (you have to top up your card first, it will be deducted from the card. If you don't have enough, go up one floor on the escalator and top up at McCafe). It will be 340 baht per person, normally 490 baht.

This is a map of Sea Life. (Next, we will take you to see the highlights.) Map Cr.

After buying the ticket, you can enter and visit right away : ) This is just a quick photo and it's already beautiful.

This tank is surrounded by people... "Giant spider crab" is considered to be the crab with the largest size, with a width of almost 3 meters. It's huge! (If it were in the tank, it might eat us instead... not us eating the crab, but the crab eating us. Haha.)

When it walks, it looks like a spider.

This is also a highlight. "Pacific giant octopus" is very big. At first, I didn't see it. I heard my younger brother shout "Takoyaki octopus!!!" So I turned to look. I was shocked. +++ My first thought was, are you going to chew it down, son???

The Pacific octopus is considered the most intelligent invertebrate. Its body can expand to a width of 4 meters, but it can squeeze through a hole as small as its eyeball. (I've heard this, but I've never seen it. But I've seen it in a documentary where it crawls through a small pipe. It's amazing! It's so big, but it can crawl through a pipe about the size of a small water pipe.)

I don't want to call it a fish tank, I'd rather call it a tank. It's more appropriate!!!

Continue walking until you reach Shark Walk, a walkway with only glass separating you from over 5 species of sharks swimming below.

Next is "Coral Reef" a glass tank that allows you to experience the beauty of the coral reef up close.

It's beautiful. Some things are even more beautiful than when you actually go diving. :) You get to see many things, many angles, but it's just a different atmosphere.


The pot-bellied seahorse is one of the largest seahorses

Crocodile Toothfish - The body is long like a toothpick, yellow in color, and likes to live in seagrass.

Pineapple fish (look at the pattern, it's so pretty) is a fish that feeds at night and hides in holes during the day.

When we walked through the underwater mode, we will enter the zone "Tropical Rainforest". They made it as a wooden bridge, simulating a tropical rainforest, which has giant freshwater fish, trees, and waterfalls, including snakes (Yes!!! Snakes, but it's good that it's the only fake animal in here. LoL).

We went on a Sunday afternoon in January 2016. There weren't many people, so we could walk around comfortably and easily. There weren't many Thai people, but we saw more foreigners.

There are hundreds of fish, and I don't know which species is which. If you want to know, you'll have to take a closer look and read the signs. They have pictures and information to give you a general idea.

Ewwww !!! I don't really want to take a picture, but I'll take it for anyone who wants to see the "Mexican salamander" (AXOLOTL) - I have to say that it doesn't look very friendly, lol. No matter how you look at it, it's not even a little bit "cute" T____T

The next one is WOLFFISH - As ugly as ever, it is a predatory fish found in the northern part of South America. Its nature is just like its appearance, aggressive, and can attack large animals and humans ( - -")

That's enough, it's not cute anymore. Let's move on to the next zone... : )

Let's look at something cute ... This cabinet is a bit crowded ...

Next is a cabinet where you can sit and watch the penguins, which will be fed at 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm. You can sit and watch, and listen to the commentary.

After watching for a while, we continued walking (we've been walking for almost an hour without a break, following the younger sister happily).

It's like turning to smile at the camera (we might be imagining it ourselves 555+)

There are many fish in the tank below. This is where they will show the fish feeding. There are 2 shows per day at 12.00 noon and 16.00 hrs. Most of the fish are from the Amazon River (they have a description of the type and origin of each type of fish).

Next is **Rockpool** You can go in and take pictures. (The girls are feeling it!!! They think they are mermaids LoL)

This is a workshop room that provides knowledge about sharks. You can read it or skip it. You are almost at the entrance of the glass tunnel that you have been waiting for...


And then it's the tunnel that we've been waiting for, the highlight of the underwater world "Ocean Tunnel", the longest underwater tunnel in Thailand. Let you experience the underwater world in 360 degrees.

Walking leisurely, feeling like part of a school of sharks ...

Look at each other clearly. The real thing is swimming around seriously!!!

Along the way, you may think of the movie Jaws for fun, so that you will enjoy watching it even more!!! >_<

If you get tired of walking, you can come out and sit outside the tunnel. They have arranged seats for you.

Next to the seats is the Penguin Station. It is the last station before the exit, allowing us to see the penguins again up close.

So cute, swimming over to let me take a picture ... >_<

It likes to swim after people who are holding food. Like if this kid is sliding popcorn, it will swim after it. It's funny to watch ; )

The end of this is the exit. There are souvenirs for sale, such as dolls, glasses, keychains, etc.

Location Siam paragon B1 floor. If you come by BTS, it's the most convenient way to get there without having to find a parking space. Just get off at Siam station and you'll be there (if you park your car, take the receipt to scan the parking card. It's located at the information counter near the exit).

Interesting promotions

1. AIS buy tickets for only 300 baht by dialing *545*18# for free (1 number gets 4 rights) valid until December 31, 2016.

2. Rabbit Card Pay with Rabbit Card, get 150 THB discount, only 340 THB (1 card can be used by 4 people) Until June 30, 2016

3. If you want to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum, it's more cost-effective to buy a package. You can enter two places for 705 baht per person.

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