Tripster meeting at Lamu:n by Chef Gai - Iron Chef Thailand

Hello everyone, today we're taking the Tripster community to have a special meal at the restaurant Lamu:n or in Thai, Lan Lamun which is the restaurant of Chef Kai - Thananya, the Iron Chef of Thailand.

Chef Kai's restaurant is located at Narathiwas Rajanagarindra 24, Soi Wat Pho Man. The restaurant is a cute and cozy green house that can accommodate around 16-20 guests. Today, we booked a private course for 12 people, so the whole house was ours. It was very private.

Today's meal consists of 5 courses, starting with the starter: pickled shallots, dried fish with watermelon, and Ma Hor. It is recommended to eat them in this order for the best flavor experience.

The next dish was pomelo salad with river prawns. The prawns were so delicious, firm and perfectly cooked.

Today's soup is sardine with long pepper, chili and lotus root in coconut milk. It's delicious and refreshing.

While waiting for the main course, stimulate your appetite with a small cup of tangy green mango sorbet.

Everyone loved it so much that the staff brought out the real green mangoes from the fridge to share. They were so delicious that they were all gone in no time. I didn't even have time to take a picture!

And now for our main course, you have a choice of two menus: Grilled Wagyu Blade Steak with Hang Lay Sauce or Grilled Kurobuta Pork Neck with Hang Lay Sauce.

At this point, the meat eaters were very pleased, saying that it was very tender and not fishy at all.

While waiting for dessert, we updated each other on various news, including crypto, investment, technology, and tourism, which many of our friends are experts in. It was a lot of fun.

I also saw some people posting pictures of their food on Facebook. This meal really was beautiful and worth showing off! ^^

And for the last menu, there are 2 desserts to choose from: Som Chun and Mayongchid Cheesecake with Coconut Ice Cream. Both dishes are delicious.

If you don't want to eat a set course, you can order from the menu as you like. Everything looks delicious. I'll have to come back and try more next time.

After finishing the course, I had the opportunity to take a picture with Chef Kai. She is so lovely in person.

Restaurant Details

🍽️ ละมูล Lamu:n by chef ไก่ เชฟกระทะเหล็กประเทศไทย

Today was another great experience for us at Tripster, as we got to enjoy a delicious meal together in an exclusive setting. We can't wait to take you all to our next destination, so stay tuned! And if you want to join the journey, join various activities with Tripster, you can follow us at



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 Tuesday, April 23, 2024 2:31 PM