This trip is during 1- 3 August by Mae Pranom, we are being invited by the hotel Holiday Inn Pattaya to explore the new built which recently opened on the 1 st August for two nights stay with no additional cost.

In this review, besides going to explore the new building of the hotel, we will also take you to Nakorn Nueng Khet ancient floating market since we intend to go paying respect to Luang Pho Sothorn as it's on the same way, so we stop by a little and take some photos.

Drinking coffee at the Coffee Club through the motorway before reaching the hotel.

Visiting the HTMS Chakri Naruebet Flagship and stop by at a wonderful restaurant at Bang Saray, "Ruan Ta Lay" and another stop for Mae Sunee Kaw Lam (Thai sticky rice) at Nongmon Market on our way home.

Let's begin the journey.

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This trip will be during 1-3 August which is the first day of the new hotel building grand opening day.

However, firstly we will go to pay respect to Luang Pho Sothorn at Wat Sothon which located at Padrew, so we go out early in the morning. And as Nakorn Nueng Khet floating market is on the same way to Wat Sothon so we just stop by and take a walk.

As I have seen the Pak Mor Noodle broadcasted on "Jaew" television program which is sold here; therefore, we plan to try and taste it.

Floating market map for anyone who is interested in.

Before the entrance, you will notice a big sign on the left side and then you could make a turn.

We finally arrive here at 9am in the morning, really chill. I would really recommend everyone to come here a little earlier, there will not be so much crowded and you can enjoy taking lot of pictures.

Take some photos with a sign; prove that I have already come here.

It offers free boat ride here so let's try the service.

Or go for some snack?

Then again, just want to say I've already here hahahaha

As our plan, we stop to eat Pak Mor noodles. Since we take off early from home so I have not eaten anything since morning.

The lady is concentrating intently on cooking.

It was delicious and also cheap. It is really recommended by Mae Pranom.

This noodles dish looks like this.

Steamed duck with noodles looks good as well but I am quite full, so I just take photos.

The desserts also look appealing.

Pork Satay looks yummy as well.

Or buy some Kanom Krok (Thai coconut dessert) from old ladies?

Let's see the history of this place.

The atmosphere around in the morning at the floating market is splendid, where less people.

We have so much fun taking photos.

Let's continue our morning visit at the floating market.

This shop must be good, people are lining up.

This market was just finished renovation, and fully opened once again on 16 August. If anyone passes by, you could come and take some photos here. I think you will like it very much.

In this coming Mother's day, let's bring your mother to travel here; take a boat that can bring us back to the old times and take some photos for good memories.

Well our next destination , we continue driving for about 15 minutes and then we will entry the area of Chachoengsao province to go worshiping Luang Phor Sothon.

The history of Luang Phor Sothorn collects from Wikipedia page below:

Flowers for worship available for free and donate as you wish.

Please dress properly, however, the temple also provides the proper robes for those who need to use.

Let's go inside and worship the Lord Buddha.

We come across our fans and they know we are coming, therefore they come and wait for us. They even bring us mango sticky rice. Thank you so much.

And our next destination is the place between motorways, we take some rest, drink coffee and have lunch together at this restaurant, the Coffee Club.

Found that they have a special promotion; get half price for the second cup.

Oh, good atmosphere at the shop.

The staff is very cute.

Oh,this old lady is not the staff. Eiei

Inside the shop is a good place for taking photos and relaxation. So order some drinks?

And then here they are.

The restaurant is absolutely the place for relaxing.

Now, let's see how our food we order look like. We order simple breakfast plate; here they offer breakfast all day.

Caesar salad. I really love it.

A big size beef burger tastes like a plate from 5 star restaurant.

This meal is really great, delicious and worth the money.

Last but not least, our desserts, if I'm not wrong, it costs 85 baht per piece.

As check in time for mostly hotel should be after 2pm, so we take some time to drive around and travel to other places first.

Now, let's go to the hotel, the new building located behind the old one, however guests could check in at both buildings as the new building room number is arranged in order continue from the old one.

The new building's lobby.

Check-in counter.

Every staff looks welcome and friendly.

Let's continue to have a look at the lobby, the lobby atmosphere is splendid.

This counter is in the lobby area, they offer affordable drinks.

Let's take the elevator and go up to our room.

Have a look at the room. it's very large.

From our bed we can see the sea view, good view when wake up.

After unpacked our bags, we will go out for swimming, let's see how great the swimming pool looks.

Care for a drink?

After we finish swimming, in the evening we go to the lounge at the Executive Club that offers to those who book an Executive Club Room.

It provides beverage alcohol during 6pm to 8pm.

Located on the top floor of the building.

Let's see the food, we can eat until we are full.

On this roof top, we could see the best view.

We sit here together until the sunset.

Well, let's take a look inside a lounge once again.

This room offers the privilege of using the meeting room 2 hours for free.

We sit and relax until 9 pm, then we all are full and dazed so we back to our room.

This is the room atmosphere at night.

Although the main restaurant room offers a lot more food than the Executive Club but for the breakfast, we decide to have our meal at the Executive Club because of the beautiful view.

We like to eat in a good atmosphere.

Let's continue to have a look.

Breakfast is served in a light meal.

Best view ever.

After we feel full, we will take you to the Kid Club which located on the 6 floor, the same floor with the swimming pool and the main restaurant (East Coast Kitchen).

This room is another type of room, corner room.

This room has a full sea view.

Even in the bathroom also has an excellent view.

We still have lunch at the hotel as I have a prefer dining coupon which can get 50% discount.

The restaurant view is good for appetite.

There are free appetizers.

The view is gorgeous as usual. After awesome lunch, now it is time for Sat Ta Heep, we will visit the HTMS Chakri Naruebet.

Follow the map below.

Here is the history of the HTMS Chakri Naruebet Flagship.

Let's take a look at the ship.

Visitors can go up to the aircraft parking spot.

On the way back from Sa Ta Heep, Mae Pranom would like to suggest another cuisine in Bang Saray.

You could follow the map.

It offers rooms for rent too, not expensive..

Awesome atmosphere.

Let's look at the food we have ordered. In this review, I happen to share some pictures from my previous visit as well with my family.

It costs around 1000 baht for 5 people. affordable and delicious food.

Then we come back to the hotel for Spa Package at 5.30 pm. The spa queue is so full that I could just book for only this time.

A spa package price is a foot massage for 2 people costs 1990 baht. It offers one bottle of sparkling wine.

Massage along with sea view.

The massage chair is set in pairs with full ocean view along with some drinks.

Now let's drink the wine.

How wonderful!. We also booked our dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Poolside and sea view atmospheres. Very beautiful indeed.

Dinner, we choose from here and tell them, how do we like it cooked.

Dinner is very romantic. the pool at night, I wish I could swim now. I am not sure what time it close, but there are still people swimming at around 10 pm.

Let's see the meeting room,it is very beautiful and interesting.

The whole 7 floor is the room for the meeting.

Follow by breakfast the next day, but today we have breakfast at the restaurant on the 6 floor nearby the pool.

Let's see the food line.

Breakfast picture continues.

Great atmosphere right? Le's have a look what I have for breakfast.

After breakfast, we had to check out.

Special thank you to my brother, Pete, for inviting us to be the first guest of the hotel grand opening building.

You could check the hotel's website below for the latest information.

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้

On our way back home, we stop to buy a popular Khao Lam (Thai sticky rice) from "Mae Ni Yom" shop which located before arriving at Nong Mon market. Turn left, on the junction and there it is.

It's delicious but the price is a little expensive than others, they cook by themselves, very hot and fresh.

Large size for 3 is 100 baht or 200 baht for 7 pieces.

Absolutely delicious. Mae Pranom recommended.

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Mae Pranom

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