4 Tips for New Travel Bloggers to Write Reviews

Traveling to many places, getting beautiful photos to share with friends, and traveling for free would definitely be a dream job for many people. So, if you have a passion for travel and photography skills, and want to start writing reviews and traveling like a blogger, here are 4 easy tips for beginners:

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1. Choose a location, travel date, weather conditions, and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Choosing a destination and planning your trip: Once you have chosen a destination, you need to have a clear plan for the route to each point, such as which interesting places to visit in the province you are going to, and how far apart each point is. This is very important because it will allow you to set a budget for each trip so that you don't overspend, and it will also allow readers to prepare properly.
  • Organize the order of each point of the trip or arrange the order of the points to make it easy to travel. Readers will understand easily and follow you on your trip more easily.
  • Travel dates should not be chosen during long holidays because there will be a lot of people traveling. When there are a lot of people, you will not be able to take full advantage of the camera angles, and it will be difficult to find beautiful angles because there may be people in the way. You may also have to wait a long time to take pictures if it is a popular tourist spot. And most importantly, you should check the weather forecast in advance to see if it will rain where you are going, and if it does, your travel plans will definitely be ruined.

2. Prepare your camera and photography equipment.

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Do you believe that even though you visit the same place, the photos you take may not turn out equally beautiful?

This must be said that it depends on your skills and experience. The more you practice, the more you will know about angles and lighting. But for beginners, don't worry, because we can practice. Go out and take pictures often, and you'll get better. But first, we need to prepare our equipment before traveling, especially in terms of choosing the right camera and equipment for us. The equipment that should be prepared at least is:

  • Camera and spare camera battery (should have at least 2) so that the feeling doesn't stop when you find a beautiful place and the battery runs out.
  • Memory card at least 32 GB so you can take full photos, but if you shoot video, at least 64 GB will do. It also depends on how much you shoot. It's better to prepare than to miss it (you have to delete photos, it's hard to do).
  • Tripod This is important. If you go alone, at least you can still use it to take pictures of yourself. Or go with your boyfriend, this will give you beautiful couple photos to keep. More importantly, anyone who likes to take pictures of stars, waterfalls, fireworks, or timelapse of the sunrise and sunset will find it difficult to take pictures and the pictures may not be as beautiful as they should be if they don't have a tripod. Because when setting a low shutter speed to take pictures of stars, fireworks, waterfalls, it will shake.
  • Camera lens It depends on where you are going and what kind of photos you like to take. Choosing the right lens for the place you are going to or what you want to shoot will give you a head start.
  • Camera bag Speaking of which, some people may not care and think that they can put it in a backpack... But when you travel to each place, you don't know what will happen on the day you go. Will it rain? Or if you walk in the forest and stumble, will the camera be affected? Therefore, the bag is another important equipment that should be chosen to fit the equipment and be comfortable to carry. More importantly, if it can be waterproof, that would be great.

3. Choose a photo angle

This camera angle and photography style are the highlights and differences of each person. Whoever likes that style can choose their own style because beauty depends on who likes which style. Examples of simple camera angles that are interesting in conveying emotions. Let's try it and choose which one we like.

  • Eye level angle

  • High angle or low angle

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  • Use the foreground object to draw attention to the background

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  • Close-up

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4. Writing a review in your own style

After traveling and taking photos, the final step is to convey them into a story, writing a review in our own style. Telling a story is not difficult, but it is not easy if we want to make it fun and engaging. Therefore, what we should have in writing a review of that should include

  • Details of each place we visited, what are the highlights, how to get there, opening hours, how much is the entrance fee?
  • How to get there? For example, public transportation, train, private car, and the approximate cost of travel
  • Plan your trip to each point before you travel, so that you know which point to go to first - after, how close or far each place is, so that the reader can visualize the journey and know where to start and end the trip.
  • Finally, choose interesting pictures and let the pictures tell the story, which will make the review even more interesting.

4 simple tips for anyone who wants to try writing a review as an amateur, try doing your homework before you travel and come back to tell your travel experience. As for where to write a review on which website or platform, it depends on whether we like the presentation and tools of which website, try choosing to see. Whether it's Readme.me Pantip and other websites, they have different advantages.

When we have dreams and inspiration, what are we waiting for?

Start your journey with us. Interested in writing reviews, please visit https://th.readme.me/signup/blogger

Readme Team

 Thursday, May 16, 2024 2:36 PM