DusitD2 Khao Yai Hotel Review 

(Dusit D2 Khao Yai)

Go sleep and feel the cold wind amidst the mountains

The time is drawing near... If you're looking for a good place to stay with beautiful views near Bangkok, Khao Yai is probably one of the top choices in your mind. Because the weather is good, there is nature, and there are many places to stay to choose from.

Today, the admin would like to introduce Dusit D2 Khao Yai Hotel, a modern accommodation with contemporary decoration, providing 5-star service and the only international brand in Khao Yai. Dusit D2 Khao Yai, a hotel near the mountain, takes only 2 hours by car from Bangkok. Besides the beautiful hotel, there are also many activities in the hotel to do, making it unnecessary to go anywhere. Whether you come as a family or a couple, this place can meet all your needs.

Signature of this accommodation is having a bathtub in the middle of the bedroom. Some rooms feature a jacuzzi tub from Dusit D2, making it suitable for romantic getaways, but families can also come as there are plenty of activities available, whether it's playing with alpacas, rabbits, rock climbing, kayaking, or even learning to cook with a 5-star chef. Most importantly, the hotel's space is designed to be interconnected, making it easy and convenient to move around with strollers or wheelchairs around the hotel area.

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The area around the hotel is full of trees that provide shade, as well as many beautiful photo spots.

Swimming pool with mountain views and blue sky, a popular corner. If you come with friends, you can stop by for cocktails. In the evening, there is a Happy Hour 1 get 1 free. Sip and enjoy the view by the pool. : )

Girl gangs will love this spot! Whether it's for parties or showing off your sexy swimsuits, everyone's photos will be stunning ^.^

In the evening, there will be a Pool Bar service for customers.

Dusit D2 Khao Yai has a total of 4 room types:

  1. Deluxe Room Room size: 36 sqm.
  2. Deluxe Plus Room size: 36 sqm.
  3. D' Corner Suite Room size: 72 sqm.
  4. Duplex Suite Room size: 69 sqm.

*Every room has a bathtub in the middle of the room. It is fully equipped with amenities, so you don't have to bring anything heavy from home.

This trip, we stayed in a deluxe room.

The price on the website is around 5,000 baht per room for 2 people, including breakfast. Mountain view.

The room is equipped with amenities and a workspace for those who wish to bring work with them. However, we recommend that you do not. Holidays are meant for rest and relaxation so that you can return with renewed energy. :)

The atmosphere is so good that you have to lie in the bathtub, sip wine, listen to music and not think about anything. This is what we really crave for relaxation. When the body is rested, the brain is relaxed, life will be better. Don't believe it, you have to try it!

Next is the Corner Suite, with only 2 rooms available. The price on the website is 7,500 baht per room, which can accommodate 2 people and includes breakfast. This room is suitable for families as it has a spacious area of 72 square meters.

Duplex Suite Room This room type is the most luxurious and expensive, with two floors. The lower floor has a living room and bathroom, while the upper floor has a bedroom, bathtub, and bathroom. ... If you like stylish rooms with a 2-story Loft style, you can try changing the atmosphere. The price on the website is 10,500 baht / room for 2 people, including breakfast.

The first floor, which is the living room, has a door that leads to the outside garden. The view of the garden and mountains is beautiful.

And the 2nd floor, which is the bedroom, has a bathtub, a bathroom, and a shower room. This room is suitable for families or couples.

In addition, those who will bring their dogs to stay here can also allow their dogs to stay. The hotel will divide the room zone where dogs are allowed to stay. With the conditions of staying You can call the owner directly for more information.

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There are also many activities to choose from within the hotel. If you don't like going out in the weather,

You can play with or take photos with alpacas and rabbits for free. You can also feed them for a fee of 100 baht per plate for alpacas and 50 baht for rabbits.

Cycling with a view

Rock climbing activity 300 baht/hour

It seems difficult but not that difficult... It seems easy, but it's not...

Uh, what's up... I suggest you try it and you'll know it's really fun.

Safety is ready, shoes are ready (they have them), let's go!

Climbing and climbing, tired and resting... Resting by clinging to the rocks, probably won't be able to rest for long, haha.

Followed by a 300 kayak paddle for 30 minutes. 500 baht/hour.

The view is so good, you know? Here .. But you have to go paddling when the sun is down and the wind is calm, otherwise the sweetness might decrease. ; p

Spa is also available, you know.

  • Thai massage: 900 baht/person/ 1 hour
  • Aroma massage 1,200 baht/person/ 1 hour
  • Foot massage: 1,300 baht/person/ 1 hour

The Fitness section is definitely included and it's free!

Anyone who wants to try cooking, they have a Cooking Class to teach you. This time we tried making Pizza. I forgot to take a picture before putting it in the oven. Let me tell you, it was packed with toppings. We did everything ourselves, from kneading the dough to putting it in the oven. Let me tell you, it was super delicious.

Cooking class 2,500 baht 3 menus /person

Sprinkle it on your face... If it's not full yet, we won't stop.

I forgot to take a picture when it was done, but you can see how delicious it looks in the oven : )

This is the work of the person who made it... It sold out very quickly, I must say. : )

Summary of activities in the hotel:

  • Cooking class 2,500 baht 3 dishes /person
  • Kayaking 300 half hour. 500 baht/hour.
  • Rock climbing 300 baht/hour.
  • 50 baht for rabbit feeding and 100 baht/box for alpaca feeding
  • Thai massage 900 baht/person/1 hour
  • Aroma massage 1,200 baht/person/1 hour
  • Foot massage 1,300 baht/person/1 hour
  • Karaoke singing 2,000 baht /2 hours (Please inform 1 hour in advance)

Musi Grill Restaurant

This restaurant is located right next to the pool and is also where breakfast is served. But if you want to try lunch or dinner, you can order Thai food. The food here is very delicious! Because Dusit Hotels use the same curry paste ingredients, which is the standard of the Dusit brand. The taste is truly Thai.

I tried ordering some Thai food and it was delicious! I loved every dish, the flavors were so authentic.

For those who enjoy sipping tea in the afternoon like an English gentleman, there is also an Afternoon Tea Set with a stunning view. Prices are as follows:

  • D2 Afternoon Tea priced at 390.- Baht net, served with fragrant tea and snacks
  • Sparkling Afternoon Tea priced at 990.- Baht net, served with fragrant tea, sparkling wine, and snacks

Going to Khao Yai ... If you don't get to experience the green nature at all, it's like you haven't been there ...

This trip, we have 2 more destinations that are recommended places near the hotel. If anyone doesn't like staying in the hotel, they can choose to do activities outside.

1. GranMonte Vineyard and Winery

This is both a vineyard and a winery, where they offer winery tours. You can schedule a visit to the vineyard and the wine production facility, and end with a tasting of GranMonte wines. In addition to tours, the property also has a restaurant and accommodations. If you visit in December, you'll experience a particularly special atmosphere, as the grapes will be in full bloom and the weather will be cool and comfortable.

For the tour, there will be a tram to take us on a tour of the vineyard, with a brief explanation of the different grape varieties. We will be able to get off and take pictures at the point where we have the longest view of the vineyard rows. However, during our visit, it was the pruning season to prepare the vines, so it looked a bit dry.

Next, we will take you on a tour of the wine production facility.

Next up is the Wine Testing Session, where you can sample award-winning wines from around the world. I must say, I loved it! Sipping and savoring the different flavors was a real treat.
If you're a wine enthusiast, this is a must-visit. Their wines are of exceptional quality, have won numerous awards, and are surprisingly affordable.
You can also purchase souvenirs to take home, including wine, jellies, jams, and more.

And this is a talented woman who started producing and exporting wine, Ms. Nicky - Wisuta, the daughter of Mr. Wisut (owner of GranMonte vineyard), who is the only female winemaker in Asia who graduated in winemaking and viticulture from Australia. And started producing her own brand under the name GranMonte.

You can read more details at http://www.granmonte.com/

2. Night Safari at Khao Yai National Park

This is a nighttime activity that involves taking a pickup truck to go wildlife watching. The activity runs from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Those who are interested can contact dusitD2 directly to reserve a seat before 4:00 PM. The package prices are as follows:

- Rent the whole car, with a maximum of 10 people per car, at a price of 3500 /person

- Or choose to join with others, price 500 baht/person

Night trips may not be suitable for taking pictures, but they are perfect for those who want to experience the natural atmosphere and cool air, along with starlight and natural wildlife.

This trip, we will be riding in a pickup truck throughout the trip. We will be sitting in the back of the truck, which will slowly drive along the path. There will be staff members shining lights for us to see the animals along the way. The number of animals we see will depend on the day.

The night air is quite cool to cold ... You should bring a warm coat with you. If anyone wants to try to experience this kind of atmosphere

Note: The stars are very beautiful at night. It's a pity that I don't have a tripod, otherwise I could have taken some photos to show you ^^

For those looking for accommodation in Khao Yai, don't forget to check out Dusit D2 Khao Yai's promotions. It's even more worthwhile if you sign up as a member through Dusit Gold.


The price mentioned in the review is just a preliminary information. The price can change at any time, depending on the booking period and festival. To be sure, check the price on the hotel's website at https://www.dusit.com/dusitd2/khaoyai/th/

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