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8 Check in Graffiti Point @ Phuket

Phuket is the city where I always come but I never bore.

It is the old town where has diverse cultural diversity such as good art, history, Sino - Portuguese Architecture.

Furthermore, it is the place where we could see Street Art, the public wall are painted by Thai artist and foreign artists, it becomes the landmark of Phuket as well as Tourist Spot too.

Today, we will go to see the street art and Graffiti on the street in Phuket downtown. Let's go.

8 Check in Graffiti Point @ Phuket

: : 1st Point is Soi Phisai Suppakit in Down Town Plazza (It is close to Down Town Inn)

We will the painting of Marty who wears local costume of Phuket and the big basket. It is the unique drawing of Artist Alex Face.

There is the parking zone available in this area, you can enjoy seeing 3 chic painting in this area.

Precise Point 7.884474, 98.386502

: : Point 2 Phang Nga Road (The intersection connecting to Yaowarat Road)

We will see the painting of elder lady, who seem very kind. Furthermore, we can also see the elder man who is preparing some local food for selling. From this painting, we can acknowledge more about local life style Phuket. This is painted by Artist Pichit Paidan.

Precise location 7.883748, 98.387445

: : Point 3 Phang Nga street at Sang Tham Foundation

We can learn more about some element of Phuket culture such as freelance puppet show, this show relates to the belief of local people in Sang Tham Foundation. This painting is created by Artist Ludmila Letnikova. Once you come here, please do not miss to visit Sang Tham shrine.

Precise location 7.883846, 98.387850

: : Point 4 Phang Nga at the old building of Bangkok Bank

It is on Phang Nga street, it is not far from Sang Tham Foundation. Here, you will see the painting of Artist Lolay, it is the painting of Lion on the white background. It is different from what we have seen in previous paintings.

Precise location 7.883831, 98.387939

At Sinthavee Hotel

We continue walking and find the painting of Artist Rukkit, it is the painting of tiger on the wall. This painting is very outstanding in term of its color and lined pattern. Furthermore, we also that this painting has related to the vegetarian festival in Phuket too.

Precise location 7.883679, 98.389803

: : Point 5 Phang Nga street near Khun Jeed Yod Phak restaurant

It is the painting of a little chicken, it does surfing in Phuket's sea. The artist Mue Bon is inspired by Turtle Releasing Festival in Phuket.

Precise location 7.883726, 98.389311

In the opposite side, it is the painting of Lion along the wall, it is created by Artist Lolay.

: : Point 6 Thalang street at Soi Rom Manee

Apart from seeing the painting at old town of Sino Portuguese in Soi Rom Manee. We would like to take your attention to see Marty and local snack in turtle shape. It is the symbol of long live and successful hope. This is the painting of Artist Alex Face.

And another side of the building, we can also see the giant eagle, it is created by Artist Rukkit. It came from his childhood imagination

Precise location 7.884833, 98.389087

: : Point 7 Dee Buk Street at the intersection of Lok Sian

This painting is one of 100 Arts Phuket, you will discover this kind of art along the wall about 30 meters from various artists. It is always great no matter which corner it is .

Precise location 7.8862064,98.3877519

: : Point 8 Foto Hotel Phuket on Kata - Sai Yuan street

We are here and looking for Marty in 3 different posture, Marty has worn costume with the same pattern as hotel theme. The first painting is on the rooftop also at the restaurant and swimming pool. Marty comes with swimsuit. It is so cute.

The 2nd and 3rd painting is at Outdoor zone in the opposite side of the hotel, it is the painting which Marty is taking photo and another painting is that Marty holds vintage camera ( it is the hotel signature).

Precise location 7.8112378,98.3012238

Because Phuket has not only sea but there are also other interesting places to visit.

We have now completed all 8 points of Street Art in Phuket. We hope that this review will somehow inspire you come to visit Phuket and do not forget to check in Street Art.

It is time to say goodbye for this review. See you soon.

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