Eat and Sleep Pleasantly Through 12 days and 11 nights, Travel from South Vietnam till Central Vietnam with no more than 20,000 baht budget in a Trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Sakon Nakhon Province. written by tle_tle_tle

First of all, I would like to introduce you all to my Fanpage: 365vacationleave. Please Like and Follow my page as I would regularly update the new stuff all the time at :) Well, now before I would forget all the informations, let's start the trip ri

Eat and Sleep Pleasantly Through 12 days and 11 nights, Travel from South Vietnam till Central Vietnam with no

Eat and Sleep Pleasantly Through 12 days and 11 nights, Travel from South Vietnam till Central Vietnam with no more than 20,000 baht budget in a Trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Sakon Nakhon Province.

First of all, I would like to introduce you all to my Fanpage: 365vacationleave.

Please Like and Follow my page as I would regularly update the new stuff all the time at :)

Well, now before I would forget all the informations, let's start the trip right now.

This trip travel from November, 21 to December, 2.

There are 7 people in this trip, however, three of them would travel just for 4 days and head back from Dalat first. The remaining members would travel until we reach to Sakon Nakhon Province.

The main expenses for this trip would be as follows:

Air Asia air tickets, which we have booked with promotion over a year ago.

• Bangkok - Ho Chi Minh FD 650 07.45am - 09.15am on 21/11/2015 for 980 baht per person, not include other additional fees.

• Sakon Nakhon - Bangkok FD 3511 08.10am -09.20am on 02/11/2015 for120 baht per person, not include other additional fees.

12 Days Plan

  • 21 Nov Bangkok- Hochinmin City - Muine
  • 22 Nov Muine
  • 23 Nov Dalat
  • 24 Nov Dalat
  • 25 Nov Nha trang
  • 26 Nov Hoi An
  • 27 Nov. Hoi An
  • 28 Nov Hoi An
  • 29 Nov Hue
  • 30 Nov Hue-Laos-Mukdahon
  • 01 Dec Mukdahon- Sakon Nakon
  • 02 Dec Sakon Nakon - Bangkok

Exchange Rate:

  • 1 USD approximately 36 Baht
  • 10,000 VND approximately 17 Baht

Transportation Price

  • HCM-Muine Sinh Tourist 99,000 VND 14.00-17.00
  • Muine- Dalat An phu 110,000 VND 07.30-11.00
  • Dalat-Nha Trang Sinh Tourist 99,000 VND 07.30-11.30
  • Nha Trang –Hoi An Sinh Tourist 229,000 VND 19.00-06.00
  • Hoi An-Hue Sinh Tourist 79,000 VND 08.30-11.30
  • Suvannakhet-Mukdahan 300,000VND 08.00-19.00
  • Mukdahan-Sakon Nakon 80 Baht


  • Ocean Valley Hotel Muine Room for 4 person 32 USD // For 2 person 22 USD
  • My Dream Hotel Dalat 13 USD Include Breakfast
  • Pho Bien Hotel Nha Trang 15 USD
  • Dong Nguyen Riverside Homestay Hoi An 15 USD
  • Than Thien - Friendly Hotel Hue 15 USD Include Breakfast
  • Hop Inn Mukdahan 450 Baht
  • Hong Hub Sakon Nakon 500 Baht

This is just the estimate expenses which include everything + a little shopping would be not more than 20,000 baht per person.

Our journey starts from Don Mueang Airport. However, I will just skip this part and begin at Tan Son Nhat International Airport at Ho Chi Minh City.

I have not been here for about 5-6 years already, and it seems to be pretty crowded than before. We get easily pass through the custom process and take our baggage.

Upon we walk out from inside, we then turn left to buy a new sim card for using the internet. On the last booth in the left is Vinaphone which costs the cheapest.

We manage to buy the sim card which it is only for just the internet usage and could not make a call, yet we will make a call from the Line App instead.

5GB 100,000 VND

20GB 180,000 VND

For those who do not have VND currency, could also exchange around here. There are many places to compare the exchange rate which one give you more rate, then choose that one.

Because this time, when we are in downtown, the exchange rate at Pham Ngu Lao is not as good as the airport. Usually the exchange rate at the downtown would be better, I am so confuse.

For the trip to downtown, we have to take a bus line no.152, the favorite route for the Blue Room (

Actually, we should take a taxi, however, we have 7 people and need to divide in to two vehicle and we might get lost. Therefore, the best way is to take a bus instead.

The bus costs 5,000 VND, another 5,000 VND if we have a bag. If they ask for the bag fee, just give it to them do not need to argue as it costs only 10 baht extra.

Our baggage seems rather big so paying some extra fee is fine. There are some foreigners that argue with the driver why do they need to pay and end up getting off the bus and take a taxi instead. So cruel. Lol.

We get off at Ben Thanh Market stop, walking down to Pham Ngu Lao street to buy tickets to Mui Ne.

Well, that's not all, it is just not more than half a day that we start our trip and we are now facing some thrilled events.

One of our friends in the group lost his wallet in the bus, therefore, we need to hire a motorcycle to follow the bus. Fortunately, we have found the wallet at last.

But all the money inside around 200 USD are all gone. (Never mind, just a bad luck)

Our friend told us that the bus staff told that he didn't take the money inside, he just keep the wallet for us and claim that we could just check with the security camera on the bus. (Do they even have a security camera on the bus, I am not sure)

But after we have faced with this wallet matter, we do face with another excited situation as well (our excitement still continues)

Because we have hired a motorcycle and we do not understand each other about the payment issue. We agree to pay 100,000 VND and they say it is not that amount. Therefore, me and another friend whom are waiting at McDonald at that time are asked to do the negotiation.

We discuss for quite a while, from 500,000 VND as we state that the money are lost so we do not have that much money, please grant us for 150,000 VND instead. We even offer 200,000, the conversation doesn't seems to come to an end just yet.

We are really upset at the time, however, finally they just take the 100,000 VND bill from us and return 30,000 VND. Hence, total amount would be just 70,000 VND.

We are so confused. Why we are wasting so much time for this discussion?? This is one of the jokes of the trip. From two stranger groups, now we become pretty close friends and laugh about the joke until today.

Let's resume to our story. We walk from McDonald to Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Buying tickets HCM-Muine Sinh Tourist 99,000 VND at 02.00pm-05.00pm.

At the office, there are toilets and a deposit place for luggage. Thus, we do not need to carry baggage with us and we like it a lot. Moreover, they even send us direct to Mui Ne as well.

After we buy our tickets, we go to find something to eat and buy a little snack to eat on the bus.

The second place after McDonald's is the place called Beautiful Saigon which is located in a small alley before reaching the alley of the Sinh Tourist Office.

We choose this place because of the atmosphere as they have two storey swimming pool. However, the taste of the foods are horrible ( I would not recommend to eat here)

The food for seven persons with beer costs 475,000 VND altogether. Well, this is still reasonable price, like we all know. In Vietnem, they do not drive fast as we spend about 4-5 hours with a distance only around 100 kilometers.

All of us are complaining. OMG!!!!!!!!! This is just our first day here, there would be other days that we have to take a bus in a longer distance and it is going to be tougher than this. so Be strong, you guys.

Finally, we reach our destination at 7pm. during the night time.

We spend two nights here at Ocean Valley Hotel Muine. Room for 4 persons costs at 32USD and room for 2 persons is at 22USD. We have booked in advance through You could pay by cash in USD or use credit card with a surcharge of 3%. The hotel is located next to the street along the beach, opposite Madam Din seafood cuisine.

After we finish keeping our baggage, we will go find something to eat first at the restaurant that located just opposite the hotel.

Madam Din

For the price, almost every restaurants is not quiet different to each others.

For location, almost every restaurants are located next to the sea.

Therefore, it would depend on the luck whether you could find the delicious one or not.

For Madam Din, the taste is not bad; however, the food is not that fresh. For example, both of crabs that we order are not fresh at all. T_T.

The food costs for 7 persons with beer order, and we did order a lot which we could not finish all of it, totally pay for 1,100,000 VND and at that night we manage to buy Half Day Sunset Trip By Jeep for our travelling program for tomorrow.

We continue asking for the cheapest price, and then we end up at 900,000 VND for 7 persons. The tour provides four attractions trip at Mui Ne which our vehicle would be a big jeep.

We emphasize with them that it would have to be big jeep and state it in the invoice bill as well. In case there are problems or arguments, we will have an evidence to show them.

That night, we buy some more beers and get up late as yesterday we are tired from a long day journey.

The seaside atmosphere during the evening time at Madam Din restaurant, Mui Ne.

During the morning time till late morning at Mui Ne, the restaurants are all closed and the road is clear and quiet.

However, we are pretty starving right now, hence, if we see any restaurant with reasonable price then we will eat at that place.

At this restaurant, our friends who woke up early are having a meal here so we will have a try as well. The food is quite great but not all of them. For example, do not order coconut juice ( me, please don't)

To travel in Mui Ne for tourists like us, there would be choices like

1. Hire a Jeep vehicle for a group that would like a private tour.

2. If you come alone or just two persons, you would have to travel with a share tour.

3. Rent a motorcycle and travel to places as you prefer.

(As we come in group, therefore, the first choice would suit us most)

The attractions are:

1. Fairy Stream

2. Fishing Village

3. White Sand Dude

4. Red Sand Dude

After the tour, now it definitely is a meal time. This time we change the restaurant to Mr.Crab and it seems like they have many branches as well.

This branch is not far from our accommodation. We need to hurry up as this place are pretty packed and we might not have a table.

For the taste, the sauce of this place is better than the previous one and also the freshness as well.

Today, we order lobster as well and the price is around 800-900 baht for one lobster. Worth it.

For the food price of 7 persons with beer and a lot of food orders, the total amount would be around 1,000,000 VND like the previous one. On the third day, we would have to say goodbye to Mui Ne.

Muine- Dalat An phu 110,000 VND 07.30-11.00

This time, we have to use a car service from An Phu Company as there is no other companies selling Sinh Tourist.

PS. We forget to search a location for Sinh Tourist Office, therefore, we reach at Dalat and the car service refuses to send us to the hotel.

We have to walk to our accommodation by ourselves. If we use Sinh Tourist, they would send us straightly to the hotel. We are kind of mad at the time as we already confirmed with them to send us right at the accommodation. However, it's Vietnam anyway.

The car service would stop for passenger one time for personal matter (the restroom is really not in good condition). There are snacks and food sell at the place too (I do not see the menu, but I saw many people order it), Therefore, if you are hungry, you can order food and eat here. However, we would skip it because there are a lot of flies around the area.

Our seats are pretty small that make us feel uncomfortable, we sit for quite some time and then we will reach at Dalat.

The weather is a bit cold at around 20 degrees.

We stay at My Dream Hotel Dalat which costs 13 USD including breakfast for 2 nights.

We make a reservation through and you could pay by cash in USD currency or credit card with surcharge of 3% .

The walking distance to Dalat Market is not so far from the hotel, we have to walk uphill and pass through a nearby alley where Sacombank is located. Then cross the five junctions, and we would reach Dalat Market.

As for breakfast, paying for this price is pretty reasonable. Moreover, we could pack it along our ride when we take off early.

We manage to rent a car along with a driver at the hotel.

It is just three of us this time, therefore, after bargain the price with them, we finally settle at 520,000 VND and the vehicle is a Toyota Innova.

1. Datanla Waterfall 20,000 VND // Roller Coaster Return Ticket 50,000 VND

2. Trúc Lâm Pagoda Free //Cable Car One Way Ticket 35,000 VND

3. Crazy House 40,000 VND

Apart from these places, I am not really fond of others as I have been here once. Therefore this time I think I would take my friends to only these three places. Moreover, we would have a chance to stay at the attractions a little longer.

After the tour is done, it is time for the meal. We find something to eat at Dalat Market.

Ohh…Let's say, we have face a scam again. Before we pay the money, we calculate the amount of money and it's accurate. However, when we pay, they say we pay 100,000 VND less.

Hence, I would suggest you guys, every time you make a payment, everyone in the group must help to make sure it is accurate so the problem would not occur.

When the weather is cold, we continue to find other food to eat.

At night, now that we come to Dalat so we should not miss out to drink Dalat wine.

There are 1 free 1 for beer promotion, along with the live music, this is awesome. We sit back and relax for quite some time. For other friends who don't love drinking much, could get back to the accommodation first.

On the fourth day, other three of our friends need to get back home.

They would take Vietjet back to Ho Chi Minh and then wait until late night flight back to Bangkok.

During the waiting, they would have time left to continue the adventure in the Ho Chi Minh City once again.

However, strange things happened as the ground officer of Vietjet issues the wrong Boarding Pass to one of our friends. They just issue the wrong name. (I think it's pretty weird).

And the thing is that our friend did not check their boarding passes. They just know until it is boarding time and it is quite rush during the time. They use Line App chatting with us the story and it is a good laugh.

Now, we have only 4 of us left. Today's program is wandering around the downtown area and finding something to eat along.

Well, before that we will go and buy tickets to Nha Trang, at the Sinh Tourist Office.

The weather is great today; the sun is not too strong. We then decide to buy something for a picnic at the lake. After that we are walking around and finding something to eat once again.

Windmills Cafe

There are two branches, which the one we visit is the small branch at Phan Đình Phùng. The place is really cute with the price for a drink would be around 60 baht or above, and for the taste is quite simple.

The place is at the same alley as the popular place to stay for Thai's people "Tulip hotel"

At this place, it is pretty crowded as there are a lot of people come and buy bread, cake and even baguette. They make it fresh and affordable.

Upstairs, they also provide a main dish, so we stop by and order some noodles to eat. If I am not wrong, the price per bowl is around 60 baht and it is considerably good.

Tiem Mi Tau Cao

This cuisine is around our hotel, at Phan Đình Phùng road.

It is really crowded here as well and they make a big portion of the food. Moreover, the seller could speak Thai a little as well. As the seller asks us in Thai, "What will you order?" and we answer "Noodles" The price for a bowl of noodle is around 30,000 VND. It is really delicious and we are kind of full as they provide us a big bowl and a lot of vegetable.

In the next morning, the hotel prepares breakfast for us to eat on the bus as we will continue our journey to Nha Trang today.

Dalat-Nha Trang Sinh Tourist 99,000 VND 07.30-11.30.

Sinh Tourist would pick us up at the hotel and then transfer to another vehicle at the office.

The car would stop one time. And the restroom is quite fine, yet it is frosted glass restroom, thus, you could see what that person is doing in the restroom. It is really creepy, I would say.

Moreover, they also have foods, coffee and snacks provide here but the price is pretty expensive.

From Sinh Tourist Office, we could walk to the hotel only around 3-5 minutes away which is approximately 300-400 meters.

On the way, we see them hawking the lobster in a reasonable price as well which the medium size lobster is around 100,000-150,000 VND and you could bargain the price as well.

They will grill and serve it hot to you with a sauce provide.

Tonight we will stay at Pho Bien Hotel Nha Trang which costs us 15 USD for a night and we would stay here only one night. We made a reservation for one room from and another one from via credit card. A room from, we will pay by cash at the hotel.

The hotel is located in a small alley on the main road. And across the road is the beach. Moreover, the hotel has a rooftop to chill and watch the sea vie which a top floor room would be a dorm.

The hotel staff here is very generous as the air-con in our room is not cold, they upgrade for us to a bigger room right away.

Furthermore, they did not force us to buy a tour from them and give out useful information, along with a spa discount coupon.

It is the monsoon season during this period in the middle part of Vietnam, sometimes it rains and then stops and the wave is really strong.

The beach at Nha Trang is very clean, organize and the city looks bigger than I thought it be.

We have around half day left to spare, we didn't do anything much just wander around the beach and eat Lottery fried-chicken at Nha Trang Center.

I am quite disappointed as it tastes bad, we should rather eat KFC. At Nha Trang Center, there is a Food Court that have the great view but sell reasonable price food.

A large glass of draft beer costs us 20,000 VND or around 34 baht only. They even have Aeon store to shop for food and stuff as well. This is awesome.

From the information that we have, the activities at Nha Trang mostly is diving around the islands. The price is not so expensive, as one day trip would cost approximately 200,000 VND.

However, from this kind of weather, I do not dare to as it is pretty risky. Moreover, it is not beautiful outside today too.

We are also still scared from the situation in Ha Long Bay as we waste so much time traveling and the atmosphere is ordinary, yet we need to see with our own eyes.

Vinpearl Island

This place would consist of amusement park, water park, shopping mall, a resort and a beach. Moreover, you could take a cable car ride across the sea to this island.

However, as four of us are quite old and nobody like to play with the rides but I am. Lol

Moreover, the entrance fee is pretty expensive, almost 1,000 baht, hence, we finally cut it off in the end.

And our last choice is to go to Mud Spa.

There are an on-sen, spa massage and mineral pool and many more. However, the price is not so expensive and there are many packages to choose from. Furthermore,the hotel also provides us a discount card 10% of it too.

In conclusion on the day sixth, we will wake up and leave our baggage at the hotel. After that, we will go and find something to eat at Nha Trang Center and go to the Spa. During the late evening, we will come back to collect our baggage and take a sleep bus to Hoi An.

The weather today at Nha Trang is really great, the sunlight is pretty strong, thus, there are a lot of foreigners come out to do the suntan.

For us ,we walk through the heat to Nha Trang Center and we are not afraid of the sunlight as well.

After finish our meal, we call a taxi to Thap Pa Spa. Well, we do not forget to tell the taxi to press the meter button and the price would be no more than 100,000 VND.

You could check all the package price according to the following link

We could take our camera with us, no problem here and you could ask the staff to take a picture for you as well.

We stay here until the evening time, then we leave the place and find something to eat. After that, we go and collecting our stuff then take a sleep bus to Hoi An next.

Nha Trang –Hoi An Sinh Tourist 229,000 VND 19.00-06.00

This package, we bought it in advance since yesterday. Well, the bus is not full today, thus, we did have a nice sleep as there is no snore sounds from others. Yet, the air-con is not working well, so we feel uncomfortable a bit.

The bus would stop 2 times and both times the restrooms are really bad. For gentlemen is still ok, yet it is pitiful for women as they have to suffer from these dirty restrooms. Well, I think they stop at the gas station which seems to be deserted for some time. Lol.

We are half asleep until reaching at Hoi An in the morning. Then we get off at the office of Sinh Tourist and there is no vehicle to send us to the hotel as I forget to tell them when I bought the ticket.

As we are here, we manage to buy ticket to Hue in advance and then we open Google Map to walk to the hotel, it is located pretty far as we have to walk around 15 minutes in total.

Our accommodation today is Dong Nguyen Riverside Homestay, Hoi An, the room costs 15 USD and we will stay here for 2 nights. We did reserve from in advance and pay cash at the hotel in USD currency.

This homestay is located by the river and away from the old town around 500-800 meters which is in the walking distance. For those who love tranquil atmosphere, I would suggest this accommodation to everyone. Moreover, they would have bicycle for rent for 2 USD per day.

Getting into the old town area, there would be an officer at the entrance to check the ticket and for those who still don't buy ticket, you need to buy ticket which costs 120,000 VND. This ticket could use to visit 5 attractions in the old town for free. Furthermore, the ticket could use to enter to the old town every day after you bought it.

Before we come here, I have a high expectation for Hoi An city. Yet, I feel disappointed with the vendors here very much and this would ruin the atmosphere of this place somehow.

They jack up the price too high as even we buy food from a food stall, buy fruit or stuff or whatever, we need to bargain the price with them every time and that is kind of make us get bored.

Finally, we end up choosing to eat at the cuisine which has a price showing, moreover they would offer special promotion including in the price as well. Well, a discount promotion, it is awesome.

Especially, one glass of draft beer would cost just 5000 VND or just around 9 baht. For this price, I think we no need to drink water at all. Lol.

If you don't eat at the cuisine, you could eat at the sideway food shop, just choose those that have a price indicated. As for the menus that tourists should try, they would offer in every shops anyway.

Com Ga is similar to Hainamese Chicken Rice and Cao Lau is look like noodles menu in our country.

On day 8, we will rent a bike to pedal to An Bang beach.

The beach is not far from the old town, it is approximately 2 kilometers. We take our time biking and during the morning time, the road is not crowded.

There are 6-7 cuisines for you to choose from. You could check the menu, price and promotion of each cuisines before make a decision.

We hang out here until the late evening and then head back to wander around the old town one more time.

It is ninth day of our trip already, we continue on Hoi An-Hue Sinh Tourist 79,000 VND 08.30-11.30.

A bus from Sinh Tourist pick us up at the hotel and send us to their office, today we will travel to Hue by a sleep bus. On the way, they will stop one time and the stopover station here is great, it has a large space and the rest room is clean.

Today, we will stay at Than Thien - Friendly Hotel Hue which costs 15 USD including breakfast and as always we made a booking in and pay cash at the hotel in USD currency.

From the office of Sinh Tourist, the hotel is located not far which is around 500-800 meters.

Frankly, we feel really regret that we spend just only one day in Hue that we don't have chance to get around and take a visit to some main attractions. But then again, I feel really want to go back to Thailand now. T_T

We finish packing our bags and go out to find Lac Thien to eat next. Well, I do not know which place is the original one. Therefore, we choose the second place from the front of the alley.

For this place, it is not tasty that much and the price is not expensive, yet they provide in a small portion.

Since we did not do any shopping until now, yet when we reach Hue, we buy many things from here. We do bargain the price a lot and some shops we could even pay in Thai baht as the vendors could speak some Thai.

Mainly, we do the shopping at two places which are Dong Ba Market and Big C Hue. Unfortunately, we do not have time to travel around here as everyone decides to do just the shopping.

Today, would be considered as our strongest day ever as we do have to ride on a bus for 10 hours continuously from Vietnam to Laos and then to Thai.

After asking the bus ticket to Savannakhet Province from the hotel and all the agent, they offer rather expensive price around 450,000-600,000 VND. Therefore, we decide to take a taxi to the terminal and buy a ticket by ourselves.

The total price would be 300,000 VND + Taxi around 60,000 VND only.

According to the schedule, the bus would depart at 8.00 a.m., yet it takes off a little bit late. The bus is in a good condition and the air-con is very cold. However, they carry a large amount of things like vegetable and place them under the seats and the walkway in the bus which we need to avoid them and could not stretch our legs, even when we get off and get in the bus, we need to climb up. It is pretty uncomfortable, I would say.


Bus will stop twice and you need to pay for the restroom. They still stop by to carry more stuffs into the car. Well, there is no space now! Come on! I feel really fed up.

Before we go out from Vietnam immigration checkpoint, there would be someone coming into the bus offering the exchange money service. The exchange rate is not bad and I don't think I will come back here again, thus, I exchange all VND back. Moreover, I buy Laos sim card for using the internet.

As for the checkpoint of Laos, now it is located next to Vietnam checkpoint, hence, it is very convenient as visitors could get departure stamp and go straight at the next area to do an arrival stamp for Laos. Getting into Laos, we have to pay the fee for both departure and arrival, yet I forget how much but it would not more than 100baht per person. I pay by Laos Kip currency as I did bring Kip currency with me.

At the checkpoint, there is restroom for service, yet it is not free of charge. After we get into Laos, we then walk to wait for a bus around the coffee shop. They will wait until there are enough people for a bus, then the bus will take off and stop by for some meal. And then it will continue to ride directly in a long distance to Savannakhet. Unfortunately, as on the way a tyre of our bus is burst out and that make us miss out the international route bus back to Mukdahan Province, Thailand.

Nonetheless, we are still lucky as we meet with one uncle names "Hung", he stay in Mukdahan, thus, we will travel back with him. We hire Skylab Tricycle to go to Mittraphap bridge.

At the Laos checkpoint, we pay for the departure stamp at 10,000 Kip, yet we still have to pay for another 100 baht, I don't know what that for but we need to pay to them anyway.

Upon leaving from the checkpoint, we take a casino bus which costs 50 baht per person to cross the bridge to the Thai checkpoint, then we will get the arrival stamp there.

Finally, we are now in our hometown, Thailand already, I feel really warm.

When we get back in Thailand, Uncle Hung calls his son to pick us up. However, there is a pickup car breaks down around the checkpoint area, thus, we go help them pushing a car, then they offer a ride to send us into downtown area, around where our hotel is located which I think we are pretty lucky.

Tonight we will stay at Hop Inn Mukdahan and the room costs 450 baht. Then again, we did reserve a room from and guest could pay by credit card or cash at the hotel.

In the morning, there would be coffee and hot chocolate provide for free. Moreover, the hotel is located not far from Mukdahan bus terminal.

As for a transportation in Mukdahan, we use a service of taxi meter and skylab tricycle. In the morning, we stop by to visit Uncle Hung and buy fried fish to him. Well, his house is rather big, it is a convenience store which located around 5 Yak Vietnam.

When we arrive there, he suggests us to try eating Vietnamese Steamed Rice-Skin dumplings and Guay Jap Yuan Noodles which are really delicious and the price is not expensive at all,

After a meal, we continue our journey to do some shopping at Indochina Market before head back to grab our stuff at the hotel and take a van to Sakon Nakhon Province which the ride costs 80 baht per person.

A van will stop at new bus terminal which is located near to our accommodation tonight.

Tonight we stay at Hong Hub Sakon Nakon and the room here costs 500 baht per night. We booked from and already paid by credit card.

For the transportation choice to get to downtown Sakon Nakhon, there would be taxi and mini bus to choose from. We need to hire the taxi as they don't use the meter here which I feel a bit perplexed. As for the mini bus, you should ask them before whether they will pass to your destination or not.

We search for a recommended cuisine on the internet, and we have found this cuisine names "Sabunnga". The food here is delicious and I think it worths the price.

And as for a famous cuisine like Paris Steamed Rice-Skin dumplings is closed today so we don't have a chance to try.

And in the last day of our long journey, we fly back to Bangkok in the morning by hiring taxi to send us off at the Sakon Nakhon airport.

Finally, our trip is come to an end now.