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The Thai restaurant "Thara Thong" is located at the first floor of the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Bangkok. Just the first few steps walking in, you will be touched by the the Thai atmosphere from the welcoming sound of Thai musical instrument, Chinese cymbalo, lively played by a beautiful Thai traditional costumed dressed lady. For the dinning room, you can choose to sit in air conditioned room or outdoor with high ceiling seats where you can have the whole clear view of Chao Praya River. The dinning room is featured in Thai ancient house decoration style, made of golden teak, uniquely reflect the Thai summer palace of high authorities back in the days, truly beautiful! And now, let's go taste the food together.

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'Pomelo Salad' the price is 320++ THB
It is grandly decorated, serving for 3-4 people, the pomelo is in good quality, not with any particular outstanding flavor but rather smooth, well-mixed, and nicely seasoning taste. A recommended dish.

'Miang Kham' the price is 270++THB
Miang Kham is herbal traditional snack, each bite wrapped in leaves. Here they provide fresh and clean ingredients, especially with the not too sweet tasty Miang Kham sauce. A recommended dish.

'Crab Lon' the price is 280++ THB
A lot of crab meat is offered in this paste, nicely cooked and served along a variety of fresh vegetables. Another recommended dish.

'Soft Shell Crab in Yellow Curry' the price is 550++ THB
Soft shell crab is deep fried until it crispy and smell good in a light and well mixed curry. Overall it is an okay dish.

'Grilled Beef Salad' the price is 380++ THB
A good quantity, soft meat, and the taste is not too spicy, quite a standard one.

'Fried Tofu with Extra Ingredients' the price is 220++ THB
A large piece of fried tofu, just take the juicy and the full piece of the skin, with a sweet leading taste,a good standard one.

'Fried Mixed Vegetables' the price is 250++ THB
The vegetables are well cooked, savory taste, good standard.

'Giant Prawns in Three Flavors Sauce' the price is 750++ THB
The prawns are gigantic, the meat is sweet, the sauce is smelling pleasant and spicy flavor concentrate. A recommended dish.

'Lemongrass Salmon' the price is 580++ THB
A thick piece of salmon slices in crispy outside and juicy inside manner, pleasantly smell of lemongrass, well done.

'Lamb Panang' the price is 580++ THB
The lamb rib is thick, soft and juicy, left no sign of smell. The panang curry itself is flavor concentrate, serving with Roti, it's just so so good. Another recommended dish.

'Steamed Lemon Sea Bass' the price is 580++ THB
With the standard size of the fish, not too small and fresh, the highlight is that all bones have already been taken out. The soup is not too strong flavor, just enough sour as its signature, overall is a good standard dish.

'Tom Yom River Prawn' the price is 350++ THB
The prawn is large with a bounced meat, the Tom Yom soup is also a strong mellow flavor. A recommended dish.

A variety of cool refreshing drinks are also offered, for example, Fruit Punch, Frozen Lychee, and Grapefruit Cooler as well as a good mixed alcoholic drinks like Mango Margarita. The beer is offered in Chang Beer bottle and Chang draft beer.

To fully enjoy the pleasure of Thai atmosphere, there will also be the Thai dancing performance during the meal.

Overall, Thara Thong Thai restaurant is very beautiful with a good service as the Sheraton has to offer. The taste of food is variety, either strong flavor or mild flavor as to meet personal preferences with high quality raw materials in every menus. I also like the Thai dancing performance, the performers are so cute. I think the price is also reasonable when comparing with other good restaurants or those in the mall, the difference is that you can also appreciate the splendid Thai atmosphere and exceptional services which I'm sure anybody will be mutually impressed. I would say the Thara Thong Thai restaurant is suitable for important guests welcoming or for beloved ones, beloved family that you wish to give them the ultimate impression.

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The restaurant information:
The Thara Thong, Thai restaurant
Service hours: 18:00-22:30

The hotel information:
The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Bangkok
2 Charoen Krung Road Soi 30, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Tel : 0-2266-0123

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