Hi guys, Sawadee Krab everyone!
Today I'm going to take you to.......
"Thailand's Most Northern Border, Where Three Lands Collide, Live Lanna Culture, Sacred Phra That Doi Tung"
This is the motto of Chiang Rai Province.
That's right, today I'll take everyone to tour Chiang Rai.
To enjoy spectacular Tung Bua Tong Forest Park at Doi Hua Mae Kham, Mae Fah Luang District,
Follow by a teatime at Doi Mae Salong,
Then, we will go up to worship Phra That Doi Tung which is the sacred Chedi of Chiang Rai.
Finally, we will end our trip with a chill time at Singh Park, Chiang Rai at the Fourth Farm Festival on the Hill.

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- The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT. Chiang Rai)

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If you are ready, let's go explore the northern city together!

After checking in, We're waiting at the lounge of Bangkok Airways.

Food, beverages, and snacks are available for the customers before taking their flights.

Once we reach Chiang Rai, we continue our journey.

Our destination is Doi Hua Mae Kham Forest Park at Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province. We want to appreciate the beauty of the famous Tung Bua Tong Forest Park.

Tonight, we are going to spend a night at Doi Hua Me Kham Forest Park as well.

Only 2 more km we will reach the Doi Hua Me Kham Forest Park, but the road from here is rough and dirt. It's recommend to drive a 4X4 vehicle.

Oh wow, the closer to the forest park, the more we see Dok Bua Thong (Mexican Sunflower) along two sides.

P.S. The Forest Park uses the spinning electricity, it's recommend to bring the LED lamp if you want to spend a night here.

We reach the Forest Park quite late and miss the evening light but that's alright, let's capture the stars first and tomorrow let's see again.

We wake up early to catch morning light. But this morning it's rather dark and with no fog.

We just wander around to capture Dok Bua Tong around Hua Mae Kham Forest Park.

Late morning, we have breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee before heading towards the blossom Dok Bua Tong venue at Ban Hua Mae Kham.

The venue is at the village before we come to Hua Mae Kham Forest Park.

After enjoying and appreciating the spectacular Bua Tong Forest Park, it's time to move to our next destination.

Our next stop is Doi Mae Salong and it's not too far from Hua Mae Kham Forest Park.

We want to worship Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Sathit Maha Santi Khiri which is located on the highest point of Mae Salong.

Before we reach here, a lot of tea plantation is there on both sides so let's stop for a teatime.

The first tea plantation we will see after getting out of the curve is Tea Center (101).

Drive a bit furthe and we will see the 101 Tea Plantation, the terrace tea plantation which is embraced by Doi Mae Salong.

It is the first large Oolong plantation in Doi Mae Salong.

When we are at the tea plantation, it'd be wrong not to enjoy some as well.

And what must not be miss on Doi Mae Salong is boiled eggs with tea leaves. It's so good, each egg is 10 THB.

After enjoying some tea and boiled egg with tea leaves, it's time to move to tea market on Doi Mae Salong in order to buy souvenirs and capture hill tribe's way of lives.

After getting the souvenirs we needed, we head towards Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Sathit Maha Santi Khiri.

The road is quite steep, we must be careful and drive slowly. The Chedi is under construction when I visited and should be completed in April.

Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Sathit Maha Santi Khiri is located at Mae Salong Nok Sub-district, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province.

The road towards the Chedi is paved but quite steep and curvy.

The Chedi was completely built in 1996 in honor of the late Princess Mother, Princess Srinagarindra.

It is a modern Lanna style Chedi. It features a height of 30 meters on a tiered rectangular base which is about 15 meters long, adorned with grey tiles.

The indented square base has three niches on each of the 4 sides with the relic chamber featuring standing Buddha images on four sides, and the bell on top is adorned with crafted golden plates.

Nearby the Chedi is the modern Lanna Viharn which enshrines the Buddha's relics.

Along two sides towards the Chedi, we see lots of changing colors maple leaves.

When we finish worshiping Phrathat Chedi Srinagarindra Sathit Maha Santi Khiri, it's time to go to our next destination, Doi Tung in order to worship Phra That Doi Tung.

Wat Phra That Doi Tung, Mae Sai District enshrines the Lord Buddha's left collarbone relics brought from India. According to legend, 1,000 years ago or in 911, Phra Maha Kassapa and King Achutarat of Yonok Chiang Saen as well as the people enshrined the relics of the lord Buddha here. In the construction of the relic stupa, a one-thousand-wa long Takhap flag (or Tung in local dialect) was planted on the hilltop, and the stupa base was designated from the area as far as the flag flied. Thus, the hilltop where the first stupa of Lanna Thai was established was named Doi Tung. Wat Phra That Doi Tung is popularly thought to be the site of the first Chedi constructed in the Lanna Kingdom. Tung is the unique thing of Lanna and have been here along side the sacred relics ever since. Later in 1927, Kruba Srivijaya renovated the Chedi in traditional Lanna arts and built the new Chedi to cover the old one.

And the last place that we will visit for Spectacular Tung Bua Tong Forest Park, Teatime at Doi Mae Salong & Worship Phra That Doi Tung @ Chiang Rai trip is..... Boonrawd Chiang Rai Farm or as known as Singh Park Chiang Rai.

Now the Singh Park Chiang Rai organizes the Forth Farm Festival on the Hill which features lots of activities.

There're a lot of activities for us to enjoy like cycling or taking the shuttle bus to view the farm which stops at several places.

An extreme sport like zip-line is also there which offers both short and long distance that you can choose to enjoy.

In the evening, we wander around to take flower shots in the farm and sit to watch the balloon race at the event.

And we'd like to end this trip at Boonrawd Farm with cool beverage.

Thank you so much for reading until this line, thank you :)

See you guys soon in my next review!


 Thursday, September 8, 2016 11:38 AM