How many places on this planet do you think when we step into would make us feel warm, safe and would like to stay longer? For me, I would like to recommend this cuisine called "Farm To Table HIDEOUT" to everyone.

The place located at Tha Klang alley in the area of Pak Klong market. If anyone has been to their first branch which is located on Atsadang Rd., you could walk from there into the market, then turn to the left side a little bit. You will see the cuisine on your right, the house is beautifully decorated.

When you step into this cuisine, you will find the atmosphere of a small garden. The decoration is really cute.

Walking in to the cuisine, the wall is decorated with a lot of frames and unique decorating art works. They are all pleasant to watch which make this corner to be a favorite corner for everyone to take some pictures.

Then let's go and see more of atmosphere in this cuisine. The interior inside is focused on using a wooden design. There are wide selection of interesting corners that you could come with large group of friends or just couple. In particular, the long wooden table with a label of this cuisine is always occupied every time I come. Luckily, today it is available, therefore, I could sit at this table, it is pretty chill and relax. You could just sit and think along while sipping your favorite kind of drink and tasty dish. I really want to stop the time at this moment.

This place, they select the raw materials from their own organic farm in Chiang Rai province to make a home-cooked meal. Moreover, they add the authentic Thai style to all the dishes. The food is easy to eat, tasty and healthy, and in the same time, they make it fresh day by day. If you are late then you might miss some of the dish, I would say.

Today, I would try the "Roasted Chicken Salad" (112 baht) with fresh green oak, tomatoes, corn, crouton, plus a boiled egg and soft roasted chicken topped with sour salad dressing, special recipe of this cuisine.

The dessert of this place is somewhat strange, remarkable and unique at the same time. They add an uniqueness of Thai style into this special kind of ice-cream. They create many interesting type of menus such as Gelato+ Cendol+ Jackfruit (82 baht) which is a sweet coconut ice cream served with jackfruit and cendol. Overall, this menu tastes pretty awesome.

For those who prefer plain chocolate ice cream flavors, you have to try the " Gelato Hazelnut Chocolate" (72 baht), a delicious with full-flavored dark chocolate. Furthermore, the ice-cream also has a delicious crunchy hazelnut. You will love it.

Finally, we order the "Crumble Red Roselle + Gelato" (122 baht) which is a mixed sour berries ice cream eating with crumble. The taste of the crunchy with a softness inside combine with the sourness of the roselle, this is so good.

This is a small cuisine in one corner of Bangkok that I want you to try visiting here and enjoy the delicious at least once.

Address: 15 Soi Tha Klang, Wangburaphapirom sub-district, Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok.

Opening hour: 10:00am to 09:00pm. (Closed on Wednesday).

Tel.: 0-2004-8771


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 Tuesday, September 13, 2016 11:24 AM