Taking Mom Traveling to【Huahin】 written by OPW's Story

One day in 2-3 months ago, while we were having dinner at home, my mom who loves watching the travel program said that she's never been to Hua Hin yet and she'd love to visit Rajabhkti Park and so on. So this early August, it's a perfect opportunity to start our "taking mom travelling to Hua Hi

Taking Mom Traveling to【Huahin】

Taking Mom Traveling to【Huahin】

One day in 2-3 months ago, while we were having dinner at home, my mom who loves watching the travel program said that she's never been to Hua Hin yet and she'd love to visit Rajabhkti Park and so on.

So this early August, it's a perfect opportunity to start our "taking mom travelling to Hua Hin" trip......

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This trip we have 3 people, a mom and 2 children. We start our journey on early Saturday where the weather is nice with bright sun and clear sky. We drive out of Bangna and head towards Hua Hin. Along the way till we reach Phetchaburi is raining. We arrive at Hua Hin at noon and go straight for lunch at "[email protected] Hin" as we have yet eaten anything since the morning.

We can easily search the location of "[email protected] Hin" from the Google.

An atmosphere inside the restaurant

The restaurant is quite empty which is different than what I have anticipated by reading from the web which is said it'd especially crowded at noon. It's really empty as there're only 2 tables guests. I start to hesitate of whether it'd be really delicious. Anyhow, we are already here, let's try it out.

The restaurant has two floors. The first floor is open with the natural air. The second floor has the fan zone and air conditioning zone (about 6-8 tables). It's quite hot when we arrive so I ask mom to sit upstairs in the air conditioning room.

From what I searched, it's recommended to try " Condensed Tom Yum Shrimp Soup". So we order this dish even before opening the menu. Then, my mom orders two more dishes, "Deep Fried Soft Crab with Salt and Spices" and "Yum Hua Plee". In total, we order 3 dishes and 2 plain rice.

The first menu to serve is " Condensed Tom Yum Shrimp Soup".

The soup is highly condensed with chopped shrimp meat and shrimp fat. The taste is well mixed. It's served in a hot pot. The shrimp is fresh and mushroom is there. I love this menu so much, I give it 10/10.

The second menu is "Deep Fried Soft Crab with Salt and Spices".

We deep fried the soft crab and mixed it with yellow chili, fried garlic, and salt. The taste is mild salty and we can enjoy it with chili sauce. I think this menu is just alright for me as it's not served hot and the crab is not so crispy. Overall the taste is not extraordinary but it's quite nice when comparing to the price.

The third menu is "Yum Hua Plee" (Banana Blossom Salad).

The banana blossom is mixed with Yum dressing (spicy and sour sauce). The taste is like Khanom Jeen Nam Prik which has minced pork, cayenne pepper, Thai chili sauce, and I think the coconut milk is there too. The taste is mild and quite sweet. We have it with boiled egg. My mom loves this dish but for me I think it's just alright. I think it'd be better served with boiled shrimp as I used to have it this way somewhere else.

Total price: We 3 people with 3 dishes and 2 plain rice, plus water and ice is 880 THB.

After our stomach is full, it's time to travel. Our first destination is "Rajabhkti Park".

The place is very spacious. On the day we visited, there're about 5-6 tourist buses too. The sun is quite strong under this clear sky. We take photos of about half an hour and leave as the sun is too strong. Then, I take my mom to pay respect to the Buddha at the nearby temple at "Wat Tham Khao Tao".

Wat Tham Khao Tao is situated on a hillside next to the sea. When going up, we can see the entire beautiful sea. We can worship sacred person like Luang Pu Thuat, the Ganesha, and Rahu.

After paying respect to sacred things at Wat Tham Khao Tao, we are now driving back to downtown Hua Hin to visit "Wat Khao Takiap".

This temple is situated on Khao Takiap. It has several sacred things for us to worship. When taking the stairs up top we can see the Hua Hin Beach and downtown Hua Hin. It's recommended not to bring any food or bag down as the monkey will come and take them from you. They run so fast that I don't think you will get your things back.

After leaving Wat Khao Takiap, we head towards our hotel to rest. We will go out again in the evening.

We are staying at "The Bike Loft". We booked it via agoda and just reserved it at 07.00 a.m. the day we traveled. We got the room with breakfast for 3 people in 2,038 THB (the Standard Pool side room is 1,538 THB and the extra bed is 500 THB).

The Bike Loft is located on Flintstone Hill (Khao Hin Lek Fai). It's not recommended for those who didn't come with private car as it's quite far from downtown area, about 13 km. and the road is quite dark at night.

Let's take a look at the room. Upon walking in, we see the hanging bike thing which goes with the concept and the name of the hotel, the Bike Loft.

The room is clean. It equips with shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel. I love their lemongrass shampoo as it can cleanly wash our hair. I also love their coconut lotion, it smells so good.

It's just a bit inconvenient in bathroom. There's no barrier between dry and wet zone, resulting the water splashes over to the dry zone.

In room facilities include TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, and drinking water...Oh, I forgot to mention that the welcome drink was there too. It was a fragrant herbal iced drink.

While taking photo for writing a review, my mom volunteers herself as my model, such a nice pose, hehe.

When finished unpacking things, I see the swimming pool is empty. We are thinking for a while and decided to enjoy the pool before taking a nap.

It is a salty pool and not so deep with only about 1 meter deep. At first, my mom was shy when I asked her to swim but soon she put on her swimming suit. I can see that she's quite happy with it ^^

Then, we go downtown Hua Hin again at 18.00 p.m. Our destination is Cicada Market. I'm quite surprised to find the parking fee is 50 THB. It's quite expensive. Many tourist are here. In addition to expensive parking fee, the food is also expensive.

Products made from pineapple

In addition to food zone, handmade products zone is there too.

Arts zone is also there. When coming to Hua Hin, we must not miss out this zone.....

After roaming around Cicada Market, we now move on to "Hua Hin Walking Street" to find delicious food as per the previous review. We park at Cicada and take the green bus to the walking street as there's no parking service at this street. We must park along the road side, along the railway road (if it's available).

Grilled meat ball here is very delicious with superb sauce. "Nuan Look Chin Ping" sells every stick for 10 THB.

After enjoying 2 sticks of grilled meat balls, I go on to enjoy this Muslim food of Chicken with Rice (Khao Mok Kai). It's very delicious, I highly recommend it.

After Khao Mok Kai, we wander around a bit. Then, we find the grilled corn where many people are queuing. After proper food, it's time for desserts. So we order the grilled corn topped with coconut milk one each and each stick is 15 THB.

Then, we see the famous shop of coconut ice cream and Thai-tea ice cream. Since it's such a long queue, we decided not to try......

The early Sunday at 08.00 a.m., we wake up and go for breakfast before going back to Bangkok.

Let me tell you one thing that I did 'try" almost everything (a little bit of each) for this review, hehe.

Smoked Sausage, Ham, and Fish Rice Porridge

Fried Rice, Fried Yakizoba Noodle

Vegetable Salad

Let's end this meal with orange in sugar syrup, it's cool and mild sweet.

An atmosphere at the dining room

Overall, the food is great. The materials are good, fresh, clean and the taste is delicious, especially the fish rice porridge.

The hotel room is great in general. From what I observed, I think it's a family business where the owner and family members are administrating it. The owner is especially kind and friendly. I definitely come back to stay here again if I visit Hua Hin again.

The swimming pool opens until 21.00 p.m. which is the same time as the gate. If we come back later than 21.00 p.m. we can ring the guard to open it for us anytime.

Before going back to Bangkok, we'd like to pay respect to Luang Pu Thuat to ask for merits and blessings at "Wat Huay Mongkol" as our last destination.

On the weekends, we can try to take our family to relax somewhere near Bangkok because in addition to seeing something new, we can also spend time with our family. We can see smiles and laughter of our loved ones. We do not need to go somewhere far, neither we must go some place expensive, yet, we all can be happy.

See you again in my next review.....