Part 1 : The trip to Chiang Rai with Jae Uan Uan at

Part 2 : Let's go together "Kwan Phayao" at

Part 3 : Headding to Konkaen Isarn Province at

Next mission is to go to chill out at Khong River and we are going to stay at "Lae Khong Resort" as our friend recommended. For direction, we just follow the Google Map by choose the route that pass Yasothorn Province because we would like to stop by Phraya Kankak Museum.

The distance away is not as mind away

Such a nice weather today^^

1 : Biz's Coffee, Roi Et
Due to a long distance to Yasothorn, we stop by to get some sweeten and fresh drink. There are many coffee shops around here but this one has homemade cake and variety of menu.

Everything is so great...look good and also taste good as well

2 : Phraya Kankak Museum Yasothorn
After get some glucose in our blood, we are heading to Roi Et by following Google Map to Phraya Kankak Museum. Arriving in the afternoon with a very hot weather but the sky is so bright and a Naga in the front is so nice to take a photo. Phraya Kankak is a big toad in the museum which becomes our background.

3 : Let's try Lab Ped (Spicy Duck) Kor Kaew Lab Restaurant

Next is Ubonratchathani. We arrive quite late so most of menu is run out and not menu people at the restaurant. The taste is okay not too bad.

4 : Breakfast at Samchai Coffee, Ubonratchathani

Egg pan with Moo Yor and Kunchiang serve with bread.

Extra Moo Yor, pork soup, boiled rice as they are very delicious.

So we have more energy to complete the rest of our journey and pick up our friend in the afternoon.

5 : The Amazing Buddhist Lent Candle at Tungsrimuang

It is so beautiful with its sculpture and gold color.

6 : Ho Trai Wat Tungsrimuang
It is a beautiful brown-red wooden building which is located in the middle of the pond.

7 : The Goose Cafe' & Hostel

As we have plenty of time while waittng for one of our friend to join the trip. We stop by at this cafe as we have read the review about it. The cafe decoration is in Isarn style and cute logo of the goose. Coffee and toast taste very good as expected.

7 : Fall in love at Papilio Dessert

We are driving around the city and passing by Papilio Dessert many times and we do not want to pass it again. So we decide to stop by and try some drinks and desserts. The cafe separates into 2 zone which are vintage and eco. Surprisingly, the taste of all menus are very delicious over our expectation.

Be careful the danger in the beauty!!!
(Be careful with the electrocute)

8 : Som Tum Jinda

The restaurant that local people recommends to try. Once the last one to join the trip has arrived, we go to restaurant. All menus are very delicious as expected.

9 : Lae Khong Resort

Finally, we arrive to the resort. Actually we have booked for standard room but change to suite as the last joiner (Jae Nuch) will pay for all^^. The room rate is not that expensive, standard room is 500-600 THB and suite room is 1,600 THB. Suite room is located beside Khong River with a very nice atmosphere of the sunset.

The room is quite comfortable and food is also very delicious. This evening we have dinner at the resort and chitchat. In the morning, breakfast is boiled rice and Thai dessert. Luckily, we meet the owner of the resort, she is very nice and kind.

10 : Say goodbye to Ubonratchathani at Indochin Restaurant

Do not miss Vietnamese food before leaving Ubonratchathani. This restaurant is a famous Vietnamese restaurant in Ubonratchathani. We order almost every menu and the taste are very delicious as expected.

Goodbye Ubonratchathani with all atmosphere and food.

A good memory beside Khong River

Next journey Barium a city of ancient castles


See you soon

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