At Phu Soi Dow... #Even it is hard to get there we want to go#Even it is far we want to walk

Have you ever want to go somewhere that you know it is hard to get there?

Have you ever want to go somewhere that you know it is going to be very tired?

#Phu Soi Dow National Park is a place where is very challenge for tourists with the distant of 6.5 KM through out the forest that cover by fog,

If you like something that challenges yourself, you should come to this place.

It takes us about 7 hours to get to the top of the national park. We have passed through the hard time. It is very hard and tired but we can do it. And you will be very happy when you get there. It just like a heaven on earth, fog is surrounding you.

The entrance fee 40 THB/person

During the way, there is a fall where we can stop by and relax before using a lot of energy for a long distant.

Before I get to this point, I slip and fall down. The photo come out so nice but inside is really hurt. T_T

A long journey is still waiting for us>>>

It is not just challenged us but it is also challenge the person next to you!!!

The destination is not everything of the journey but everything around in this journey is a good memory that we will be happy every time we think of it.

From now, let's all photos explain itself>>>

At this point (Nern Morana)t...I feel like I am standing in the heaven with fog surrounding me.

How long that we have spent our life in the city and been far away from the beautiful nature???

All these mountains like walls that cut us off from civilization and busyness.

We still have 6.5 KM. to go>>>

This flower is a symbol of Phu Soi Dow, it calls Dok Ngon Na.

We are almost there...

Fog is cover all over the place and that really encourage us to move on to the top of the mountain.

Finally we are here...^_^

Then contact the national park officer for registration. Once we see the atmosphere up here, it releases all of our plain that we have been all day.

After 7hrs. of walking, we have arrived to our destination in the evening so we prepare our tents for camping right a way.

The atmosphere around our camping area is so white with fog so we need to have canvas to cover our tents as there are both dewdrops and raining.

Bathroom area....The weather is really cold so I do not think that I can take shower today hahaha...

These are our foodstuffs... Where do we cook???

Come and see>>> Cook in the bathroom area and eat in front of the bathroom...

Fried pork with basil by the head chef of the trip....Very yummy!!!!

When the stomach is full, it is time to sleep.

And wake up to a new day with fresh air.

The journey with our two legs is very valuable that they can bring us to the place like this. Every drop of our sweat, it tells us that if we still can move on just continue walking no matter what is in front of you.

Before come here, I believe that everyone already makes their choice no matter how hard is it.

The show must go on as well as our life. If you turn back and stop walking that means you already loose. So just win your heart and make your feet move and walk together with a person next to you.

#Lost somewhere together has to say goodbye to #Green Season of this year by this trip.

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 Monday, September 19, 2016 12:02 PM