I just came back from a trip in Malaysia. Not only the body that I feel tired, but also my face; that is why I have a tired looking skin right now. Moreover, I used only GoPro Hero Silver 4 for this entire trip and I have just learned that the risk I took was high. I also brought my professional camera along but it was too heavy to carry around. Therefore, I chose to rely on GoPro Hero Silver 4. As a result!!! The photos you see in this travel blog are all the usable ones that I have. The rest are not good at all because I didn't check any photos during the trip.

" No mistake, No learning "

This travel blog will be short and informative. It was a relaxing trip experiencing Malaysian local atmosphere. I traveled with my mom this time and there were only two of us. The main reason why I chose to go to Malaysia was that I would like to take my mom to visit my sister!!! The flight was booked 6 months in advance! hahaha That's why I forgot about the date of this trip somehow. Luckily that I realized one day before departure so at least I still had enough time to pack. Everything was ready so we were good to go! ✈️✈️

The Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is the currency of Malaysia. The exchange rate that we got on 11th May 2016 was 1 Malaysian Ringgit to 8.90 Thai Baht.

We had 600 MYR in total for this trip and let's see whether this would be enough or not!

The flight had landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and my sister came to pick us up with her car. It was about 1 hour to get to the downtown from the airport. In downtown, we went for food at one of the curry and rice shops straight away. It was 4.50 MYR for a plate of rice topped with two menus. After that we were not sure where to go next but ended up going to Genting Highlands!! ( we didn't explore much at Genting Highlands so I didn't have any beautiful photos )

We didn't reserve a hotel so we just walked-in into one of the hotels. The payment was done at the kiosk machine at the Lobby and two room keys were issued from the machine as well. This is how our room for the first night looked like!!! Resorts World Genting offers 2 single beds in one room which can accommodate up to 4 people. Hence, if you travel in a group; you may get only one room for sleeping, storing your belongings, and taking shower. The room rate was 160 MYR per night. We didn't hesitate to unpack and go to the casino right away... why waiting! 💸 ( I made 150 MRY in the end and I got bored already after playing for a few times )

The foods inside the casino are pricey! I could only smell them. I chose to go for the sushi and a bottle of iced green tea for 15 MYR instead.

The new morning arrived and we went down to the town. The weather was nice with light rain as well. We spent 37 MYR for breakfast which is very reasonable.

Then we drove to a shrimp farm for shrimp fishing. We planned to get the shrimps from here for dinner tonight. ( only a couple of male and female are allowed,120 MYR/ 3 hours )

It totally depends on your luck. You may get a big shrimp or a small one. I guess the shrimps here are freshwater ones (or maybe not).

After getting some shrimps, we were ready to go to the hotel. I didn't take any photos of the hotel, so sad!! The hotel was old and the room was simple. It came with fresh towels, toiletries, and free Wi-Fi. It was 78 MYR per night with 50 MYR deposit ( we stayed here for three nights because it is close to where my sister lives ).

We went to Sunway Lagoon on the third day of the trip. For your information, there is a nice restaurant nearby. You need to take the bridge and make the U-turn before approaching the theme park. My sister is here quite often. Here, you can have this menu similar to Thai Fish Maw Soup. And it would be very delicious if you make it spicy.

Then we were more than ready for the theme park. However, they didn't allow us to use GoPro camera while inside. That's why I had only this photo. 😭😭 From my point of view, Sunway Lagoon is similar to Santorini Park in Cha-am.

We were left alone on Sunday because my sister's boyfriend was not free to take us around. Therefore, we chose to come to the shopping area in downtown. We were very excited. Some stuffs here are cheaper than in Thailand. Some are 100 - 200 THB cheaper and some are 300 - 500 THB cheaper. Anyway, the price is pretty much the same in overall. And I ended up spending a lot of money here.

We ate and just chilled in one of the department store using Wi-Fi for free. Then we started to walk to Suria KLCC before the sunset because we planned to watch the sunset overthere by the lake.

This trip ended here with the truly charming Petronas Twin Towers.

The Expenses on this Trip

4.5 MYR ( Rice topped with Hard Boiled Eggs in Brown Broth and Sweet Prok )
15 MYR ( 6 pieces of Sushi + Green tea at Genting Highlands )
160 MYR ( Genting Hotel ), divided by 2 for me and my sister so 80 MYR
284 MYR ( Hotels for 3 nights + Deposit 50 MYR )
37 MYR ( Foods at Restoran Inshaf )
120 MYR ( Fishing 3 hours / 2 persons )
6.50 MYR ( Chicken Rice )
8 MYR ( Handmade Oyster Mee Sua )
105 MYR ( Sunway Lagoon ) It is 120 MYR normally * you can check its website for special promotions *

Flight ticket 1,150 THB ( round-trip )
Foods 71 MYR ( 631 THB )
Hotels 314 MYR ( 2,794 THB )
Activities 225 MRY ( 2,000 THB )

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