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If you are ready, let's go! #goooooo!!!

Our trip is for 4 days and 3 nights and there are 3 people in total. For the flight, we are flying with AirAsia this time.

( The currency exchange rate today is 25.45THB for 1 SGD. The local time in Singapore is one hour ahead of Bangkok)

We fly from U-Tapao International Airport (UTP) at 5.35 PM and will arrive in Singapore at 8.40 PM.

The return flight is from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) at 9.15 PM and will arrive at U-Tapao International Airport (UTP) at 10.20 PM.

* Upon airport arrival to the immigration process

The flight has landed at Terminal 1. We get off the aircraft and follow the sign stating "Train to Terminal 2" to take the sky train for the immigration process before getting the checked-in luggage from baggage reclaim area.

After that, we just follow the sign stating "Train to city" for the MRT to get to the downtown.

*EZ-Link Card ( MRT , BUS , Monorail )

You can get an EZ-Link Card directly from the ticket counter. The card costs 12 SGD (card deposit for 5 SGD with 7 SGD traveling credit). I suggest that you should top up your credit for 10 more SGD.

* From the airport to our hostel ( 5 footway.inn Project Boat Quay )

We take the MRT Changi Airport - Tanah Merah line and get off at Outram Park Station to change to the purple line to Clarke Quay Station.

We take Exit E at Clarke Quay Station, and then turn left after the escalator. You can make sure that you are on the right direction by noticing the Mini Mart.

After that, we just keep walking straight ahead through two tunnels. Then the hostel is on the right-hand side.

We enter the building, walk up to the 2nd Floor, and turn left. Here we go! We have finally found the Reception ( Check in is available 24/7 ).

The hostel offers variety of room types. We choose to stay in a 4-bed dormitory room where there are 2 bunk beds.

( Here, you can rent a towel for 2 SGD which can be used throughout your stay. You just need to drop it when checking out in the basket at the Reception. )

Day 1

We start to feel hungry after unpacking. So, we don't hesitate to explore the area looking for foods (we turn right from the hostel). We have found that there are so many seafood restaurants here including bars. Some bars also have shisha available. We don't dare to get in there and ask how much would it be but wait to return to Thailand. hahaha There is a McDonald at the end of the corner as well.

The wait is over, let's eat!! We take a walk right after, to let the foods well-digested, take some photos here and there before going back to the hostel, and go to bed. 💤

Day 2

Sri Mariamman Temple - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Red Dot Design Museum - Cavenagh Bridge - National Gallery Singapore - Merlion - Boon Tong Ki - Helix Bridge - Marina Bay - Hostel

I recommend that you should leave your place at 10 AM because you will walk a lot. So let's today begin!!

We turn left from our hostel and take the stairs to the main street. We take the left turn once again (no need to go under the bridge) and then keep walking straight.

We walk on South Bridge Road and it is only 3 blocks away where we find Sri Mariamman Temple on the right-hand side.

( Chinatown is in the alley right next to the temple where it will be crowded at night with all the shops and restaurants)

We walk further on South Bridge Road and there is Buddha Tooth Relic Temple located on the opposite site of 7-Eleven. After taking enough photos, you should now walk on Maxwell Road.

Here, you will find Maxwell Food Centre where you can fill up your stomach (Slow Cooked Pork is delicious). Then you can continue the walk.

We continue walking straight and have found the Red Dot Design Museum on the right-hand side.

After that, we take another right turn to get to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (You might take the MRT if you don't want to walk anymore to Raffles Place Station, the ticket is 0.78 SGD).

But now we need to walk again, from Raffles Place Station we cross the road to Secil Street. Then we know it right away that...

Yes!!! We were here last night!!! Singapore is not that big.

We will now walk along the river starting on the direction to Fullerton Hotel. We find Cavenagh Bridge firstly.

We cross Cavenagh Bridge to the National Gallery Singapore (it is on the opposite site of Fullerton Hotel, there is a huge green grass filed in between).

You can walk around the museum for free but need to pay 20 SGD to get inside the building. For your information, there is a lot of nice corners for taking photos inside.

Then we cross the bridge back, toward the restaurant of Fullerton Hotel. After a while, you will find a big intersection.

We cross the street following the massive crowd and take the stair down under the bridge.

Here we are!! We have finally found the Merlion. We don't hesitate to take a photo of this iconic statue of Singapore right away before going to look for something to eat.

If you stand facing toward the Marina Bay, you will be able to see the bridge on the left-hand side. And yes, you need to take this bridge and turn right straight away.

After walking pass the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, you need to find the big empty space on the left-hand side and you just walk through it. It is a shortcut to the bus stop.

We are going to take the bus number 857 to find the best Chicken Rice in Singapore. We get off at the 11th stop at Boon Keng Station.

(You can use EZ-Link Card for the bus as well, you just need to tap the card on the card reader located at the front door upon boarding)

Once arriving at Boon Keng Station, you just cross the street and you will find the restaurant on the right-hand side right next to Boon Keng MRT Station.

( After filling up your stomach, you can choose to go for a walk at Marina Bay or Chinatown as you prefer ) We choose to go to Marina Bay.

We take the MRT from Boon Keng Station to Clarke Quay Station. Then we take the direction toward our hostel.

We go to the Merlion once again to have it captured into photo at night before crossing Helix Bridge to Garden By The Bay. The admission is free.

( It is 5 SGD to take the OCBC Skyway, you may find the staff at the bottom of this gigantic structure )

Then we go to get some cool air and do some shopping at the Marina bay. And we take the same route on the way back.

Day 3
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh - Universal - Mustafa - Boat Quay

Today is the day I have been waiting for!!! The wait is over so let's go! .. We leave from the hostel around 10 AM as usual. We turn left and take the tunnel.

We keep walking straight until the next tunnel but we won't walk in, we take the stairs up and turn left. Not long after, you will find the restaurant on the left-hand side.

I highly recommend this place because it is truly tasty. I have been eating here for 2 days continuously. And the Universal Studios Singapore is up next.

( To get to the Universal Studios Singapore :: Take the metro from Clarke Quay Station to HarbourFront Station, then walk into Vivocity shopping mall and go up to the 3th Floor to find the Monorail to Sentosa.

You can travel within the island as many times as you please because you have paid for the Sentosa express upon entering already. )

You can get into the casino without further admission fee. The only additional fee you may need to pay is when you want to get into the theme park (don't forget to bring your passport).

After visiting Sentosa, we take the MRT purple line to Farrer Park Station and take Exit F.

Then we turn right and walk toward the main street. We cross the main street and walk into the alley named "Mustafa" on the left-hand side.

( The perfume here is totally cheap and you can get a tax refund as well. However, I am not sure with its quality. Hence, you might consider buying the perfume from the Duty Free at the airport better. )

On the way back to the hostel, we take the MRT to Clarke Quay. We will find something to eat at Boat Quay first.

Day 4

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh - Orchard - Haji Lane - Airport

The last day has come and we leave the hostel around 10 AM again. We have done checking out as well because we don't want to come back and waste the time. We don't have much stuff anyway.

We have lunch at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh again before taking the MRT to Orchard ( Clarke Quay - Dhoby Ghaut, then transfer to the red line to Orchard )

Orchard is a famous shopping street comparable as our Siam Paragon. We are here already so let's go shopping!

We are done with the shopping and heading to Bugis now (taking the MRT from Orchard Station to City Hall Station, then change to the green line to Bugis Station ). Our mission is to chill around taking photos at Haji Lane.

Then we are going to the airport directly ( Bugis - Tanah Merah, then transit to Changi Airport ). I would say that you should have 3 hours at least before your flight departure time. You can walk around and maybe do some more shopping with no rush at the Duty Free this way.

*** Refund, you can do the refund at the airport before checking in.

*** You better do the shopping at the airport because it is tax-free and the price is pretty much the same as what you can find in the downtown after the tax refund. But you don't have to go through all the tax refund process this way.

*** If you are in a good shape, one day is enough to explore the whole city.

The total expense of this trip is 200 SGD (including flight tickets).

- Round-trip flight : 70.6 SGD or 1,800 THB

- Hostel for 3 nights : 71.78 SGD ( Deposit 20 SGD ) or 1,830 THB

- MRT and BUS : 16.01 SGD or 410 THB

- Foods : 36.81 SGD or 940 THB

- Towel renting fee : 2 SGD or 51 THB

Total 197.20 SGD or 5,020 THB

** Thank you everyone for all your kind support **

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