3 interesting thing in Doi Phu Nang

After going down from Doi Luang Doi Nhog, we spend one night in Chiang Rai and get ready for the flight in tomorrow morning. Our next destination is still natural attraction in Phayao Province, this province has not only
Doi Luang National Park, presented as the boundary of Phayao Province and Lampang Province in the Eastern part but it also has other National Park where is bigger than Doi Luang National Park, it is aligned from the North till the South of Lampang Province and Phrae Province , it has covered the area of Pong District, Dok Khamtai District, Chiang Muan District and Mae Yom District (in Phrae Province). We would like to visit this place before going back... Doi Phu Nang National Park.

Doi Phu Nang National Park

How to get to Doi Phu Nang National Park? If we drive from downtown of Phayao Province on Phaholyothin Road No.1 for 5 kilometers.Then, we turn left to main road number no.1021 at the intersection and continue driving for 9 kilometers. Once we almost reach Dok Khamtai District, we need to turn right to main road no. 1251. There will be the sign indicated the way to go to Doi Phu Nang at the junction, we continue riding around 49 kilometers. We would like to share that the view along the way to Doi Phu Nang National Park is very spectacular. In order to give you more clear overview of how to get to this place, please feel free to click Google Map https://goo.gl/OWZH7m

We continue driving about 1 hour, we are now at the entrance of Doi Phu Nang National Park. We have almost the ticket counter at the entrance but we have been distracted by the strange tree. We stop the car and get off the car to discover it, this looks like the neck of dinosaur. We take some photos of it.

ต้นสมพงประหลาด And the name of this strange tree in Thai is Somphong Tree.

Tetrameles nudiflora R.Br. is its name in English

The meaning of its name in Thai is soul mate, we look at the tree we will obviously see that 2 trees are grown independently once the time passes those trees are joined into 1 tree. It gives the love feeling between young man and young woman. The size of this tree is 4.17 meters (width). the height from the ground till the united point is 1.70 meters and the height from the ground till the top of the tree is 25.10 meters.

Tetrameles nidiflora R.Br. https://goo.gl/P1Bim9

Once we click to see to see some photos of this kind of tree and we find out that Sompong Tree is this national park is actually not the biggest one but we are sure that the uniqueness of this Sompong Tree has distinguished it from other Sompong Trees in the same species.

It is time to continue our trip, we continue driving the car a bit and pay for the entrance fee. The parking area is very spacious. This makes us notice very well that this place is one of the popular place where people come to visit in the weekend. Luckily, we come in weekday, there are not so many people. It seems very private.
Our next objective is to see Thai peafowls.

Once we get off from the car, we are not reluctant to ask the staffs of how we can go to see peafowls and we have been informed that the peafowls are actually come to find something to eat at the parking area and Service Office in the morning and the evening.

But, we have not arrived at the right time to see them finding something to eat freely. We have only the choice to the peafowls in the cage.

The 2nd interesting thing is to see Green peafowl

According to the referred source, we have been noticed that Phu Nang National Park is one of the place where has the large number of peafowl in Thailand. Let's discover the peafowls in the cage together.

Peafowl is in the same specie as pheasant. There are 2 types of peafowls which are Indian peafowl and Thai peafowl. The difference between Thai and Indian peafowl is that Indian peafowl has darker color, its crest is expanded like a fan. Meanwhile, Thai peafowl has light green color and it has its crest in bunch. Please feel to discover more information at https://goo.gl/q07MHI

After watching peafowl, then we go to see stuffed peafowl, green peafowl egg and the brief information of peafowl in Tourist Service Center.

We have asked the staffs if there is any interesting thing that we can see and we have been suggested to drive the car a bit further to see the waterfall. Let's discover the waterfall together.

The view along the way to Than Sawan Waterfall

The 3rd interesting thing at Phu Nang National Park
It is Than Sawan waterfall

Precise location 18.857096, 100.182578 alt.> 455m.

It is very beautiful waterfall, this waterfall is originally mixed with limestone. In my perception, the waterfall which is originated from limestone, they are always beautiful such as Erawan waterfall, Huay Khamin waterfall and Pa Chareon Waterfall.

Than Sawan waterfall is originated from the many streams are joined together. This waterfall has 30 meters in width and 20 meters in height.

We prefer to spend sometimes for wandering around the waterfall. Then, we have to continue driving a long way to Chiang Rai, return the car and check in for the flight. We would like to briefly end up this review with below photos. For those who are coming to Phayao, we highly recommend to visit Phu Nang National Park.

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 Monday, October 31, 2016 1:57 PM