21 May 2016

►Ho Chi Minh
"A city of fun"

After sleeping on the sleeper bus for 5-6 hrs., we are finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City. We go directly to the hotel, check-in and leave everything there before go out for discovering the city.


> Yellow House Saigon :

For anyone who likes to get the place for sleep, wake up and go out, this hotel is recommended. It is a small hotel but the room is nice, clean and tidy and there is breakfast included. The price is 700 THB/Night/Room so only 350 THB/Person.

“A night life at Ho Chi Minh"

The first night in Ho chi Minh, we have dinner at PHO2000 where people said that we have to come. Actually local food menus are quite similar in every restaurant. Pho is the main menu that every have to order. We order chicken pho and chicken curry serve with baguette. The restaurant gives each menu in such a big portion.

Ending the first night the atmosphere of night life at Ho Chi Minh.

Ice-cream buffet..let's try it^^

22 May 2016

“Discovering Ho Chi Minh"

There are so many cute cafes and most of tourist attraction places are closed to each other so we can walk there. If you would like to go to some places that further from here, you still need to take a taxi.

Caution about Taxi

Vietnam is quite famous of cheating taxi rate so we must be careful and make sure the total every time. Also try to keep your wallet secure or separate your money in to many wallets. When asking for the direction, do not hand the phone through the window, we have to open the door and go inside to ask them otherwise they will drive away with your phone.

Our story is the total amount to the restaurant is 36,000 VND, we hand 40,000 VND. But the taxi driver said "No No" and try to take 100,000 VND from the wallet. So we also said "No" and open all doors then explain to him that we already give the correct amount. When he realize that we are not easy so he accept the correct amount.

So you must be very careful about this, do not let them see your wallet.

Place to go in Ho Chi Minh

1. Reunification Palace

2. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

3. Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office

4. Tran Nguyen Hai Statue

5. Opera House

We really want to see the show but we have limited of time so we can only see the atmosphere around the Opera House.

For dinner today, we go to Nha hang non Restaurant. Food is very delicious with nice atmosphere that's why there are so many people here.

The last night in Ho Chi Minh, we also go to Pham Ngu Lao where teenagers like to come. There are many restaurant, bars, souvenir shops and travel agents. As a teenager, we decide to sit and chill out at Champion Saigon. After that we are heading back to the hotel suddenly someone is snatched a bag of my friend. The guy rides on motorbike with high speed. But we fight to pull the bag back so he rides away.

It is a very frightened....

23 May 2016

“Last day in Ho Chi Minh"

As we have a night flight back so we still have another day here.

We visit Ben Thanh Market where there are a lot of souvenir especially coffee moreover there are also tea, clothes, traditional clothes, nuts, candies and so on.

After that we have lunch and chill out at the cafe

Bánh Canh Cua Nam Giao Restaurant

It is easy to find, you can search on the Google Map. Food taste so good, we are enjoying so much here.

Rice noodle menu calls bun thit nuong

Desert menu (Bun Baew) calls Bánh bèo tôm tươi

(Bun Baew Menu)

M2C Modern Meets Culture Cafe

It is a good place for chill out and chitchat in the afternoon.

Slow&Chill Coffee Cafe

Personally, we like the decoration of the cafe. Drinks taste quite good.

Choco Volcano and Banana Strawberry and Yogurt

Umm...Feeling better in the afternoon

Ending the trip with sweeten before go back to Bangkok

Last but not least, we conclude all expenses for your guideline so that you can plan you trip.

PS. You might find a cheaper ticket especially promotion ticket.

Ending the trip of Southern Vietnam, it is a trip that gives us a lot of new experience. It is a country that we can take photos in every corner that we visit. For plan ticket, you can find a promotion ticket which is really cheap to go there and everything there is also very cheap as well.

Thank you very much for following our reviews

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See on the next journey... :)

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