After Dek Jew was born, We have been to Ko Samui once a year in average and it has been 4 times.

It is 3 in 4 times that we have been to Ko Samui and stayed in this same resort, our truly love. And this Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is one of the main reasons we come back to Samui.

We got a chance to get to know Silavadee Pool Spa Resort because we joined the project " KTC Boutique Award 2011" and we were assigned to do the review of this resort.

We have been very impressed with Ko Samui from the first time that we werehere and we have learnt that Samui is very beautiful.

Dek Jew Chill Out @ Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, Koh Samui

On the second time in Samui, we came here by ourselves because there was a promotion of Bangkok Airways - the cheapest flight ever in 45 years. And of course we decided to stay in Silavadee Pool Spa Resort since we have heard that there is a new zone of the resort and the resort has also been expanded.

After having a chance to get to know the management team of the resort for 2 times, Dek Jew is invited to come back to the resort for the third time after all constructions are completed. Becasue there were some constructions going on when we were here for the second time.

This review will be including the last two times Dek Jew visited Silavadee Pool Spa Resort.

If you are ready, let's fly with Bangkok Airways to Ko Samui and stay at Silavadee Pool Spa Resor!

Dek Jew has been chilling out for about 4 years.

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We have been flying with Bangkok Airways for the last two trips to Ko Samui and these are the first two time flying with this Boutique Airlines.

We are very excited especially to experience the lounge service because we normally take low cost carrier for domestic flight.

This time we try Bananas with Sticky Rice dessert in Blue Ribbon Lounge because we are the member of AIS Serenade.

We like it very much, there are so many things to eat and variety of choices to order. We are totally full.

Once we arrive Ko Samui, we are very excited at the airport too because this airport is ranked in one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

There is a pick up service waiting for us from the resort. There are also water, fresh apples, and cold towels served on board, very refreshing.

It is about 20 minutes from the airport to the resort.

Dek Jew is still in the pajama (There are photos from the last two trips to Samui so don't get confused why Dek Jew are in many different dresses).

Let's have a refreshing Welcome Drink.

We arrive the resort around noon so we go for lunch right away.

The photo is from The Height, it used to be the only restaurant of the resort.

Since the resort has been expanded so there are more restaurants. And The Height has turned into Thai restaurant serving only dinner.

The Moon,the new all day dining restaurant serving international cuisine.

Since The Moon is located next to the main swimming pool, while waiting for lunch Dek Jew can't wait to explore the pool. She really want to swim now, the pool look so tempting.

During staying here, we always get the same dishes for lunch.

Enjoying iPad while waiting for the food.

Beef burger.

This one is for Dek Jew for sure, her favorite Spaghetti Carbonara.

Beef salad, Dad eat it all. He said it is super yummy.

Mom can't think of anything else so Mom orders the basic Rice topped with stir-fried pork and basil with omelet but it is super tasty too.

This pizza is just too good, very tender, cheesy, tasty, you got to try...

Ready? let's eat!

Our room is not ready yet because we arrive a bit early, so the resort let us to rest in this room first.

This type of room is Panoramic Ocean View Pool Villa, we are like wow!, this is amazing.

The staff said that the Ocean Front Pool Villa has even better view.

Dek Jew has some banana after lunch to fill up the energy for swimming later.

Like I have told you, this review is combined between the last two trips in this resort so review time by time might not be a good choice here. Therefore, I decide to review each part of the resort part by part.

Let's have a look at the Ocean Front Pool Villa #25 that we stay!

Our family loves this room so much especially Dek Jew, she totally love it here.

Even though we have seen this view last time but once we open the door and see this amazing view, we feel like we can't get enough of it.

This is a new type of room located in the expanded area of the resort but the style and concept is pretty much the same.

The building exterior still look eco-friendly and the roof is still made out of natural materials. I think this kind of roof is very unique and it is like a signature of this resort too.

This type of room is in the forefront with panoramic view of the ocean without any obstacle.

Ocean Front Pool Villa in the new zone is pretty different from the previous Ocean Front Pool Villa Suite.

The swimming pool is pretty much in a square shape not like free form like earlier. There is a single bedroom in the villa and the bathroom is right next to the bedroom which can be entered directly from the pool.

Let's take a look at the interior!

Once we enter the villa, there is a Sofa on the left hand-side and there is a working desk next to it. And the bed is further inside.

There is a full length window all around so you can enjoy the sea view while being on the bed.

Bathroom is like this paralleling with the bedroom, you can take a bath while enjoying the amazing sea view.

Dek Jew likes rounded bathtub very much, she said she like to be in the noodle bowl with warm bath.

Dek Jew wakes up, takes a bath, then go to the swimming pool straight away. She doesn't even think about breakfast.

After having breakfast, she is back in the pool.

We spend the whole time in the resort at our private pool, bathtub, main pool, and the ocean, have so much fun.

We order pizza and stir-fried rice noodle from the in-room service, we are having lunch while enjoying the pool. Is there any other way to be happier?, Dek Jew will say maybe none.

While I am working on the travel reviews, Dek Jew comes and says that I want to go here again.

I am like... we were there just two months ago, Dek Jew!.

After the pool then the bathtub then back to the pool and repeat.

The VDO summing up Dek Jew jumps into the pool version.

Villas in this area were built over the ocean rock so every villas is not in the same level.

Some of them are further into the ocean, some are not.

Villa #25 is the one that was built the furthest into the ocean so this villa offer the best view.

These ocean rocks make this view of the ocean even more beautiful.

Swimming while enjoying this view, amazing indeed!

Every corners in the room is just too perfect for total relaxation.

While Dek Jew is sleeping, Mom and Dad stay outside watching the stars, looking through the ocean and can spot the green lights from the squid fishing boats further away.

Since the room is facing the East therefore we are able to view the sun rise from our bedroom.

This is great! Mom can look after Dek Jew on bed while enjoying the sun rise.

Another room that we stay is Duplex Ocean Front Pool Villa. It is a 2-storey building with the bedroom on the second floor and the living room on the first floor.

The entrance.

Let's go up to see the second floor first!

Wow..amazing view! as amazing as Villa #25.

Everything is as same as the Ocean Front Pool Villa, the only difference is that the bathroom doesn't have the sea view.

The bathroom is on the back of the bedroom with same rounded bathtub but no view.

(This is the main reason why we love Villa #25 more)

There is a living room and a swimming pool on the lower floor.

If you are here with like a big family, this living room can be turned into another bedroom too. There are also a bathroom, refrigerator, and the mini bar on the first floor. Since we are three so we only use the area on the upper floor. We don't use the lower floor much, what a pity!

Another highlight of this villa would be the swimming pool.

The swimming pool in this Duplex Ocean Front Pool Villa is bigger and with the big tree so it is more shady.

Dek Jew get mosquito bite on the right eye, so her eye is super small now.

There are more rooms for living area both inside and outside the villa.

You can enjoy the balcony on the second floor or get a sun tan by the pool on the first floor.

We move back to Villa#25 on the second night like last time we were here. It is not like this room is not good but it is too big for small family like us.

I spot the next villa, there are like 4 people altogether so it is perfect for big villa.

And of course this Duplex Ocean Front Pool Villa also offers amazing sun rise view in the morning.

However, it is a pity that all three times we have been here it has always been cloudy. We have no chance to see the perfect sun rise with clear sky yet.

Let's take a look at the breakfast!

The breakfast used to be served at The Height.

It has changed to be served at The Moon.

The view of The Moon is as good as The Height, it is just from different angle.

There is a line buffet for self service breakfast.

There are toast, salad, fresh fruits, cold cuts, dumpling, fruit juice, milk, cereal, etc.

There is also a juicer to make fresh vegetable and fruit juice recently.

Not only a line buffet, you are also able to order some Western and Asian menus too.

More importantly, everything is so tasty.

Dek Jew really enjoys eating here (every single meals).

Mom has a spa appointment at Silavadee Wellness Spa in the afternoon.

This time Dad does not go and take photos at the spa, only send mom off and walk back to enjoy the pool in the villa with Dek Jew.

The photos is from the first trip that we were here.

The staff at the spa are all very friendly and take a very good care of me. Moreover, the treatment is very relaxing.

The, let's take a walk around the resort!

There is a lot of trees all around the resort, very refreshing.

Even I see only this kind of roof, I can tell you it is "Silavadee Pool Spa Resort".

There are plenty of relaxing spots in the resort, Dek Jew will show you all around.

There are 2 main swimming pools in the resort which they offer different styles.

The first one is in skim coat, and it is very calm and quiet.

The second one is just newly opened after the resort has been expanded, it is very modern and there is a bar by the pool too.

If you get tired of swimming, you can chill and order some refreshment drinks from the bar directly.

We have been to this island for quite sometimes but haven't go to the beach yet so let's do that!

It is not far at all to walk to the beach but the resort also offer the shuttle service.

Today is perfect timing, the beach and the ocean are so beautiful.

There is a lot of wedding taken place here, it must be very romantic.

There is a wooden path to the beach, it is very convenient.

There are beach chairs, towels, and bar services at the beach.

It is a private beach and not crowded so it is still very well-preserved. There are also sea turtle laying eggs on this beach once in a while.

From the fan page site of the resort, there were sea turtles laying more than 100 eggs recently.

The wave is pretty strong today, Dek Jew just walks around the beach and prefers to go back and swim in the pool.

Let's go and chill at The Star before having dinner!

The Star is a rooftop bar in the same building of The Moon.

There is a Happy Hour, buy 1 get 1 free drink. It is so perfect having a drink while having a great ocean view.

The view is stunning up here with very comfortable sofa place.

It is getting dark, let's go for dinner at The Moon.

The Moon is an indoor restaurant with air conditioner. It offers great view of the ocean and the pool.

We had "Candle Light Dinner " at The Height on last time that we were here.

This time we also have the same Candle Light Dinner but at The Moon. This set dinner is very tasty and very well-decorated.

There are Thai and Western sets that we can choose from the Candle Light Dinner and we choose 2 sets of the Western ones.

This salad with super huge scallops is super yummy.

This is the first time trying White Tomato Soup, Mom loves this one very much.

And Dek Jew with Spaghetti Carbonara as always.

We try different menus for dinner the other night, very worth a try.

Each dish is not that big but once we have huge prawn then we are kind of full.

Cheesy Lasagna for Dad.

A must have dish for every time that we are here, "Caesar Salad". We fell in love from the first bite.

End the dinner with Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream.

We are so full so now let's have a look how does the resort look like at night!

It is so peaceful and quiet at this time at the main swimming pool in the newly expanded area.

There is a pool table on the lower level of The Moon restaurant.

There is a huge space next to the pool which I have seen that there are some wedding ceremonies taken place here from the Facebook of the resort. And I could not agree more that it is a perfect spot for that.

The Height at night.

Another main pool, it is even more quiet here.

Villa #25 at night.

The view from the Duplex Ocean Front.

We were only able to see the sun set but after the resort has expanded we are now able to see both sun rise and sun set from the expanded area.

The sun set from different spots around the resort.

And the sun rise view.

Sun rise view from the bedroom.

Sun rise view from the swimming pools.

Sun rise view from the Rooftop Bar.

Apart from the sun rise and sun set, we are also able to see the beautiful moon at night.

This is one of the places that we feel time flies really fast. It has been two nights already and it is again time to go back home.

We stop and stand in front of this fantastic view for a while and Dad keep taking photos. We all want to stop the time and feel this moment as long as possible to be able to remember this unforgettable time with us.

And it is finally a time to go back. We fly with Bangkok Airways again.

(we are at Blue Ribbon Lounge at Samui International Airport, very chilling)

Once we arrive at Suvarnabhumi, Dek Jew states firmly "Mom, let's go back to Samui tomorrow!".

I answer promptly "It is Samui, it is not like the department store in front of our house so we can go everyday".

Working on this review, looking back at those good chill times, very happy.

Good bye for now and I will see you again!

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