A day in Budapest, Let's go there! written by 23km away from home

Don't forget to have a look at my previous travel blog about a trip in Romania! https://th.readme.me/p/3579 << Click here I guarantee the beauty of tourist attractions there. (but my ability in taking photo is another story ._.) Sawasdee Kha! Today I woul

A day in Budapest, Let's go there!

A day in Budapest, Let's go there!

Don't forget to have a look at my previous travel blog about a trip in Romania!

https://th.readme.me/p/3579 << Click here

I guarantee the beauty of tourist attractions there.

(but my ability in taking photo is another story ._.)

Sawasdee Kha!

Today I would like to invite all of Readme.me folks to travel to Budapest with me!!

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary in Eastern Europe located right between Austria and Romania as if it was a sandwich. hahaha

I will be in Budapest for 3 days and 2 nights before taking the flight back from Romania.

And I have got to tell you that this trip in Budapest is totally worth it.

I arrive in Budapest late in the afternoon on my first day so I don't have a chance to explore the city much. (I take the train from Romania because it is cheaper than the flight and I can enjoy the scenery along the way better)

I wander around only a little (I do quite a lot of shopping though and I choose to stay in a hotel located close to H&M shop because of this reason). Then I just have something simple for dinner.

I have planned not to do a lot of shopping on this trip but I just can't help it because it is a sale period.


I actually have planned to focus on traveling and eating, not shopping.

I would say that Budapest is the most charming city in my entire trip. And the main reason I like this city the most in Eastern Europe would be that the city has a perfect blend between the old and the modernity.

The atmosphere of the capital city with good population density also makes this place fantastic. Locals do stuff in relaxing pace, taking photos of this and that art works that spread throughout the city. The traffic is not busy either.

Budapest is peaceful but lively.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend you to come and visit. You can even do the backpacking here because the cost of living is pretty cheap compared to other nearby cities (not including Romania as the cost of living is as cheap as in Thailand).

Locals are very friendly and helpful as well. Numbers of places are also free in admission but there is a donation box instead.

The local currency is not Euro but Hungarian Forint (HUF). Therefore, it would be better to exchange your money to local currency prior to the arrival. If not, you are still able to do that at the currency exchange counters at the train station or the airport but the exchange rate might not be as good.

Many restaurants here offer free Wi-Fi but you might need to ask for it. 95% of staff speak fluent English. The restaurant culture is pretty similar to other European countries, you just inform how many of you are then you will be escorted to the table. I have got one restaurant to recommend. Montenegrói Gurman (I don't know how to pronounce it correctly), it is located on the opposite site of Novotel Budapest. The foods are delicious and not expensive.

Lastly, I would like to thank Thai AFS Hungary exchange students who let me get the internet connection from their hotspots at the train station. Without the internet, I won't be able to get the taxi to my hotel. Thank you very much!

Note: All photos are taken from the same area around Fisherman's Bastion. And to get there, you can take the cable car or walk. I don't recommend you to take the taxi because it is very expensive.

Let's start this travel blog with this photo!

The Holy Trinity Statue, Budapest

The Holy Trinity Statue and the Matthias Church

Matthias Church was built in 1015 by Saint Stephen, The King of Hungary. The church was destroyed by Mongols in 1241 and rebuilt in the end of the 13th century.

The name Matthias is from the King of Hungary who ordered the transformation of its original southern tower and the church has been called as "Matthias Church" since then.

Credit: Hungary Guide Book & Wikipedia

Cityscape: Budapest


The Hungarian Parliament Building is known as the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world and I couldn't agree more. Even though you are on the other side of Danube River, you are still able to see the details of the building during the daytime.

The locals told me that it would be even more beautiful at night and especially during the sunset. It is a pity that I miss to see it during these times. (._.)/

Fisherman's Bastion or Halászbástya, a place where all tourists never miss when in Budapest

(This place is magnificent here but please don't buy foods up here because they are expensive and not tasty. A cafe located close to the ice cream shop is the exception. They serve good foods and the staffs are all good looking. I can't stare at them much because I am with my boyfriend. hahaha)


To walk up to the tower has no admission fee. You can donate as much as you want but at least has to be 2,000 HUF (around 200 THB). I can't go up there because I have no cash at all, only credit card.

The backside of Matthias Church

I have been staring at the crow for a while wondering why it doesn't move.


It is a sculpture. ._.

The weather is a little hot (16 degree Celsius). The sun is gone and it is time for some ice cream. Luckily, there is an ice cream shop on the way to my sunset point.

The weather is nicer compared to England because 16 degree Celsius is 16 degree Celsius, unlike in England where 16 degree Celsius can feel like 2 degree Celsius because of the strong wind.

The local law doesn't allow us to feed any birds in all tourist attractions. I guess that is the reason why this bird looks so hungry. It has to find something to eat from the trash. I feel so bad but it is the way they reduce the number of crows at each tourist spot.

Yes, the crow here is in this color.

The staff at my hotel told me to come to this spot for the sunset. She gave me the detailed direction as well as the exact latitude and longitude. I was not sure if I am at the right place when taking this photo but when I show this photo to the staff when I return, she said, "Yes, very good".

I love this photo the most personally because of the color, angle, and the view. I also send this photo to my mom with the short text saying, "Hey mom! I am in Budapest now and I am sorry that I didn't tell you earlier".

Then my mom starts to complain. There is nothing much, she just want me to buy her something.


I have bought a lot of stuffs from H&M back for you three times already.

(But I am telling you that H&M in Eastern Europe is very cheap and the collection is very nice so trust me! You will buy a lot of them as well.)

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Did you watch Eurovision 2016? Remember the introduction video of the contestant from Hungary? He was standing in the middle of the walkway on this bridge and everything looked so magical. Well, I didn't support him though.

And this is the end of my trip in Budapest. ~

Last but not least...

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All in all,...

All photos were taken by me.

All comments and feedback on photos are welcomed.

I truly want to develop my skill in taking photos so I can show you the better ones.

Thank you in advance

With love,

- 23kmx (< my Instagram account)