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Yakiniku San-Kyu Hi there! Japanese restaurant named "Yakiniku San-Kyu" is located on the 3rd floor of City Resort (Fuji Tower). It can be accessed via Sukhumvit 39 and New Petchburi Soi 38/1. The restaurant is well decorated with roaster on every table. What I like are private corner for

Yakiniku San-Kyu

Yakiniku San-Kyu

Yakiniku San-Kyu

Hi there!

Japanese restaurant named "Yakiniku San-Kyu" is located on the 3rd floor of City Resort (Fuji Tower). It can be accessed via Sukhumvit 39 and New Petchburi Soi 38/1. The restaurant is well decorated with roaster on every table. What I like are private corner for couples and separate room for groups. There are also TVs for live programs. Let's try together!

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The menu.


For those who order grilled menu, you will firstly get FREE San-Kyu Tasting set for trying which menu you like for free. Limited only 10 tables per day. In the photo is a set for 2 persons. If you don't eat beef, the restaurant also offers pork as well. Available today up until 20 June 2015.

May I start with promotion of imported Japanese beef, "Hakata Beef", 30% discount. These 2 dishes are discounted from 1200 THB to 840 THB. The 100 g. beef looks healthy with standard thickness and soft taste, same for both types. The only difference is texture. "Hakata Wagyu Striploin" is slightly more sticky while "Hakata Wagyu Rib Eye" is more luscious. I recommend to try both of them. But personally I like Hakata Wagyu Rib Eye.

'Hakata Wagyu Striploin'

'Hakata Wagyu Rib Eye'

Moving to other grilled menus. The overall display is nice. The meat comes in proper thickness, not too slim or too thick, providing clear perception of meat texture. And every dish has good quality. Superb!

'Beef Tenderloin'
The size is around 2 bites giving soft and sticky taste. Recommend.

'Special Selection Beef Tenderloin'
You will perceive real taste of beef. Recommend.

'Special Selection Rib'
Comes with marinated sauce on top to provide more mellow taste. Recommend.

'Special Selection Brisket'
Topped with the same marinated sauce. Mild and considerable gooey. Recommend.

'A Grade Special Selection Ox Tounge'
Soft and crisp texture. Dip with Lemon juice is good enough. Recommend.

'Mixed Entrails Set'
Fresh and clean. The texture is different by itself. Fascinating taste and smell are very rare to find. Recommend.

Dip with Japanese style sauce giving sweet and salty flavor. You can add some chili, garlic and Lemon juice as you like. And special recipe of marinated sauce offering strong scent and little salty. Must try.

'Berkshire Shoulder'
Large and thick piece of pork comes with intense sauce giving soft and delicious savour. Recommend.

'Pork Sausage'
Size of 3 bites per piece. Dense, live and rich. Grilling for a while will give better texture and scent. Recommend.

'Mixed Seafood Set'
Huge portion. Looks good and fresh, served with spicy seafood sauce. Well done.

Side Dish

'San-Kyu Salad'
Clean and fresh vegetables with full-flavoured dressing. Superb!

'Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Seaweed'
Green vegetables and strong-flavoured dressing. This is splendid.

'Preserved Chinese Cabbage'
Kimchi by restaurant's recipe. Good texture giving refreshing and rich taste, slightly salty. Recommend.

'Mixed of 4 Vegetables Salad'
Rich flavour and good standard.

'Mixed Fresh Vegetable'
Fresh and clean vegetables come with special flavoured sauce for wrapping with meat. Recommend.

'Deep Fried Silver Fish'
Crispy outside and soft inside. Dip with homemade mayonnaise. Recommend.

'Deep Fried Tentacle'
This dish may not familiar with because the is soft, not crispy. But still delicious. The tentacle inside is very soft dipping with mayonnaise. Very good.

'Slide Raw Beef'
Thick and soft beef with sear cook level served with 3 salty sauces. Good standard.

'Spicy Pork Chitterlings Salad'
Fresh, clean and crisp. Very good. Not sticky at all. The taste is a little salty but perfectly contrast with with sweet sauce. Very rare to find the menu. Recommend.

'Raw Beef Salad'
Mix everything together. The beef is soft, topped with salty dressing, matching with sweet and sour fruits. Good refreshment. Recommend.

'Stewed Pork Leg with Kimchi'
Well done pork leg. Kimchi soup is excellent since it has delicious scent and mellow taste. Recommend.

'Tenderloin Soup'
The mellow, intense and scented soup with slightly salty elements. Well done.

'Japanese Curry with Tonkatsu'
Large quantity. The deep fried pork looks crisp outside and soft inside. The outstanding part is full-flavoured and spicy curry. If you are a fan of curry, I recommend.

'Garlic Rice'
Very good smell. The rice is well fried getting rich taste. One of the best restaurants for this menu. Recommend.

'Beef Bibimbap in Sizzling Bowl'
This dish, you have to hurriedly blend to cook the beef and you will get well-done beef mixed with various vegetables. Everything goes well together plus scent of slightly burnt rice. Very delicious. Recommend.

For drinks, now there is promotion for Asahi draft beer at special priced 39 THB. Really like it. (5PM to 7PM, Monday to Thursday, today to 20 June 2015)

Apart from above menus, there are many other drinks.

Scented Chinese tea with refreshing taste.

Plum juice; sour, salty and sparkling. So refreshing. Recommend.

Light alcohol. Women will surely like it.

A bottle of beer is also available for your choice.

Recommend draft beer, Asahi. Extremely cold.

End the meal with FREE ice-cream, Thai Royal, 1 piece per person.

The atmosphere looks neat, clean and lovely. Good service. Ingredients of grilled menus are in high standard, soft texture. Dipping sauce is full-flavoured. Well functioned cooker hood, barely smell on body. Side dishes are splendid, rich taste and slightly salty. This is another quality restaurant.

Thank you very much

Latest Promotion
- 30% on Hakata menu : from 1200 THB to 840 THB
- Free San Kyu Tasting Set : Limited 10 tables per day from today to 20 June 2015
- Asahi draft beer with special price of 39 THB : 5PM to 7PM, Monday to Thursday, today to 20 June 2015
- Free 1 Thai Royal ice-cream per person

Delivery Service
- Serviced area (Inquire from the restaurant)
- Minimum order of 150 THB
- Delivery charge 30 THB
- Free delivery for order above 600 THB
- Cash only
- Order in advance 1 hour
- Service hours 11AM to 2 PM and 5PM to 9PM

Details of restaurant
Yakiniku San-Kyu
79 Citi Resort 3rd., Soi Sukhumvit 39, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
11AM to 11PM
Tel. 0-2662-0368, 09-7134-0430
Facebook : Yakiniku San Kyu's Page

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