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Today I would like to review in Readme.me again. I'm not good at writing so I will present you a lot of photos. I go to Phra Athit Road for my business and I find a small cafe. Because I want to drink some coffee and hungry too. So I stop at Foong Coffee and Bar, a small cafe that located on the roadside of Sun Road and opposite the Baan Phra Athit ASTV. The interior is Black Colour Tone and it catches the eyes!

When I open the door, then I can smell the coffee and It's very fragrance!. And it suits to use the name "Foong" because it means fragrance in Thai. But I don't ask the owner that what does the name of cafe mean. There are 3-4 tables and seats at counter bar which is less than 20 seats. Inside is simple interior in Minimal Style but emphasize earth tone color so maybe because the cafe is small. I like the simple interior and comfort like this. I'm very happy! ^^

I order Cool Chocolate Milk and Sea Salt Caramel Latte. Chocolate milk is not too sweet and intense flavor. Sea Salt Caramel Latte is fragrant and delicious. I miss Sea Salt Caramel Tofffe and The latest Magnum Gold that release right now when I drink Sea Salt Caramel Latte.

Let's see the food menu, I order Rice with Barbecue Pork, Spaghetti carbonara and Mix Green Salad.

Rice with Barbecue Pork, the pork ferment with Barbecue sauce and grilled in medium which is not too hard and not too stick. There are in a good size , soft and delicious! The taste is a little bit sweet.

The style of Spaghetti carbonara of each restaurant are not the same. Some restaurant has a lot of cream sauce or both cream sauce and eggs or cream cheese and raw yolk on the face or no cream sauce. Foong Cafe' and Bar is the one restaurant that do not put a lot of cream so it's not too greasy for me. This is delicious and not too big for me.

They put the orange's peel into the water. After finish with my dish so I order Coconut Cheese Cake. Very delicious and not too sweet and follows by Hot Latte and Cool Latte for the last.

If anybody pass Phra Athit Road, Please do not forget to stop by at Foong Cafe' and Bar to be your choice among many little and big chic cafes around here. The price is about 200-300 Baht for each person.

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The Barista is smiling to welcome the guests. :D

She is the owner of this cafe :D I don't see the restaurant on my right hand side but the cafe is opposite the Baan Phra Athit ASTV.

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 Tuesday, June 2, 2015 5:37 PM