Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Blue Sky Resort, Koh Payam written by Dek Jew Chill Out

Have you been to Ranong? Our family has never been here, only drove pass by. We don't know much about Ranong, we have only heard about The Kra Isthmus (the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula), Tublee Chinese steamed bun, and cashew nut (it is called Kayu, in the southern part). One day

Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Blue Sky Resort, Koh Payam

Dek Jew Chill Out @ The Blue Sky Resort, Koh Payam

Have you been to Ranong? Our family has never been here, only drove pass by.

We don't know much about Ranong, we have only heard about The Kra Isthmus (the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula), Tublee Chinese steamed bun, and cashew nut (it is called Kayu, in the southern part).

One day while I was surfing Facebook, I was like wow! with the beautiful photo album of Koh Payam, Ranong from my colleague's page.

Not long after, I went to buy a voucher of The Blue Sky Resort, Koh Payam right away from Thai International Travel Fair.

I checked the date for the highest tide and made the reservation far in advance.

Then I waited for a flight promotion of Nok Air which was launched soon after, very happy!

Because without a flight promotion, the tickets are very expensive and Dad will drive there instead for sure.

And now the resort is booked, the flight is arranged so let's go!!!

Dek Jew has been chilling out for about 4 years.

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We fly with Nok Air in a very early morning to Ranong.

We have never flew with a small airplane like this before, there are only 4 seats per row divided into two and two. I am not sure if it is even smaller than the bus.

We sit in the middle of the plane where the turbo-jet engine can be seen closely, pretty scary though.

However, after the flight take off, it is pretty smooth and steady though not like what I thought and expected even though the engine is a bit noisy. And we arrive Ranong safely.

There is a pick up service from The Blue Sky once we land at Ranong Airport.

The transfer takes us to Blue Monkey lounge at the pier while waiting for the ferry.

I think that this lounge belongs to the resort. We have breakfast here (First meal included in our package)

The lounge offers you very comfortable relaxing area .

After waiting for quite sometimes then the ferry is here.

It is the traveling season now so there is also speed boat available for you.

It is about 40 minutes to Koh Payam.

There is a golf cart waiting for us to the resort.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam.

Episode 1: A journey to The Blue Sky Resort Koh Payam, Ranong

After having a refreshing welcome drink, Dek Jew goes to play on the beach right away.

She never be scared of the strong sunlight and the heat.

We have lunch right after checking in.

Our first meal on the island including steak, papaya salad, sticky rice, they are all tasty. And we end our lunch with smoothies and desserts.

This is the view we have while we are having lunch, beautiful sea view and bright blue sky.

Another view we have of the new swimming next to the restaurant, it is so tempting for Dek Jew.

There are new villas next to this new pool too, they are at the forefront of the beach.

We walk pass by and can say that they are all very nice to stay especially the upper floor, it looks very relaxing to be up there.

(There is a few new villas that has been done, and a lot more is under the construction.

This is the restaurant and the lobby, walking through this walk way then it will be our villa.

We arrived The Blue Sky around 11 AM, and it was beautiful with the high-tide.

Now the water is gone, we got to wait again tonight.

The villa is divided into 2 zones, R and L.

Every single one of them is all the same, with the high-tide they look like they are floating on the water.

However, Zone L is further in and Zone R is right next to the canal so Zone R offers a better view with more expensive price.

A relaxing spot, you can come and enjoy watching the sky with stars at night.

Let's have a look how does the villa look like inside!

Our villa is R1, we were not sure whether to book for R1 or R6 at first.

There is a lot of good reviews on between these two villas.

So I asked the staff from the fair directly and learned that R1 is like having a private little beach, on the other hand; R6 is located on the curve of the canal so it offers a better view.

We choose to stay in R1 because Dek Jew will sure like a little private beach where she can enjoy.

This is what can be seen once entry the villa. The bridge-way to the resort can be viewed from here.

Resting on this daybed will let you to see who is coming into the resort and who is leaving.

The view with low-tide from our window.

The villa is in a round shape simply decorated in nature theme.

Very comfortable bed for us three.

There are books provided next to the bed.

This is the bathroom, further in from the sink is a shower.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam.

Episode 2: The Villa.

Dek Jew then gets change and go to the beach directly, can't wait anymore.

Dek jew is on the beach then go to the pool even though there is no inflatable armbands, life vest instead is good enough.

Dek Jew loves the pool so much, she jumps into the pool like more than 10 times and she is there until the end of the day.

The swimming pool is next to the restaurant at the forefront of the beach and right next to new villas.

We are staying in floating villa zone so we have to walk to the pool for a bit but it is not far at all.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam

Episode 3: On the beach in front of the villa

We are hungry now so we then take a quick shower after coming back from the pool and get ready for dinner.

The beach at twilight, beautiful color light with the moon on the background.

We have dinner at the same restaurant, we choose to take a sofa next to the beach. It is very chilling.

Dek Jew falls asleep in the middle of the dinner, this sofa is very comfortable and there is no mosquito because it is windy. It is so perfect for total relaxation.

The dinner is superb especially Minced pork soup with sweet basil. It is so so good.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam

Episode 4: Swimming + the Dinner

We chill out here after dinner until late at night.

There is a small souvenir corner next to the lobby.

The upper floor of the new villas has a relaxing space for all-day chilling.

The restaurant and the lobby.

We choose to come here on the full moon because we would like to see the very high tide.

We expect the high tide around 11 PM but the water is not too high either.

We think it might also be depending on the season too even the peak time of the high tide it is still not what we have expected. (A bit disappointed)

Nightsky watching and stargazing before going to bed.

Even though it is pretty cloudy in the morning but the morning lights is so beautiful.

We can view this huge sand beach during low tide.

The sun rise.

We haven't expected anything at all apart from the beautiful floating villa.

Unexpectedly, everything is so beautiful here especially the view from the beach in the morning and evening.

We are here in February, the weather is perfect.

Dek Jew fills up the energy first before going kayaking as planned.

Very excited, let's go kayaking!

Wait for the high tide one moment then Dad will take you to do kayaking.

During the stay, the high tide is around 10 AM during the daytime.

The kayak is ready right in front of our villa.

Ready...let's go kayaking!

The flow of the canal is going further in from Villa R1 during the high tide.

It is then very easy on the way into the further canal but very difficult on the way back to the villa, Dad can confirm.

Dek Jew is playing on the waterside after coming back from kayaking while others enjoy swimming in the canal.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam.

Episode 5: Kayaking.

It is the perfect time for photos shooting here with high tide.

Let's take a walk around the resort during high tide.

This beach will be under water during the high tide.

However, the water is like this high when we are here even we are here during full moon.

Therefore, it is not only the full moon but also in which month that differentiate the level of water. (a bit sad...I want to see higher tide)

The high tide period does not stay long. the water begins to go down now.

Let's take a shower and go for lunch!

We have spaghetti with some soup and salad for lunch plus the refreshing smoothies, very satisfied.

Dad plans to go around the resorts and take more photos because the weather is just too perfect while Dek Jew and Mom plan to escape from the heat, go back to the villa and watch cartoon.

Dad walks through this bridge-way to the local village even though it is boiling hot.

We are not sure what is the real name of this trees but let's call them mangrove first.

Dek Jew and Dad like this kind of trees very much, they even tried to plant them at home once but were not successful.

And once the weather is not that hot anymore, Dek Jew is more than ready to go play outside.

Dek Jew is on the back of Dad exploring the nature. They found many hermit crabs, very excited.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Koh Payam.

Episode 6: Exploring the nature, playing on the beach, and swimming.

Time flies again, it is almost the end of the second day already and we have to go back home tomorrow.

Dad asks Dek Jew to do 10 posings for photo shooting and this is the outcome.

We have steaks for dinner, the staff has asked what kind of steaks we prefer since this morning such as fish, pork, beef, etc. served with baked mussels cheese and bread for everyone.

We choose to sit at the same spot like yesterday for dinner with this exact same view.

We expect that the water will go up higher than yesterday but it is not. This is how high it gets even on the full moon night not even high enough to go under our villa.

Every villas is connected to each other by this wooden walk way.

There is a lot of people coming out to take photos at the late night.

The last morning at Koh Payam, the sky is stunning with perfect sun rise.

We love this spot the most at the restaurant.

Actually, there is a lot of beautiful beaches on this Payam island, however; we have not gone anywhere but the resort. We enjoy it very much though even it is just within the resort.

Same spot for breakfast with same tasty breakfast quality.

We head back to our villa right after breakfast to pack and get ready to board into the ferry back to the mainland.

Dad still has not missed to take more photos while the water is going up while Dek Jew enjoy playing on the beach until the last minute.

There is a lot of people kayaking today, most of them start to take off from the beach near our villa.

There were kayaks prepared only at the beginning of the canal the other day when we did kayaking but today they are prepared right next to our villa...

Dek Jew is working on her shoot happily but not anymore after being asked to jump more than 10 times.

The other villas further in, if you don't need the beach like Del Jew these villas are a good choice for more private, quiet and calm ambiance.

Once you are done kayaking, you can park them right back here. They will be brought back to the beginning of the canal by the resort staff.

We depart from Koh Payam in the late morning and we still have one more lunch included in our package. We are led to The Blue Sky Sorrento on the mainland for lunch.

The wave is pretty strong on our way back, luckily we haven;t had lunch if not we may...

Once we arrive the mainland, there is a transfer to The Blue Sky Sorrento.

Wow! this is way better than we have expected.

Fried rice with chicken looks so simple but super tasty and we end lunch with smoothies and jelly.

We can sum up that every meal we have here are great.

The swimming pool here is also very nice.

The staff is like know how much Dek Jew wants to swim, they come and say that we can enjoy the swimming pool anytime.

Our flight is in the late afternoon so this is perfect if not then it would be boring.

Dek Jew is very happy...

The sunlight is very strong today, Dek Jew will get tanned for sure.

There is a shower room nearby so it is very convenient to take a shower and get dress again.

Once it is time to go, the staff come to get us on the transfer to the airport and we also get a chance to stop by the souvenir shop on the way to the airport too.

The staff at The Blue Sky both on the island and on the mainland are all so friendly and helpful.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill out @ Koh Payam

Last Episode: Last day on Koh Payam

We fly back to Bangkok with Nok Air again and we think that this is the same purple airplane we took before.

This trip is way better than we have expected, we are very impressed.

(Now we feel that it is reasonable to what we have paid for)

I have no idea yet where it will be for the next review. It might be quite sometimes because from the end of this week Dek Jew will be traveling every weekend from Suan Pueng, Krabi, to Pattaya.

Good bye for now and I will see you again!