Hi Readme Fans

Welcome to Bangkok

Today, I do not want to go any way far, just want to stay close to my house so the place that I recommend is Ari even I have been there so many time.

Let's start with lunch at Phan Zen Noodle, Sanannapa Building (You can just walk around and choose what is suitable for you)

Then sit and relax at a coffee shop "Porcupine" Ari 4

The shop just does a soft opening on 23/6/2016 after renovated.

New decoration and more public space

Let's me spend the rest of the day here ^^

A place that is not that far from our home, easy to get there, not hot & not busy, it is enough for me to relax and have a rest.

Thank you very much


 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:58 PM