How to get to Takayama? We star our journey from Toyama, Hida Furukawa and take the train once we arrive and get out from the train station. We will see Hida Takayama Tourist Information Office. It is so nice because we can ask about the tourism information about this city and nearby cities.

We will go to Takayama Nohi Bus center on the left hand side in order to buy the ticket to go to Kamikochi tomorrow and we also take the transport ticket to go to Shirakawako and Kanazawa in the next day.

For those who like to leave the luggage at the bus terminal, the locker is also available in various size.

We have chosen to stay at Country Hotel Takayama for this trip

We go to check in and leave the luggage in the room. Then, we rent the bicycle, it is just next to the hotel.

We ride the bicycle to red bridge (Nagabashi Bridge)

Nakabashi Bridge

To ride a bicycle to Shiroyama Park

The spectacular view of Takayama in the evening

To go to the Library

We pass the entrance of Takayamabetsuin but we do not go inside because it is too late for today.

Hida kokubunji Temple

Sarubobo Doll (Monkey Doll)

We have to return back the bicycles and have a sip of Sake over here too.

We have searched for the restaurant and finally decided to eat at this restaurant.

Hida-beef 2,800 yen+ tax

Grilled sea fish 1,600 yen + tax

In the morning of the next day, we go to Kamikochi and we will take a bus to see around the city in the afternoon.

To get on the bus at bus stop number 1 (red route)

The schedule of the red route

The bus route

Since it is the last bus, we need to sit till the terminated bus stop.

Today, we will continue traveling in the city and take a walk on the pavement of Ekimae Chuo Dori.

To go to Yanangibashi Bridge (Green Bridge) and cross Miyagawa River

We can also see Nagabashi Bridge (Red Bridge) at the far end.

To turn left before crossing the bridge in order to take a walk on the pavement along the river.

At the corner before turning left to the hotel.

We pass Hida kokubunji Temple where we took the photos yesterday

We have bought some food from Family mart at the hotel.

The map for wandering and riding a bicycle.

We will go to Shirakawako tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your attention towards this review

This review is the part of Snow Wall Trip, we take the flight with Airasia

The 1st day, we arrive at Narita airport at 19.00 hrs, we send some luggage to Takayama. We stay at Narita Airport Rest House for the first night.

The 2nd day, we exchange the train ticket at Tokyo station, then connect with the bus at Shinjuku to go to Matsumoto castle.

The 3rd day, we go to Japan Alpine in the early morning to travel at the dam. We take cable car to Snow Wall for the whole day and sleep at Toyama.

The 4th day, we visit Toyama castle in the morning and Hida Furukawa in the afternoon. In the evening, we ride bicycles toTakayama.

The 5th day, we roam around the forest at Kamikochi and return back to Takayama

The 6th day, we visit Shirakawako for half day and go to travel in Kanazawa in the afternoon, we have visit Higashi Chaya Districts and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

The 7th day, we visit Kenrokuen & Kanazawa castle in the morning. Then, we go to Osaka in the afternoon

The 8th day, we visit Nara in the morning and do shopping in Osaka before going back to Bangkok

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