Well! This is my first vacation.This can be easily said that I escape from the hasty life to get drunk.

As you may notice by the quality of my photo taking, some of them are a bit blurry. Please accept my apology.

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The actual reason for having this vacation, it is because I have worked very hard during 2 months. Hence, I am not reluctant to take this 2 days vacation. Furthermore, I have been supported for free accommodation.

I start the trip in the afternoon and arrive at Pattaya around 6 pm. After finished checking in, I go to the room right away.

The bed is quite wide, it seems comfortable. For the pillow type, you are able to select once you place reservation.

The wardrobes are available in 2 sides. The 1st one is next to the bathroom and another side is on the aisle side.

The room is clean. Importantly, the bathroom is obviously separated in each zone. For the bed room and the bathroom zones are divided by the curtain.

After arranging my stuffs into the wardrobe, I then take a shower and get ready to do next activity.

It is the


<< It costs 700 Baht per person and 990 (including flow wine) per person>>

According to above mentioned buffet name, the main food is seafood. However, steak, salad, fruit juice and other food are also available.

To end up this dinner with some desserts.

There will be the lighten candle on each table (for price 990 baht) and wine is also served.

Once my stomach is fulfilled with some food, it is time to wander a bit in order to let the process of digestion proceed faster.

We can use all facilities of this hotel. There are 2 swimming pools (upper and lower floor)and gym.

ปิดท้ายด้วยสระว่ายน้ำชั้น บนสุดของโรงแรมครับ To end up this review with the photo of the swimming pool in the upper floor.

There is the pool bar available here. It is so nice to chill out over here.

After visiting the pool, I continue drinking wine till midnight.

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 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:14 PM