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Chin cafe in the middle of the city "Good One Cafe"

Chaiyasith Phornphratang

Today I will bring you to know new cafe which is located not far away from BTS Chongnonsri ( it takes not more than 5 minutes to reach there)

"Good One Cafe", Today we will take a look at this cafe to see what are the cool things in there that waiting for us to see.

Good One Cafe is one of a new cafe which just opens in the beginning of April. Even though it just starts opening but this cafe is fulled with coffee lover and drinker who like new atmosphere and focus on friendly environment. For those who want to have a party and drink alcohol. The store is ready to provide all drinks too ( 5 pm afterward )

Good One Café also provides a cheap price room service too. You can choose dormitory ( 300 - 350 Baht ) and private room ( 1,060 Baht ). For those who work late at night and don't want to go back home that far away. Good One Hostel is one of your best choice.

โต๊ะ Reception

Reception Desk

In a beverage bar, the cafe provides a various menu of drinks which are coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, sparkling water, etc but a recommend menu of the cafe is these 4 menu. You can choose whatever you like. Let's try.

For those who want to sip beer or cool cocktail, this cafe also ready to serve it too.

For whose who come as a group. The cafe also provides a fun game for you guy and friend.

For me, the distinguished point of Good One is the staff's attention and their cuteness. They are always smiling especially to foreigner. Staffs can also give a basic information and travelling guide to go to important places in Bangkok.

Working time

Cafe location : 439/10 Narathiwat Road, BTS Chongnonsri

Thanks you and Have a "Good One"

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