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Erawan Tea Room

Earth Net Foundation Seafood

Sawasdee Krub!

With the care for quality and safety of every dish they serve at Erawan Tea Room of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok hotel, they choose to work with the Traditional Fisheries and Organic Seafood Project. The Traditional Fisheries and Organic Seafood Project under Earth Net Foundation is the sustainable seafood project that is good for both consumers and environment. All fishes are caught naturally by registered local fishermen which they agree to use only the qualified fishnet under the positive sustainable practices and not to catch the young ones. They mainly focus on the freshness of the seafood and make sure that all seafood are free from any chemical contaminants throughout the production and logistic process, and every step can be examined as well. Therefore, it won't be exaggerated to say that the quality of organic seafood served at Erawan Tea Room is recognized globally.

Organic Seafood is the new conscious lifestyle that will inevitably inspire change in the way we eat and every seafood choice we make. There are 12 certified kinds of seafood in total that can be found in 3 different locations as follows. 1. Songkhla Lake : Giant Freshwater Prawn, Spotted Scat, Green Tiger Prawn, Eel Catfish, Mullet, and Snakehead Murrel 2. Ban Laem Phak Bia, Phetchaburi : Flower Crab, Sand Whiting, Barracuda, Talang Queenfish, and Threadfin 3. Phang Nga Bay : Banana Shrimp

Dr. Supaporn Anuchiracheeva - the Traditional Fisheries and Organic Seafood Project Coordinator, and Chef Neung - Chef de cuisine of Erawan Tea Room.

The nice and cozy atmosphere at Erawan Tea Room

I am not here alone this time but with Khun Rita Sririta Jensen, the famous Thai actress.

Chef Neung will turn the organic seafood into authentic Thai dishes.

'Pla Muek Dad Deaw (Sun Dried Squid)'
Each piece of the squid is in an ideal size and its aroma is outstanding. The squid is perfectly chewy and it has been flavored very well. Recommended!

'Tod Mun Goong (Shrimp Cake)'
The cake is tight and has a great flavor. Its aroma is also nice. Recommended!

'Yum Yod Mara Goong Sod (Bitter Gourd Stem Spicy Thai Salad)'
The shrimps and bitter gourd stems are perfectly cooked. The overall flavor is good and spicy. Recommended!

'Yum Pla Sak Tod (Deep Fried Barracuda Salad)'
Barracuda comes in a big piece and it is well-cooked. The dressing is spicy and tasty. Thumps up!

'Yam Som-O (Spicy Pomelo Salad)'
The shrimp is huge and it is very fresh. The pomelo is good and ripe. The dressing blends everything very well. Up to the standard!

'Tom Yum Pla Kao (Grouper Fish in Tom Yum Soup)'
The fish is very fresh and the Tom Yum soup is delicious. Up to the standard!

'Grilled Giant Freshwater Prawn of Songkhla Lake'
The prawn meat and its aroma are superb. Eating it with the seafood sauce is the best. The seafood sauce is not too spicy either. Good!

'Crab Meat with Wild Betel Leaf in Hot Curry'
The crab meat comes in a huge piece and the hot curry is way too good. This dish is truly tasty. Recommended!

'Omelette with Crab Meat'
This omelette is full with quality ingredients and has been flavor at its best. Up to the standard!

'Grilled Silver Tiger Fish in Pandan Leaf'
The meat is good and well-cooked. The chef also flavors it pretty well. Okay!

'Steamed Kuruma Prawn with Thai herbs'
Kuruma Prawns are all very big and their meat are tight. This dish is just perfectly spicy as well. Recommended!

'Mango, sticky rice'
The mango is very sweet and its aroma is attractive. The sticky rice is soft and tastes creamy. Up to the standard!

In conclusion, Erawan Tea Room doesn't only focus on their foods but also the society and environment. It is such a great role model for everyone including fishermen, mediators, restaurant owners, chefs, and consumers to think about the sustainable way of living with a healthy life. If we talk about the food here, I would say that it is very authentic Thai. Therefore, if you come here, you will get only the good and healthy food.

Thank you,

Details of the project:
Traditional Fisheries and Organic Seafood Project
Earth Net Foundation 6 Soi Piboonupatam-Wattana Nivej 7, Suthisarn Road, Huay-Kwang, Bangkok 10310
Telephone : 0-2277-9380, 08-0004-2401

Details of the restaurant:
Erawan Tea Room
Erawan Bangkok Mall, 2nd Floor
10 AM - 10 PM

Details of the hotel:
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel
494 Rajkamri Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Telephone : 0-2254-1234

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