3 days 2 nights at Koh Chang, what to do if not snorkeling?

Most people traveling to Koh Chang for snorkeling or diving at nearby islands and then staying here. Most people didn't travel around this island itself.

Koh Chang might not have the beautiful beach but the water is as clear as other sea.

This trip, I'm not going for snorkeling but roaming around the island. It might not be in details but I'll take you around.

Koh Chang Map

How to get here?

I forgot to tell you that I actually live in Trat Province. The Song Taew stop is near San Tung Market that I usually go pass.

If you are traveling form Bangkok, the fastest and most convenient means is by the van at the Victory Monument.

The last time when I got on it, the fare was 300 THB and it took about 4 hours.

You can also take the bus, but it'd be longer. The 999 and Cheod Chai are operating on this route. The price would be cheaper than the van.

Important note of the getting off station:

There are two piers going towards Koh Chang:

  • Ferry Pier, Ao Thammachart: the boat is faster and a bit more expensive. It offers a boat in every half an hour (30 minutes to reach the island).
  • Center Point Trat Pier: it offers less boat. The boat is cheaper but also slower.

I recommend you to ask the van driver to drop you at Ferry Pier, Ao Thammachart, it's just a bit further from San Tung Market Intersection. Otherwise, if you are passing the Trat Bus Terminal, they usually take you to Center Point Pier.

The ticket for the van and the boat

After getting off from the van, we take the Song Taew to the pier and the fare is 50 THB. The round trip ferry ticket is 150 THB and one way is 80 THB. If you know your returning date, I recommend you to buy a round trip ticket as it's more convenient. We pay here and collect the ticket at the pier.

When we pay, we'd get a booking confirmation to exchange for the ticket at the pier.

When we are ready, let's go now. I think the first boat leaves at 11 a.m. on the day I visited but I'm not sure.

Once we reach the ferry pier, the staff would be there to ask for our booking confirmation. We'd need to hand them our booking confirmation, then they would give us the round trip ticket with the ferry time indicated.

While waiting for a ferry, we look for the map. The free map is available. So let's study the map now!

When the ferry is here, it's time to go. If you want to take the car along, I think it's 120 THB each. Below is for car parking and we sit on the second floor. The ferry is quite still and unlike the one going to Koh Samed or Koh Lan. I think probably because it is a huge ferry. On the ferry, bathroom and food shop is there.

After 30 minutes riding, we are now reaching the island, let's get off.

Once we are on the shore, the Song Taew are waiting for the tourists. They go up to Bang Bao. The fare is subject to distance.

We cannot ride around Koh Chang in the circle as the road is not all connected around the island.

I get off at Had Sai Khao and the fare is 50 THB each. Actually I stay at Klong Prao but I'd like to rent a scooter and ride there as it'd be cheaper.

Scooter Rental

Once we reach Had Sai Khao, we find the scooter rental shops along the road. It's very easy to find. The tour of snorkeling, fishing octopus, riding elephants and many more are there but I'm not interested. All I need is to rent a scooter for 2 days. It's 200 THB per day and we need to return it with full gasoline. We only need to deposit our national ID card without any money.

The traffic polices are there on Koh Chang, so please also wear a helmet. The stop is at Kai Bae area.

Let's riding straight to our hotel first. We stay at AANA Resort. We book it via agoda. It's located at Klong Prao. It's near the canal but not the beach. We could take the kayak boat to the private beach which is not so far away.

There's a refreshing welcome drink when checking in and a sheet informing us about hotel's services.

Kayaking and shuttle boat services towards private beach is free of charge from 8.00 a.m- 18.00 p.m.

Free Song Taew to Had Sai Khao at 10.00 a.m. and 16.00 p.m.

A free firefly boat tour from 19.00-20.00 p.m.

Breakfast is from 7.00 -10.00 a.m.

Then the staff takes us on a golf cart to our room. We could park our scooter in front of the building. It is a garden view with a swimming pool in afar.

After unpacking our things, let's go exploring around.

There are 2 swimming pools. Above is a children pool and below is a big pool.

The water in this canal is so clean. It's very shady here. We're coming here during the rainy season where not many people are here, so it's very quiet and chill.

After wandering around for a while, let's start roaming around.

Khlong Phlue Waterfall

It is 3 km from our hotel to the waterfall. It's quite close. The adult ticket is 40 THB and the children should be 20 THB.

The important note is we should ride in and park inside. Otherwise, it'd be a 10 THB parking fee if you park at front. Well, that area is not the national park area and we must walk about 500 m to reach the waterfall.

The water is so clear. Let's stop and capture fish photos.

It's an easy walk and soon we reach the Khlong Phlu Waterfall. Not only does Koh Chang have the sea, it has waterfall as well. In fact, there're 4 waterfalls here but Khlong Phlu is the most popular one as it's the largest and located on the tourist side whereas the other 3 are on the opposite side.

The water is clear and cool. Well, the water is a lot during rainy season. We can just rest here and listen to the water sound with chill weather. You can also jump in but only at designated area.

Soon, we leave this place to find beautiful viewpoint. We look at the map and decided to go to Bang Bao to enjoy the sunset view.

Kai Bae Viewpoint

We stop bit for photos. Though a bit hot, the sun is just right.

We see the wide view here.

Caution: This road is a steep and curvy hill, please pay extra care when driving.

Bang Bao Fisherman Village

We just need to follow the sign. Once we reach the entrance of Bang Bao Fisherman Village, we turn right and park in front of 7-11 and walk inside.

It is a fishing pier with a lot of home stay services. The view is great and livable.

The lighthouse is at the end of the bridge. We go take photo on this chill evening.

After wandering a while and it's getting dark, we decided to go back as the road is a steep hill so we were afraid that it'd be difficult to ride back. Therefore, we go back early.

Lonely Beach is where we capture our last light of the day before going to have a simple dinner near our resort.

Good night for now. Tonight we are quite tired so we skip the firefly trip.

We wake up early for breakfast. It is a buffet food. Kanom Krok is also here (Thai coconut pudding).

We could just enjoy our breakfast near the canal.

Now that we are full, let's go enjoy kayaking.

The staff is there to help us get on the boat or we can ask them to give us a ride.

Kayaking ourselves is much more fun. The water is so clear. We can also enjoy the view along the side. It's not so far from the sea.

Here is where the canal meet with the sea. We park here and go out for a walk.

Aann Resort has its personal beach where we can fully relax.

We could sleep and chill here. The sea is a bit further away.

Late morning, we go back to the hotel and plan to ride around the island. We wanted to go to the opposite side where we would have to cross several mountains. It's quite dangerous, please ride slowly. Some part of it is also quite steep.

Had Sai Khao Viewpoint

We can see the long stretching white beach. The wave is beautiful and so as the view. The water is so clear. The actual scene is more beautiful than the photo, I'd really like you guys to see it. Soon, we move on.

Shrine of Chao Po Koh Chang

We stop by to pay our respects.

Than Mayom Pier

After keep on riding, we see the sign of Than Mayom Pier Viewpoint. We could stop and enjoy the bridge view while the cool wind is softly touching our faces.

Go for a walk

We ride so far to reach here.

The Mangrove Forest at Ban Na Nai Salak Phet

The entrance is at the opposite side of Wat Salak Phet.

It's the mangrove forest with a bridge for us to walk and take photos but seem like it's lack of care and renovation.

It's so hot. I walk here just to take photos and immediately go back. Well, I rode this far, it can't be for nothing, right? haha.

I ride back towards the other side to find the famous restaurant.

Rasta View Restaurant

This restaurant offers both sitting and sleeping area for eating. The view is amazing. The restaurant is located about a km further from the entrance of Bang Bao Village.

We are sitting and having our legs down while enjoying the Bang Bao Fisherman Village view.

It is a Reggae style restaurant that also offers a sleeping cradle underneath a big tree for the customers.

We order snack and drink and can stay here the entire day. It's not hot and the wind is so chill. I'd be so nice to take a nap.

We sit here until the evening time before going for the sunset view. We go right back to Klong Prao Resort.

Klong Prao Beach

The sun is saying goodbye to us now.

This last morning, we must go back already. Let's again enjoy our breakfast near the canal.

We walk up to see the above pool. It's quite beautiful but we didn't get to swim.

Had Sai Khao

It's time to go back so we'd like to stop at this white sand beach a bit.

Go out and embrace the sea

It's really time to say goodbye. We then return the scooter and take the available Song Taew back to the pier.

The yellow sign reads we must only take this type of Song Taew going to the pier, other than this type, it's the hired car.

Then, we are back to the same pier. Also, don't forget to have your ferry ticket ready.

Goodbye Koh Chang, Sawaddee Krab, See you again!

In Summary: Expenses

  • Aana Resort booked via agoda including breakfast for 2 nights is 3600 THB for 2 people.
  • A round trip ferry ticket is 300 THB for 2 people.
  • A round trip Song Taew is 200 THB: 2 people.
  • A scooter rental is 200 THB for 2 days.
  • The gasoline is 160 THB.

The food is subject to individual. We can order a la carte menu starting from 40 THB. It offers a great variety here.

A lot of 7-11 shops are on the island as well as Lotus and Macro.

There're many more activities like riding elephants, trekking, kayaking, enjoying waterfall, and out on the sea, etc. You can enjoy Koh Chang, Trat Province even if you don't go out for snorkeling or diving. Have a wonderful time here!

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