After I've got tickets from a blue airline, you definitely know what airline is, at only 480 Thai baht. That's a great deal. I even skipped my work in the morning to book the tickets. Actually, I was thinking of a Buddha image, called "Luang Por Tan Jai" (one is said to make a wish come true as quickly as required.), to help me book cheap flight tickets and I eventually got ones. So, I come to visit him to give a garland and of course haven't forgot to ask him for another wish. Let's have a look what I've done in a-day trip in Chiang Mai.

I rent a car (Yaris) from Avis Company, costing 1,110.80 Thai baht in total including tax.

I start the day by getting up very early at 4.30 am. to take a shower and get dressed to be ready to leave home at 5.30 am. Then I arrive at the airline lounge and find something to eat. I love eating and I mustn't miss a famous Thai dessert, Khao Tom Mat (sweet sticky rice in banana leaves). For me, everything is tasty so I can't tell you whether it is more delicious than those from somewhere else. However, I can see the dessert is not very dry. It's quite sequin with a large banana in it (personally, it's tasty.)On the way back, you must try another good Thai dessert, stuffed dough pyramids. Let's see what are offered at the lounge.

After the carry-on checking, I am walking directly to Gate A and see a sign showing the lounge.

There is a huge teddy bear in front of the room.

The variety of foods is served right there.

There are some kids keep asking to have the sweet sticky rice in banana leaves.

There is another meal offered during the flight, which is fried eggs with luffas. Unfortunately, I don't eat the vegetable, so I eat only the egg with rice.

It takes only about an hour to reach Chiang Mai Airport. I head directly to the Avis Counter which is located right at the airport entrance. We then handle the needed documents and deposit 8,000 Thai baht and get it back when we take back the car.

I get Susuki Ciaz for this trip (Where is my Yaris?). I'm not used to driving an automatic car. Anyway, I get used to it afterward.

I have been using Google Map for the whole trip because I'm completely new in the city. Moreover, I don't really like driving in Chiang Mai since it is so complicated that I get lost easily. Use the application if you are not familiar with the route.

I drive to Phra That Doi Kham on the street heading to Ma Hia and the Royal Flora Festival. When I get to the traffic circle at the festival, there is a sign showing the way to Phra That Doi Kham. On the way there, we buy 55 garlands and are willing to make another wish.

The road on the hill is not very steep but it's quite narrow. Ciaz (1,200 cc) can easily run up there. We need to be a little careful when there are other cars coming from the opposite side. It 's not so difficult for any drivers to get there.

After paying homage to the Buddha image, we go to a scenic viewpoint behind Phra That Doi Kham.

We then walk back to the front and stop by some Buddha images along the way to make wishes.

Get into the temple and pay homage to Buddha image .

After leaving Phra That Doi Kham, we are a little hungry. We then go to visit Kruba Srivichai sited right at the way going up to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Phra That Doi Suthep Temple). However, I'm not going to the temple because I've been there several times. Besides, I'm too lazy to get changed to wear a proper clothes. We find something to eat after that.

I've found a nice restaurant selling noodles in front of Chiang Mai University while I'm searching for somewhere to eat. The restaurant is called "New Chan Pen". I'm so interested in their beef that I hurriedly park the car and get into the restaurant.

I order a bowl of soup with beef and some vegetables, a bowl of curry noodles soup with beef, a plate of crispy pork, and two plates of rice. We drink a kind of flower tea. This meal costs 300 Thai baht in total.

We are totally full. Still, I've changed our traveling plan to find something to eat more. We then look for where to eat good desserts. I walk to the back of the university and I've found a restaurant called "Volcano" right opposite to the Faculty of Education. We don't walk into the restaurant anyway because it mostly sell some toasts. We choose the one next to it, called "Sofuto Cream". It belongs to the first restaurant.

First of all, we pick up a table to sit.

She looks excited to eat in this restaurant.

Next, we go to Ma Hia Market looking for some pork snacks. There are not many people in the market. I prefer it to be like this.

We decide to get back to the airport and spend some time relaxing and eating at the airline lounge. I 'd like to remind you again about the stuffed dough pyramids. You mustn't miss them.

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 Friday, December 30, 2016 2:55 PM