Canopy walkway

is located in Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province.

It is decided to harmonize with nature.

Structure of the walkway is made of strong steel, some part of the way is made of a clear mirror which we see through the way down there.

This travelling place just starts opening since the end of last year.

I see many of my friends on Facebook posting their travelling trip so it attract me to go there then I decide to go there too.

The journey starts from the route no.1096, Mae Rim - Samerng, same way to Mon Jam.

But it is located before Mon Jam, entering to Queen Sirikit Botanical garden.

We have to pay the admission fee before enter it, see the price here. Then we drive up the mountain and stop at the place where many cars are parking there.

There are so many people visiting this place when it first start opening but now less people visit as normal.

The weather in the botanical garden is not quite hot because it is located on the high mountain, the height is around 1000 meters over sea water level.

The weather is very good. The temperature is lower than Chiang Mai because it is located on a mountain higher than Chiang Mai more than 100 meters.

I walk there in the middle of the day, a shinny day.

But if you walk in the shady area, a cool wind blow, you will feel like you are living in the air condition room.

Please study the rule and manner of the place before entering.

The rule is general. For example, do not make a group of 5 people/ square meter, limited number of people in the system for safety and so on.

Please follow the rule strictly.

The walkway is built with steal, a grille floor, you will feel yourself a little bit rocking back and forth.

It creates a soul stirring emotion because you can also see a floor under you.

There is a stopover periodically when you walk for some distance.

The stopover looks more stirring for people afraid of height.

Because the floor is a mirror which I don't know what type of the mirror it is but it doesn't break when you step on it.

Fence is also made of mirror. You can see the surrounding view. If you come in the early morning, you will see a flowing of fog and you might feel amaze for what you will see.

But I feel pity that I come here at noon, sunlight is so strength but not quite hot.

We walk around to see the tree, look at the view, breath in air, see the nature.

At the end of the walkway is a balcony to see the vie

and then walk a little bit back to the exit.

They say total distance is almost 400 meters so if we walk in a loop, I think the distance would be a little bit more.

The weather is good, view is beautiful and we enjoy taking a photo.

We stop to have a meal at the restaurant beside a coffee shop and souvenir shop at the glasshouse on the second floor.

They have everything, a normal menu, noodle, grill chicken, Som Tum.

We order fast cook menu so that we can go to other place.

A fried rice with pork, it looks so normal but delicious; a fresh vegetable and the taste is concentrated.

Beside a glasshouse is a Rain forest modelling

There is a waterfall modelling, mists sprayers modelling, I enjoy walking around and taking a picture.

The last place to visit before going back to pick up my child is Mae Sa Noi Waterfall.

It is located near the exit. Park the car and you can walk down right away.

Now it comes to an end of the blog

Thank You everyone that come to read my blog.


 Friday, December 30, 2016 2:48 PM