Dek Jew has been to Phuket for a few times and has been to Tachai Island too.

However, with totally bad weather the last time we visited Tachai Island we intend to come back here and hope it will be with beautiful weather.

There are Grandma, Grandpa, and auntie join this Phuket trip too.

This is 4th time in Phuket and 2nd time on Tachai Island, let's go!

Dek Jew has been chilling out for about 4 years.

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We arrive Phuket late afternoon, we intend to drive to Promthep Cape to see the sun set.

However, we forget to prepare some extra time to go there because of some part of the street to get there is under the construction so the traffic is pretty chaotic. So we get to Promthep Cape late and almost miss the sun set.

It is getting dark after the sun set here, we then go for dinner at Kaneang @ Pier restaurant.

The restaurant is on Chalong bay. We love this restaurant very much, the food are all delicious.

There is no photos taken here only the VDO.

We are back to Sino Imperial Hotel after dinner, it is very comfortable here and pretty cheap.

Moreover, it is not far to get to the walking street in Phuket old town from here.

This is the room that we stay, the room is not that big but clean and comfortable.

On the other hand, Grandma and Grandpa are upgraded to stay in The Family room which is bigger.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket Once Again (Tachai Island Episode 2)

Episode 1: 1st Day; The journey, Promthep Cape, and Sino Imperial Hotel

We drive to Tublamu pier to go to Tachai Island in the morning.

Actually we bought the package from Thai International Travel fair including the transfer from the hotel to the pier. However, we changed our mind yesterday that we will drive ourselves.

We call to cancel the transfer with Love Andaman travel agency and they agree to refund the money we have paid for. We are very happy.

As we all know that it has been a long and very cold winter in 2014, we are here in January and it is still a bit cold. So it is pretty windy and it is a cold wind under the strong sunlight.

Once we get to the island, Dek Jew is very happy and start to play around right away.

Dek Jew comments that the beach sand here is white and clean, she likes it very much.

And finally we are here with the perfect weather, this is very beautiful even though the wave is too strong making the water not so clear.

The wave is so strong like this.

There are many tourists go and enjoy being hit by the big strong wave one after another.

Dek Jew definitely never miss this kind of fun.

Let's have a look around this little beautiful island.

Let me call these "Love Andaman navy force", there are more than 10 of them, there are too many.

Moreover, these speed boats are all new. It is very comfortable not like what we have experienced last time.

We didn't choose Love Andaman travel agency last year so there might be some differences both pros and cons. The travel agency we chose last time offered Seafood BBQ but not Love Andaman. However, Love Andaman offers variety and very tasty food.

(No photos is taken, please go and have a look from the VDO)

In addition, the tour guide of Love Andaman named First is very friendly and take very good care of us.

He even takes care of Grandma and Grandpa very well while snorkeling because Dek Jew, Dad and Mom don't go.

After this trip, we have always recommended this Love Andaman travel agency to our friends and family who are planning to come here.

I wonder if I will get any commission Lol.

After those people who go snorkeling are back then it is a lunch time.

After lunch, we are back to enjoy the beach and the ocean sea again.

This swing is very popular to take photos with even it is difficult to get up there.

For those who want to go and see the Hairy leg mountain crabs also able to go with the tour guide.

However, all of us decide not to go, we rather spend our time on the beach.

(the Hairy leg mountain crab from the previous trip)

We find that there are so many foreigners here.

We are proud and happy to have them sharing and enjoying the beauty of Thailand.

On the other hand, I wonder if this is just too many of them, a little too crowded.

Even if there are so many tourists here, Dad is still able to find a good spot for photos shooting.

This is a perfect place for children to play around.

The beach sand here is white and clean. Mom doesn't need to check for any broken glass like in Cha-am and Hua Hin. This is confirmed by Dek Jew who keeps saying that it is so beautiful with white sand beach, I love it.

Let's jump!

We just realize that Dek Jew doesn't know how to do the jumping shoot, she has been jumping a lot before Dad can capture a good shot.

Mom shows Dek Jew how to jump and almost get fainted.

There are many photos of Dek Jew on this review, Dad can't get enough of it seeing Dek Jew being so happy.

Let's swim!

We prepare some time right before going back to take a shower and get ready.

Dek Jew is happy and we are happy too.

Grandma and Grandpa have not that many pictures with Dek Jew because they went to do snorkeling and had no more energy when they are back.

We are back on the mainland around 6 PM and then drive to Khaolak Lumru National Park for this stunning view.

T้he staff here tell us that it is not that beautiful now because the sun set is not right in front during this period.

We have dinner in the restaurant in Khaolak Lumru National Park, the food are all tasteful and at reasonable price.

We find that our car has flat tire right after drive out of the National Park.

We are very lucky that there is a Tourist Service Center near by. (opposite site of Chao Por Khao Lak Shrine)

The staff are helpful. They help us out to change the new tire, thank you. We then drive to get the car changed at AVIS at Phuket International Airport.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket Once Again (Tachai Island Episode 2)

Episode 2: 2nd Day at Tacha Island

In the last morning of the trip we drive to Karon viewpoint.

We are able to see 3 bays from here including Karon, Kata, and Katanoi.

Then we stop by Katanoi beach.

This is the area of Katathani Hotel group so the beach here are like private beach that belongs to the hotels.

We can spot The Shore at Kata Thani, it is very tempting to stay over.

Katanoi beach is beautiful with delicate sand beach but full with beach chairs.

(I have seen through the photos of my friends on the website that there is no more beach chairs around here so the beach is even more beautiful now)

And the last mission of this trip is to take Grandma and Grandpa to have lunch at Sri Panwa Phuket Resort.

We think that it is a bit difficult to take Grandma and Grandpa to stay over at Sri Panwa Phuket Resort because it is very pricey. So we think at least let's take them to have lunch and see how does the resort look like as one of the most beautiful resorts in Phuket.

However, lunch here is also expensive but let's eat here at least it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Today light lunch with a view.

After lunch we ask for a permission from the resort staff if we could look around and yes we can. Even though we do not have a chance to stay here but we can say that it is amazing here.

VDO Version Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket Once Again (Tachai Island Episode 2)

Episode 3: 3rd Day - Kata, Karon

Vacation is always ended quickly and now we are back to see this sun set view from the tollway near our house again.

We end this trip with a lot of happiness especially Dek Jew.

And we will definitely be back to Phuket since there is still a lot more to see and experience.

Good bye for now and I will see you again!

Dek Jew Chill Out

 Wednesday, April 8, 2015 2:13 PM