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Neo Suki has many branches both in Bangkok and in other provinces. Today I will take you to one of its branches at The Up Rama III. This branch is designed in Oriental Loft style in air-conditioned room. The restaurant offers variety of seating both chair and sofa and meet all your need whether coming alone need some privacy or coming in a small or big group.

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There are 3 choices of soups for you to choose from.

'Chicken Soup' The famous standard chicken soup - recommended.

'Tom Yum Soup' Light Tom Yum soup not too spicy but full of its signature Tom Yum aroma.

'Shabu Soup' Concentrated Shabu soup with its famous grilled fish and soy sauce aroma - recommended.

There are 7 types of sauces as follows.

'Cantonese-style Sauce' Sweet, sour, and little salty but not too spicy, I like this sauce the most within these 7 sauces.

'Hainan-style Sauce' Smell unique and very tasteful with its main ingredient of pickled bean curd, it gives the feeling of having ancient style Suki.

'Shabu Sauce' Attractive aroma from Ponsu, and the taste is sweet, sour, and little salty, very well designed sauce.

'Tom Yum Sauce' Goes best with Tom Yum soup, very typical Tom Yum sauce style.

'Taiwanese-style Sauce' Have a unique smell of its chilli paste, and the taste is mainly salty. This sauce is perfect for those who like chilli paste.

'Chiu Chow-style Sauce' Main ingredient is sesame oil which goes well with the taste and texture of its peanut, and the taste is mainly salty.

'Signature Soy Sauce' Have a unique soy sauce aroma and not too salty, this sauce is best for those meat and many more when you would like to bring out the best of its original taste.

Moreover, you are able to flavor each sauce on your way by adding chilli, garlic, or lime according to your preference.

'Chunk (Specially selected) Slides' Perfect slides and all are tender - highly recommend to eat with Shabu sauce.

'Heavenly Pork' It doesn't only look good but the meat is tight, smooth, and well-seasoned, - recommend.

'Andaman Phuket Fish Balls' Huge fish balls are all smooth and bouncy but they don't smell fishy at all, very good.

'Shrimp Balls' Delicately flavored with firm texture - recommend.

'Crystal Lava Fish's roe' Huge balls and they all have very firm texture stuffed with fish's roe. Please be careful that the sauce inside is very hot. You have got to try these, they are very interesting.

'Pak Nam Pho's Fish Balls' They come in the small balls but very chewy and firm. More importantly, they don't smell fishy - recommend.

It is a good choice to order the set menu because you will be able to try many kinds of food selections.

'Hainan Suki Set (Ancient style)'
It includes shrimp, squid, pork, liver, vermicelli noodle, and vegetable. This set is very well created with the right size and variety of meat at 189+ THB - recommend.

In addition, there is a certain dish you can order from the menu as follows.

'Roasted Duck & Red Roasted Pork' Roasted duck is tasty - good standard/ Red roasted pork is tender and smell great, they are very well-cooked.

'Steamed Spareribs' They are soft tender and the seasoning goes through the whole meat, it is very tasty - recommend.

'Crispy Chicken with Cream and Lime Sauce' Crispy chicken is perfectly cooked. The breadcrumbs are not too thick and the chicken inside is firm and tender. It goes well with its creamy and a bit sour lime sauce - recommend.

'Garlic Fried Rice' They use good quality of rice and the garlic enrich its taste well. It is not too oily and the taste is light.

'Fried Heavenly Pork Wonton' Deep fried well-seasoned minced pork wrapped in wanton sheets, they go well with the sweet dipping sauce, very tasteful - recommend.

Lastly, let's end the meal with the dessert!

'Stuffed Water Chestnut Parfait' Stuffed Water chestnuts are perfectly chewy and overall is not too sugary - good standard.

'Hot Fudge Brownie with Ice Cream' Outstanding with its thick, fudgy and chewy brownie and it is perfectly served with ice cream. Overall, it is not too sweet - recommend.

All in all, Neo Suki offers a very chilling ambiance for dining and it is good for all family, friends, and lovers to come and spend good time together. It is very clean and tidy here and the staff are all friendly and helpful.

Moreover, all menus are at reasonable price. The restaurant selects only good quality ingredients to serve, the size and portion of food are perfectly right. In addition, all Suki menus are well-created and tasteful and I would say I love the way they offer 7-variety of sauces and all sauces are uniquely tasty. Cooked menus are also very well prepared.


Promotion details:
- Shabu Festival special price for Shabu menu

Details of the restaurant:
Neo Suki
Website :

Neo Suki @ Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan
Call: 0-2953-5233

Neo Suki @ Tesco Lotus@Park Town In Town
Call :0-2934-5268

Neo Suki @ Pure Place Sammakorn Ramkhamhaeng
Call: 0-2729-8522

Neo Suki @ Center One Victory Monument
Call: 0-2644-7090

Neo Suki @ Thanya Park Srinakarin
Call: 0-2108-6091

Neo Suki @ Pure Place Sammakorn Rajchapruek
Call: 0-2115-3022

Neo Suki @ The Brio Phutthamonthon
Call: 0-2116-5610

Neo Suki @ The Up Rama 3
Call: 0-2116-5862

Neo Suki @ Tesco Lotus Nadee Udon Thani
Call: 042-130-595

Neo Suki @ UD Town Udon Thani
Call: 042-932-937

Neo Suki @ Meechok Plaza ChiangMai
Call: 053-230-248

Neo Suki @ Hugz Mall Khon Kaen
Call: 043-040-060

New opening
Neo Suki @ Central Westgate Bangyai
Neo Suki @ Metro West Town Kanlapaphruek
Neo Suki @ Tara Avenue Rangsit Klong 3

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