The hiking trip at Khao Luang, Sukhothai written by ไปเที่ยวทำไม

Sawaddee Krub, All Readme Fans, After missing for so long, we feel like we need more nature and we would like to choose a place that does not take that much time and cheap. So we think Khao Luang would be the one. Alright, our destination is set, let's start the journey. There are only two o

The hiking trip at Khao Luang, Sukhothai

The hiking trip at Khao Luang, Sukhothai

Sawaddee Krub, All Readme Fans,

After missing for so long, we feel like we need more nature and we would like to choose a place that does not take that much time and cheap. So we think Khao Luang would be the one.

Alright, our destination is set, let's start the journey. There are only two of us; P' Bird and N' Min who always go on the adventure trip with me. We start from taking the bus at Mor Chit to Kirimat (310 THB/Person)

It takes us about 6 hours to get there but we forget to get off so we have to get off at Sukhothai. Then contact motorbike taxi to ride us to Khao Luang and ask him to take us to 7/11 and buy something to eat at the market at 350 THB for 2 people. It takes us about 30 minutes to get there. When we arrive we pay for entrance fee for 40 THB/Person.

Then he ride us to the pavilion and wait for the park to open at around 8.00 am. It is just 5.00am. now so just take a nap for a while ^^.

Waking up around 7.00 am, wash our face, have breakfast and prepare bags for carriers (25 THB/ KG).

When everything is done, it is time that the national park opens. Then go to buy more things at the welfare shop and rent the tent and equipment (Tent for 3 pax about 225 THB), then keep the receipt and give it to the officer at the top of the mountain.

Do not forget to put lotion to protect yourself from mosquitoes

Let's start the journey, for 200 meters is the easy part and do not forget to take cane with you it can help.

Worshiping to the holy thing

The label of direction

Alright let's go>>>>

The first 200 meters, just go up

The first break point

Let's was raining before we came so it a little bit slip. The greenery scene still can make us happy.

Some parts have handrail to hold when we go up.

There are so many mosquitoes... so we cannot take a long break.

Let's continue...T_T where is the flat path????T_T!!!

Hiking, taking photos and enjoying the greenery

It seems very close to the viewpoint.

Yeah!!! Finally, we are at the viewpoint with the light raining. So we take a little break before moving on.

Be careful when seated...

The pathway is higher and higher. -_-

This break point is between the viewpoint and the Mahad Cliff Unboiled Water Source. I already try out the water, it taste okay so I keep some in my bottle^^.

Arriving at this point means we still have half way to go.

Refreshing ourselves and move on >>>

After hiking for half of the day we stop by for lunch where we think that it is Sai Ngam Break Point but it is not...hahaha

Do not forget to clear up your trashes before leaving.

We finally arrive at Sai Ngam Break is a real natural creation.

Oh legs are so painful T_T

Another 320 meters we will arrive at Plong Nang Nak and that we are closely to the top.

And another 200 meters we arrive at Phraya Laen Rue which is the last point before our camping area.

Another 200 meters we will arrive to our camping area.

Finally, we are here the top of Khao Luang^^.

Then show the receipt to the officer for the tent.

After that we are waiting for the sunset.

Around 5.00pm. we carry our camera to Khao Mae Ya but suddenly it is raining so we have to wait at the national park office. We still want to go up, we only hope that it might be beautiful after the rain.

The sunset point is Khao Mae Ya which is 980 meters away from the national park office. The pathway is very slip and steep so everyone must be careful.

The sunset point; Khao Mae Ya is on the left and the sunrise point; Narai Cliff is on the right.

Do not forget your flashlight as we have to walk into the forest and on the way back it might be already dark.

Narai Cliff is behind us...

Arriving to the top, this is what we see^^.

Fog is coming to cover the top of the mountain so we have to move on.

Feeling of freedom

Fog is moving closer.

Until we cannot see anything

We sit and relax here for a while and decide to walk back as there is a very dense fog and afraid that it is going to be dark before we arrive to the camp.

Arriving to the camp and having dinner in the rain...

After taking a shower, it is time to go to bed and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.

At 5.30 am. we come from the tent...OMG it is already light up. So we are so hurry to go to the sunrise point at Narai Cliff when we arrive this is what we see^^.

Before the sun gets out from the cloud at Narai Cliff

Here is the highlight when the sunlight shining to the fog at the cliff. It is so beautiful.

When the light come, it even make the scene become more beautiful.

Let's get selfie photo with the sun

The sun is going up higher and we are getting more hungry so let get back to the camp>>>

Having breakfast and packing our bags for carrier to carry as we are going to the next mountain.

Next is the top of Khao Chedee...

We have to walk up and cross a small river.

Wow!!! After the shady forest, we see the clear blue sky.

Absorbing everything in front of us and breathe in the pure air^^

After that it is really a good time to go back. On the way down is not hard as on the way up but your knees have to carry all your weight so be careful.

Arriving at the national park office, taking shower and calling for motorbike taxi to pick us up (250 THB for the way down)... The end of the trip Khao Luang, Sukhothai!!!

Khao Luang, Sukhothai is not that hard to come, you all can do it just do your best. Everything up there is very valuable for you to visit. For this trip, if there are any mistake please accept my apology.

Thank you very much

#Pai Tiew Tam Mai/ Why travelling??


Total Expenses

- Bus Bangkok to Sukhothai 310x2 = 620 THB

- Bus Sukhothai to Bangkok 240x2 = 480 THB

- Carrier Up 21 KG and Down 15 KG = 525+375 = 900 THB

- Entrance Fee 40x2 = 80 THB

- Motorbike Taxi 350 + 250 = 600 THB

- Food 600 THB

- Tent 250 THB

Total 2,930 THB so around 1,500 THB per person