Last term break, Dek Jew and 2 friends went to Hua Hin. Actually we intended to go to Black Mountain water park only and go home but it was a term break so we decided to stay for one night at a small resort called Hotel De Paskani.

This trip, mostly we took a VDO of them playing in the pool because we have just got a new camera Sony Action Cam AS100V and we also reviewed about this Sony Action Cam to.

Are you ready????? Let's GO

Dek Jew started her journey since she was 5 months old, you can follow Dek Jew story from the link below.

We departure from Bangkok in the early morning. Then stop by the gas station for breakfast near Wang Ma Now intersection and heading to Black Mountain Water Park. We get there around 10 o'clock and show them the voucher. (Voucher for adult 300 baht and for small children under 5years old is free pass)

Only boys will play with Dek Jew today because all the girls are going to find something to eat in the city.

We have buy voucher for food and drink because they are not allow to bring any food or drinks from outside. There is a food court but do not accept cash so we have to exchange money first.

Get change, Ready to have fun and put everything in the Locker in front of the restroom

The locker key is a wristband with magnate, just stick the wristband to the protruded magnate then locker will open. Easy!!!

Over all restrooms are clean, rooms are big and have many rooms

Children have no interested in Kinder Garden just want to go to into water already

Before filming let get to know Sony Action Cam first

Mama does not have that much knowledge about camera technique. But because I read some review from foreigners and compare between GoPro and Sony Action Cam. I decide to buy Sony Action Cam because the color is good and preventing vibration. However, under water picture GoPro is the best and this is our Sony Action Cam AS100V

Body is Splashproof which mean only protect from water splash but cannot take it under water otherwise you have to put on a case before take it down which come with camera set.

*Credit from

This case can prevent up to 5 meters so it is easy to take photo of these children both at the pool and water park.

Sony Action Cam uses Micro SD Card, which is in the set along with spare battery

Price is 11,900 baht and pay by installments for 4 months with 0%interest

(Except water proof case on the right hand, we buy it for 1,000 baht it helps to improve under water picture quality).

There is no LCD but we can download application on iPhone and sync the information, also can order from iPhone to play the VDO

This is not working for us because when we go into water we cannot bring our iphone into water anyway. We are not sure how pictures are going to be, still not use to with it.

First, let's go to the fake sea the create waves for 10 minutes and off for 20 minutes and continue doing it like this. They also provide surfing boards if you like.

Dek Jew has so much fun here even she is choking a little but she does not scared at all.

If you will take children there, you probably need to take a closer look on them even it is not that deep but in case if they slip and fall under water or choking.

This part is still not good because we still not used to with this camera as you can see that it is less sharp and tilted to a side.

Part 1: The Fake Sea

Next station Slider

Slider tunnal here Dek Jew is still young so she should go with adult. If she goes on her own it is very dangerous because children cannot take of themselves.

Part 2 Slider with swim ring

Advantage of Sony is even when we put on water proof case we still can get an original sound and clear (as you can see from screaming in tunnel). For GoPro sound will not be clear like this because of the protection case.

Next is slider with no equipment. as you can see from the VDO, the white-yellow big one which is not to high and it quite safe for children.

For the pink with green tunnel is for bigger children or some one like Dek Jew

** For children, playing on slider should always have adult wait at the bottom because sometime when they reach to the bottom but do not get off from there, then the next person come down might hit each other.

Part 3: Slider without equipment

Next one is for adult, it is quite high so Papa will show how to play this one Mama and Dek Jew are going to wait down here.

Part 4: Slider for adult

After sliding so many times until everyone is tired now we move to whirlpool

When Sony Action Cam is under water, picture comes unclear.

Part 5: Whirlpool

Last destination that we will go in Black Mountain Water Park is this one which is safe for children and they also like it a lot.

(Except Dek Jew likes to play on slider)

Part 6: Children plaything

**Again, even though there are guard every corner, parents still have to look after their own child>>safety first.**

We play at the Black Mountain Water Part for 2-3 hours and the take off for lunch before go to hotel. We stop for lunch at Wilaiwan Restaurant, it quite popular because even we get there in the afternoon there is still a lot of people.

Menu today: Pizza, Beef Pie, Spaghetti and Cakes. Food are taste good but the price is quite high.

After lunch we are now heading to the resort at Khao Ta Kieb

It is a small resort with white and blue color in Mediterranean style calls Hotel de Paskini

The resort is very close to the beach

There are 10 rooms 5 on the first floor and 5 on the second floor. We book for 5 rooms on the second floor because there is a pool up here and easy for these children to get there.

Let see in the room!!!

5 rooms on the second floors has 4 room that have a king bed size and another one room is 2 twin.

This twin bed is for Dek Jew

Room colors in white makes it look so clean and decorations are the same as the king bed room

Minibar Corner

White bathroom

Next activity, children will go to the pool

The sea water is rise up and full of trash so we do not go to the beach and the pool at the resort also has some problem. But finally they can fix it and bring us some french-fried to apologize for the inconvenient. Otherwise Dek Jew and friends might feel so fail.

Part 7: swimming with friends at the resort

Actually we do have so many clip of swimming of Dek Jew and friends but we choose this one because there is under water scene too. However all photo in this trip still using the same case that come with the camera (we still did not buy a new case at that time).

If you like to see children playing and swimming in the pool, just go to Dek Jew channel on Youtube.

The next day we go to the beach, water already go down children can walk along the beach. There are many jellyfish on the beach.

Part 8: walking along the beach

Moreover than having fun, Dek Jew and friends also learn and see new animal that they have never seen before.

Part9: Sea animal discovery

At the end, Dek Jew and friends are having fun especially at the water park, the pool and at the beach as we intend to do so.

Black Mountain Water Park:

- Buy a voucher from Thai Travel Centre for adult only 300 baht (Children under 5 years old free entry)

- The water park is clean, a lot of space, also a lot of staff to watch out of any incidents.

- A little bit far from Hua Hin City

- Food and drinks are quite expensive, we did do some exchange money but we did not use.

Hotel De Paskani

- The resort is so cure and beautiful

- Located close to the beach only a minute walk

- No breakfast, we had to ride the bicycle to by food at the fresh market

Sony Action Cam AS100V

- Picture on land is clear, colourful and vibrate prevention

- Sound record clear

- Under water picture cannot compare with GoPro (We change a case later on and the can solve problem and get a better quality photo)

- No LCD so we cannot see if it is in frame or not

(This is a problem of Mama because I used to take a photo at Koh Mai Ton and all pictures are not in frame if it isPapa it should be ok)

And now we buy a new GoPho because there is a LCD so see picture after taking so we know that which picture is good or has to take again. We just would like everything to be on the frame that is it.

Mini Review of Dek Jew and friends @ Hua Hin have to say good bye now

See you for the next review and thank you for travelling together>> Bye Bye<<

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 Wednesday, April 8, 2015 2:15 PM