Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket - Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong on the rainy day. written by Dek Jew Chill Out

And we are here again in Phuket... We know that there will be a storm coming while we are in Phuket so it must be raining the whole time. Since everything has been organized including the flight that can't be changed so we go to Phuket anyway. However, it is a very relaxing trip

Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket - Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong on the rainy day.

Dek Jew Chill Out @ Phuket - Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong on the rainy day.

And we are here again in Phuket...

We know that there will be a storm coming while we are in Phuket so it must be raining the whole time.

Since everything has been organized including the flight that can't be changed so we go to Phuket anyway.

However, it is a very relaxing trip since we can't go anywhere so we only spend time in the hotel eating, sleeping, swimming, having a spa treatment, etc.

And even though we are in Patong, the middle of lively town especially at night we still don't go out at all.

This may be because of nightlife is not our style of spending time, we rather spend time in the hotel chilling.

Anyway, let's get this journey started! Let's go to Patong!

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Round-trip ticket.

Round-trip airport transfer.

Complementary full-board stay at Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong for 2 nights.

Dek Jew has been chilling out since she was 5-month old.

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We fly out from Don Mueng International Airport with Nok Air.

The flight is schedule to be in the early afternoon but has changed to be in the late afternoon.

So this is what we see, the view of the sky while the sun is saying goodbye to the day.

The pick up from Deevana Plaza Phuket.

It is about an hour to get to the hotel.

After a long journey, we get some refreshing welcome drink and cold towels.

We decide to go for dinner before going to our room because we are starving.

We have dinner at the only restaurant in the hotel, Phuket Café.

The restaurant is spacious with high ceiling.

Mom has Grilled Salmon with mashed potato.

Dad has steak and Dek Jew has Spaghetti as always.

Now we are full. Let's go to our room!

We stay in Deluxe room on the lower floor nearby the lobby.

This is the newly-refurbished room, it is very beautiful, clean, and comfortable.

The room is well-decorated with white color tone, I like it very much. (I normally prefer a room with bright color tone)

The bathroom is also in white color tone with see-through window next to the bathtub. However, this see-through window is with the blind, so no need to be worried if you don't want anyone to see you from the bedroom.

Huge balcony with the swimming pool view.

Let's have a look around the hotel!

Let's start with the front part of the hotel then!

Once you enter the hotel, you will find this spacious lobby with plenty of relaxing areas.

This corner of the lobby is an Executive Lounge, we will be here for the Afternoon Tea later.

There is a swimming pool next to the lobby.

The huge swimming pool is equipped with whirlpool and fountains, this is so tempting for Dek Jew.

There are day-beds and poolside loungers around the pool, we have already looked for the spot we want to take for tomorrow.

Pool bar also makes this pool even more special and there are a lot of pool bars now in many hotels.

We love it very much, once we get tired we can have some refreshment directly in the pool.

Let's have a look at the swimming pool from above!

There are 4 buildings surround the pool like this.

The three buildings in the second photo below are all the guestrooms and the building we are now is the main building where there are conference function rooms and hotel's facilities.

Modern and chic staircase.

We are going to have breakfast at Phuket Café

There is a Grand Opening of Phuket Café after it has been renovated.

Staff are giving gifts of this Grand Opening event and also inviting us to pick the lucky draw.

Dek Jew is very lucky to get the Afternoon Tea voucher from the lucky draw.

Let's have breakfast!

There are just way too many food here, actually I want to try them all but I don't think I can.

They even have the children's favorite bread sticks, children are carrying them all over. .

Dek Jew also like these bread sticks, she said it it delicious.

Milk, cereals, and fruit juice (I like that they also provide chocolate milk)

Noodle and plain boiled rice's corner.


Local Phuket food.

Pancake maker is also available and it is very easy to use only press a button then you will get your pancake that you are craving for.

The rest is similar to other breakfast buffet lines in general like salad, egg menu, etc.

Dad has fried eggs again. On the other hand, DekJew and Mom have plain boiled rice with side dish and noodle.

Once we are full, the staff takes us to walk through each part of the hotel.

The Kids Club.

You can come with your whole family because the hotel also have Family room type.

This is the example of the Family room, very big with warm atmosphere perfect for a family.

This is the Premier Room which is pretty similar to the Deluxe room that we stay. The only difference would be this room is included the Afternoon Tea.

The conference room.

There are various size of conference rooms available here.

The Fitness Center.

The fully-equipped Fitness Center is opened 24/7.

Orientala Wellness Spa, Dek Jew and Mom love it here.

The Spa is pretty huge and with full service, this is tempting maybe we should have a treatment!

Dek Jew and Mom choose to do the aromatherapy massage because this treatment offers the lightest pressure and it is perfect for Dek Jew.

Firstly, we get to choose our favorite oil to be used in the treatment.

Foot bath, very relaxing.

And we are so ready for a one-hour massage now.

Wow! Mom is surprised that Dek Jew can stay still for one hour until the massage is completed, good girl.

Mom gets some warm ginger tea after the treatment and Dek Jew gets some cold roselle drink and they are served with some cookies.

Dek Jew enjoys the cookies very much.

And finally the most favorite time of Dek Jew has arrived, let's go swimming!

The main swimming pool is large. There are shallow and deep part with also Jacuzzi and fountains.

Sun Bar, the pool bar right by the pool.

Numbers of daybeds have been well-prepared around the pool.

Dek Jew is enjoying the new swimming suit which keep the body temperature well and help in floating.

And now let's take a lunch break!

For today lunch, we are recommended to have Spicy minced Pork Pizza and Spaghetti Salmon in Red curry.

Dek Jew chooses to eat Stir-fried Pork and Basil with omelet and Chocolate cake.

I would say that the Spicy minced Pork Pizza is so good... never thought that this Thai Spicy minced Pork will go well with cheese.

And we are having the Afternoon Tea right after lunch at Executive Lounge in the Lobby area.

Wow! the room has been well-cleaned and turned down beautifully.

Look at these cute little fish! Dek Jew likes them very much.

Not long after resting in the room and now we get to go for dinner again.

We decide to have Thai food for dinner. We have ordered Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce, Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Tom Yum Goong, Thai sour and spicy shrimp soup.

and we have Pan-fried banana with ice cream for the dessert, delicious!

Moreover, Lime and Butterfly pea flowers cold drinks are served complementary, very refreshing!

It has been raining and stopped, raining and stopped like this since we have arrived.

And the weather forecast said that it will rain a lot in the afternoon which is the same time that we are flying back home. So Dek Jew doesn't hesitate to go swimming again right after the breakfast before it starts to rain.

Look at this clear blue sky! is it going to rain? really?

We have ordered some refreshment from the pool bar, Virgin Mojito and pineapple smoothies.

We have a quick lunch before leaving to the airport at Phuket Café.

It is like what we have known, the whole hotel has been renovated so we can spot that some parts are completely new.

However, there are some parts that are still under the renovation process but it should be totally done by now.

It starts to rain cats and dogs in the afternoon and the hotel send us off at the airport.

This whole trip has been amazing even though we did not have a chance to go to the beach at all.

Thank you Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong who has invited us for this amazing trip.

Good bye for now and I will see you again!